To download and use a cursor from the Web, select your desired icon set and click the associated download link prior to choosing a save location. Sometimes it becomes difficult to locate the actual position of your cursor as the thickness and the blinking rate becomes invisible. Like the earlier version of Windows 7, Windows 8 also includes accessibility options and programs that enables you to make your computer much easier to see, hear and use.
Click on the drop-down arrow and select the Cursor thickness by changing figure from 1 to any greater number as per your compatibility.
If want to make the cursor blink much faster than it normal or change its Repeat Rate or Delay, then it can be achieved, go to Control Panel > Keyboard Properties. Now, you can see that the mouse cursor thickness and blinking rate are much faster than before. Upon following the steps described above you can easily change the speed and thickness of your mouse pointer in your Windows 8 computer. Cursor acts the same way as it does on a normal computer, as it uses a point and click system that lets you click on opponents and drag them around, but it also contains basic fighting attacks. Sometimes referred to as the pointer, the graphical images — commonly associated with a simple, slanted arrow — echo the movements of the computer mouse, touchpad, or whatever pointing device happens to be utilized with the computer.

Also, check out our quick-hit list of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts or our even slimmer guide to the four essential Windows keyboard shortcuts you absolutely must know. Then, click the green Hardware and Sound link on the left-hand side of the new window, followed by the blue Mouse link under the Devices and Printers section.
Afterward, navigate to the mouse settings as outlined in Step 1, click the icon you wish to change beneath the Customize section and choose your mouse cursor from its respective save location. When you are windows with hazy or clumsy window it really becomes difficult to locate to where the mouse cursor is actually placed. This tutorial will tell you how to make your Windows 8 blinking cursor thicker, so that it can is visible easily. The cursor is most often an arrow that you can use to point to different objects on your screen. It floats around the stage, like the Master Hand character, and like it would on a computer, and if it dies, you get a fake Blue Screen of Death, implying that a cursor is a vital part of a computer, and without it the computer would crash. It’s a basic concept, allowing users to visualize the exact location set to respond to a specified command, but one still crucial in a world that has yet to fully implement touchscreen technology in everyday computing. Windows comes pre-installed with 12 or so schemes by default, but you can always mix and match different cursor components below the Customize section and clicking the Browse button in the bottom-right corner.

Here is the tutorial how you can locate change the thickness & blinking rate of the mouse cursor to locate its position easily on a Windows 8 computer.
When the cursor is over an object, you can click or double-click the mouse button to perform an action on that object (such as opening a program). However the screen doesn't crash MUGEN, and after a few seconds the game will continue as normal.
Additionally, check or uncheck the box directly left of Enable pointer shadow to toggle the mouse cursor’s subtle backing shadow, and click Save As and Apply when done.
Open Cursor Library and Cursors-4U both provide an incredibly robust selection of mouse cursors, encompassing everything from adorable Pokemon and festive holiday icons to medieval broadswords and more minimalist options. The mouse cursor can change into other images, such as a small hand when you roll over a link in a Web page, or an hourglass when Windows is loading something. Most consist of the aforementioned, slanted arrow, while others don a similar style in varying colors and sizes.

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