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Whether you’re a web developer or just an avid internet user, you may need to use multiple browsers. BrowserTraySwitch is a free utility for all versions of Windows that makes switching your default web browser quick and easy. Install BrowserTraySwitch by double-clicking on the .exe file you have downloaded (see the link at the end of the article). The BrowserTraySwitch icon displays in the system tray as the icon for the current default browser. To add a browser to the menu, open the browser and turn on the setting that makes that browser your default browser.
On the Settings tab that displays, click the Make Google Chrome my default browser button under Default browser.
The following dialog box displays from BrowserTraySwitch asking you to save the registry file for the browser you just made your default browser. Once you save the registry file, the BrowserTraySwitch menu pops up and the newly added browser is automatically selected as the default browser.
Depending on the settings, the browser may ask you if you want to make that browser the default browser when you open the program.

The names for the browsers on the menu are determined by the file names for the registry files. NOTE: You can also change a menu item’s name by selecting Save current default browser as from the menu to resave the registry file for that browser.
You can remove browsers from the menu simply by selecting Manage browser config files from the menu again and deleting the registry file for the browser you want to remove. Lori Kaufman is a writer who likes to write geeky how-to articles to help make people's lives easier through the use of technology.
Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. In order to apply necessary changes to your browser settings, please follow the instructions below. A box appears which allows you to define the languages that you want your webpage to be displayed in.
Click on the 'Tools' -icon, which appears on the top right corner when opening the browser. A window appears which allows you to define the languages that you want your webpage to be displayed in. Each browser has useful features that are not available in the other browsers, so, you may need to switch browsers to take advantage of certain features. However, if you’re opening an HTML file or clicking a link in another program, the browser set as your default browser will open the file or webpage.

It sits in the system tray and allows you to change the default browser by selecting one from the BrowserTraySwitch popup menu.
The first time you run the program, it detects the current default browser and asks you to save the registry file for that browser.
However, once you save the file with a new name, you will have two files for that browser and both will display on the menu until you delete one.
Normally, to set a browser as the default browser, you must change a setting in that browser. BrowserTraySwitch makes changes to the registry to change the default browser, so it creates a backup of the relevant registry settings before making these changes. To change the name of a registry file, right-click on the BrowserTraySwitch icon and select Manage browser config files from the menu. Google ChromeIn order to use the surfbar in the most efficient way possible, it is important that the language settings of your browser are correct. You should be aware that incorrect or incomplete browser settings might lead to the fact, that you do not get the full amount of pages displayed and that you are thus earning less points.

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