Last month’s game triggered several comments and a discussion or two about the difference between living in thought and living in feeling. Since birth (in the west), we are encouraged to honour and respect the power of the mind and elevate thought above all else.
Whilst thought and thinking have their uses, and are extremely helpful and even beautiful at times, our addiction to thought often locks us into a prison of our mind’s making.
To liberate the soul from the prison of mind and perpetual thought, (most of which is automatic, banal and rather trivial), one simply needs to bring one’s attention to feeling. IMO, we tend to get locked into thought patterns, repeating them over and over, sometimes for years, decades or even a lifetime. Not only does this process loosen our rigidity helping us to become more rounded, balanced and compassionate individuals, it actually begins to open cracks in the mental prison.
Of course, as soon as one belief is challenged successfully, a new one will take it’s place soon enough, so this is a process of learning the art of loosening the hold beliefs have on us, rather than getting rid of them. IME, the best way to challenge a belief, is to look into our feelings about a situation, rather than to simply adjust or reverse a mental concept. I look out the window, see the rain falling and the wind blowing and I believe it must be cold outside. Now, if I decide that here is an opportunity to change my mind, I can go to feelings and begin to sense my environment, internally and externally. So here I am, challenging my initial belief and allowing my feelings to inform the mind with a new, moment by moment interpretation of the experience.
Can we set this up, where we connect at a certain time every day and set out to do the work required?
I am really up for making it fun, i just know for me, when i am held accountable by others, something magical opens up inside me! Michelle It’s a great idea -- for me evenings are best, I may not be available every day during the day.

Much has been said, communicated and felt in these wonderful surroundings the last few months, and now I find myself retreating a bit from the fire, not by choice, but by energy flow, as always. In the meanwhile still observing further exchanges going on here, and feeling the warmth of all of your souls.
For those of us who are doing our own thing in separate moments, we too can create the presence of the group. Last night an intention got created, mine was to Have a gentle healing journey with a warm clear message, something of magnitude got shown to me that I am almost to afraid to share.
Absolutely sure there is more to come so thank you for creating the space for this to be communicated. In an earlier month we had hoped to do the LG with Diana and I had no resonance with it and did not feel like participating. Somehow I feel this was needed, for me personally anyway, before I felt ready to go beyond vibration.
This months game has been awesome (IME) it really has assisted me in being far more inside of a feeling place rather than a thinking one.
I have identified with my air sign and that will always be a light, heady thinking place and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Booth: I worked really, really hard on my vows, but you know, now that we're here, look, um, hey. For me, this is one of the fundamental and critical aspects of re-learning the art of being human. Interestingly, the Taoists refer to the heart as our second brain, giving it equal importance to the head brain. Thought tends to cut off feeling, in fact, I assert than feeling and thinking cannot occur at the same time – or at least not at the degree of intensitiy I am talking about here. Of course, these questions must be asked with genuine curiosity and a genuine desire to actually feel, otherwise the mind will delight in supplying countless answers from memory and mental concept, which have little or nothing to do with what is happening in the moment.

What came up in seeing some of the comments is that it may be a major feat to have us all participate at the exact same moment so a few options came up.
For us we could imagine, create, meditate a space where we are all one together in the moment we go into our own process. The excited part is the possibility of learning a process that feels to me like it could well be our life blanket or even our saviour.
My feeling now is one of being very grounded in my 3D world and with an ever growing, loving connection with people in my home community.
It’s not a conviction just yet, but depending on my history with weather, it will have some strength to it. As though you were on your way to meet someone and absolutely determined to get there, however challenging the journey.
It was fleeting so fast yet my whole being felt, sensed and was inside the awareness of the god force or the creator of all that is. For those of you who know me well you would know this is a place I rarely go, I tend mainly to step into the unknown with a solid trust and belief in my own ability. The depth of the journey and the quality of the messages are beyond what I have ever been aware and present to before. I would say this is the third may be fourth time I have now experienced a message from something greater and on each occasion David has either been present or partially responsible for the energy or environment that showed up in my experience.
I recall Diana saying in one of her replies to me on her site, that it is important not to interpret what animals mean for others, here I choose not to interpret why it has appeared for me but rather -- on my journeys allow the wisdom to reveal itself. For some reason this travel with our Soul stuff seems very important and in this moment very authentic.

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