Teenage actor Robert Iler was arrested by New York City cops in July 2001 after the police reportedly saw him and two other males rob two teens of $40 in Manhattan.
Unfortunately, that very feeling of victimization actually makes things worse and even perpetuates the chain of negative events unfolding around you. If you want to change your life, you have to start with your mind; Change your thoughts and you change your world. How would the scenario change, though, if, instead of the panicked leap from your bed when you realized the alarm didn’t go off, you took even just two minutes to take a deep breath, change your thoughts, and say to yourself “Hey!
If LOA is right, our world, in a very real and tangible sense, is a mirror of our own feelings and beliefs, reflecting what already exists on the inside.
Fortunately, we have the ability to change our own internal dialogue, and through that we have the ability to change what we experience of the world around us. Did you know that February is Cancer Prevention month? Or that half of all cancers can be prevented?
Where, by the time lunch hour hits, you’re just desperately wishing you’d never even gotten out of bed in the first place? According to the Law of Attraction (LOA), as I understand it, when these days “horrible, awful, no-good, very bad days” happen it’s completely a result of our own thinking and, therefore, completely preventable. If we have a negative experience first thing in the morning and get all bent out of shape about it, focusing on it and getting angrier and more upset about it, we are conditioning ourselves to continue interpreting other events in a negative light as well.

If we choose to deliberately focus on good thoughts and feelings, we will then start to see good things in the world around us that generate even more good feelings.
Maybe not since the budget for cancer prevention is about 2-3% of the total budget of most cancer agencies. These include being as lean as possible and getting 30 minutes of activity everyday, while a new study published Feb 16, 2016 in Cell Metabolism shows that running shrinks tumors.
The adrenaline released from high intensity workouts helped cancer killing immune cells move toward the tumors. Iler pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of petty larceny and received three years probation.
I think we all have days like that once in a while, and when these days happen it’s hard not feel like the entire Universe is conspiring against you in some cruel campaign designed to make you as miserable as humanly possible.
And the bad mood will just continue to grow and colour our interpretation of still more events in a great big snowball effect of misery and gloom.
If we believe that the world is a bad place, we will automatically and subconsciously look for evidence to support this belief, and we will find it. His mom insists that his arrest does not indicate he is like the troublemaker he portrays in The Sopranos. We start unconsciously looking for more things to support our view that this is a bad day and everything sucks.

Just think how much easier everything is going to be today because of it!” (dominant feelings: gratitude, excitement). If we believe that the world is a good place, we will automatically and subconsciously look for evidence to support this belief, and we will find it. Ultimately, we get exactly what it is we want, whether we are consciously aware that we want it or not. What if the way we think actually affects what happens to us over the course of a day, and, by extension, the course of our entire lives? In effect, we design and custom-build our own bad day to our exacting specifications through the process of focusing on negativity.
And I bet that if you dropped the soap bar at all, it would miss your toe and you’d just reach down and pick it back up. And I bet that you’d look that bus driver in right in the eye and give him a big smile making him want to wait the extra 3 seconds for you to get to the door of the bus and jump on.

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