The first thing you should do when setting up your mouse is change your Windows mouse settings.
With mouse acceleration enabled the distance your mouse cursor moves also depends on how fast you move your mouse.
Mouse acceleration was originally used because older mice were not accurate enough to be used without it, but any modern gaming mouse is good enough that you do not need to use mouse acceleration.
Once you have your windows mouse settings setup correctly you can begin adjusting your mouse speed to something comfortable.
The ideal speed to set your mouse to is highly preferential and there is no best DPI setting. A good speed to start out at is about 1 inch of vertical mouse movement to move your cursor from the top to the bottom of the screen. The lower the DPI you set your mouse to the further you have to move your mouse which makes it easier to make small precise movements. The majority of modern gaming mice have an adjustable native DPI setting and are typically adjustable in 50-200 DPI steps. The polling rate of your mouse is how often your mouse reports back your movements to your computer. A 1.0 in-game sensitivity will typically yield the most precise mouse movement the game engine can handle. Find your perfect turning speed in one game then configure your other games so it is the exact same.
Wires drag and get in the way when you move your mouse and cause inconsistent resistance which leads to inconsistent mouse movements and decreased accuracy.
The only way to completely get rid of cord resistance is to use a wireless mouse, but most wireless mice have inconsistent signals and are subject to interference which is typically worse than a little bit of cord drag.
The sensor on the bottom of the mouse measures the distance you move it in snapshot time intervals based on the polling rate.
The surface you use your mouse on can make a big difference in tracking accuracy and your ability to aim. In PDF To Image Converter, what is the default DPI and what is the dimension of JPG if we change DPI? You can see from the picture above that this dimension is 1653*2339 with 561KB size in the conditon of converting PDF to JPG with changing DPI. This entry was posted in PDF to Image Converter and tagged PDF To Image Converter, PDF to JPG. I recently received this mouse as part of a christmas-gift from Razer, and I’ve decided to write a review about. Using the drivers you can save button bindings and macro’s to the memory inside the mouse. I tried switching mousing surface from my Razer Exactmat to my desk (white with some texture).
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While I was testing some drivers of its predecessors, I also noticed the reproducible BSODs. Well I work around it by taking razerhid.exe out of the general startup files using msconfig. Hey Arie, do you have tested with the last firmware and drivers to see if the bug of sensors has been fixed ? So your whole logic of setting it to 4000 DPI and lowering your in-game sensitivity is erroneous. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. As with most Razer rodents, you can adjust the DPI on the fly after you install the software. The software bundled with the mouse has a very Tron-esque GUI which I love, I should also mention the packaging.

If you want to see the light trails in action, I made a video clip of it a while ago for your enjoyment.
This entry was posted in Gadgets, Tech and tagged dpi, gaming, lights, mouse, mousepad, peripherals, Razer, Tron on May 6, 2011 by Moto. Consistent mouse looking between games makes it so your body does not need to adjust when switching games.
There is no acceleration in the Avago S9808 laser sensor used in the Logitech G500s and G700s. Activate “Page range” to set 1 and 1 in “From” and “To” to get 1st page PDF converted by PDF To Image Converter v2.1. When you take the mouse to a PC that doesn’t have the Razer drivers, you can still use the settings in this memory. This is again possible without drivers (as long as you keep two buttons bound to DPI changing of course).
Like all Razer mice, the buttons are more sensitive comared than you’d expect from a normal mouse.
They look a lot like previous drivers and even have the same BSOD-inducing bug the Copperhead and Deathadder have.
Approximately 10-30 minutes later you’ll get a blue screen of death directly after pressing a mouse button. This way I got the most precision while maintaining my normal mouse-movement-to-ingame-view-turn ratio.
This means that sometimes, for whatever reason, the mouse stops responding to all movement on a certain axis.
Extremely high resolution, movement speed and a good design should make the perfect combination for a great gaming mouse.
The skipping and axis blocking were mostly gone, but the firmware introduced movement lag and still had the Z-axis tracking problems. The problem is I have to keep reinstalling the driver because after a while the as I move the mouse it seems to lag and skip, it’s hard to describe. The mosue cursor would stop moving after a while, only solution was to stop the razer program running in the taskbar. They have put a lot of work into the presentation and I like the braided mouse cord for durability.
It is styled with Tron in mind, and sharp defining lines has always been a theme in the film.
Being a bit of a Tron fanatic this satisfies the fandom and at the same time it is practical. Log into your account Forgot your password?Recover your password Best gaming mouse for Mac and PC in deals 2016Advertisement Get high performance in all game, when you are on Mac or PC game with best gaming mouse For Mac and PC now available on Market.
Sometimes only a slider with no values is shown in the menu, but you can usually set an exact value by using the game's console or configuration files.
The further you have to move the easier it is to make small precise movements which can be good for sniping but will make it take longer to turn. Consistent mouse aiming will improve your accuracy, reaction time, and confidence in every game you play. But we can change them: just click the black arrow buttons or move your mouse in the blank and double-click it to change a larger number if you want to get bigger dimension JPG. This will cost you quite a few extra CPU cycles, but will make the mousecursor move smoother. You can only use either the left-side buttons or the right-side buttons (depending on if you use your left or right hand). This might take a while to get used to, but in my experience it makes your clicks register slightly quicker. It only happened once very five minutes, but it also seemed to happen just when I was in combat.
Unfortunately the bugs in the laser sensor make it impossible to recommend this mouse to anyone right now.

Let’s hope the Lachesis gets the same treatment and ends up being just as good as the Deathadder. Never had a single problem with it, I think its just cause you reviewed it when it first came out and its firmware was old and crap. So to get into more detail, for example, if I move the mouse smoothly, the pointer will first move smooth then slow right down for no reason then speed up and do this multiple times in one mouse movement. I never adjust the mouse setting in the game anymore, and instead I use the side buttons to up or reduce the DPI to my liking. This is replicated in the design of the mouse; there are no rounded corners or curves at all. These all are the best designed gaming mice with extra button control, lighting sensor technology any very sensitive on each movement of your hand. Each game handles sensitivity values in its own way but a lower sensitivity allows more precise movements, so it is usually best to set the in-game sensitivity to 1.0 or as low as possible and increase your mouse DPI to get the turning speed you want. Keep 75 in “Quality”(or set larger value to get bigger and more clear JPG) and “Auto” in “Image bitcount”. Compared to the oversized sidebuttons of the Deathadder the side-buttons on the Lachesis feel small. Today, Razer released a beta firmware aimed at fixing these problems, but unfortunaly it didn’t fix these problems for me. Also it’s a rather expensive mouse when you compare it with the Deathadder and Diamondback 3G.
If you want the latest and greatest gaming mouse, wait for a firmware that fixes the bugs in the Lachesis.
Multiple color, DPI, profile, and macro settings await you to assist in making the most of your gaming experience. As a rough guide, in Team Fortress 2, Unreal Tournament and other FPS games I have it set to 4,000 to 5,000 DPI. It may seem strange to hold at first but after a couple of weeks it fits in my hand quite nicely.
Using a normal mouse on an average pad seems so slow and horrible to use, I have now spoiled myself in that regard. At a push yes; the cost really is extortionate but you are paying for the Tron branding and style. It has a special coating on the surface which does the blue light trails from the mouse when you move it. You can do lightning reflex turns with ease, something I always found lacking on a normal Microsoft mouse. A thing to note is that it may be too small for some; it has a lower profile than some of the other models I have seen. The pad is big enough for all your movements; well to be frank, at 5,000 DPI you are not going to need that much pad space. I used to own a Razer Copperhead for 3 years before it died, so this is a worthy replacement. You also get Tron sound effects from it when your PC boots up (your mouse can derez!) and of course there are blue lights across it, paying homeage to the light cycle from the film. If you are doing RTS games such as StarCraft 2 or Shogun 2 (my favourites at the moment), then 2,000 to 3,000 DPI is fine.
It is so fast on that setting, that I managed to jump to avoid a grenade and then spin round to gib somebody in the face within a 2 second timeframe.
You can change the increment of each step, and I generally don’t go below 2,000 DPI for general tasks.

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