A polished, updated resume is always important, but becomes especially valuable when you are getting ready to navigate a career change. If you were working in graphic design and are now hoping to transition into healthcare, you will probably need to make some major adjustments to your resume. One of the major stumbling points for people who are looking to make a career change is often level of experience. Regardless of whether you are trying to make a career change or not, quantifying your achievements and skill sets is an essential part of a resume, and it’s something that many people forget to do.
A little research and a proactive approach become essential when you are writing a resume to help you prep for a career change. Client FeedbackCurious to learn what job seekers have to say about the resume writing service they receive with Grammar Chic? Resume ServicesWhen you work with us on your resume we walk you through every step of the process.
In many instances, a strong resume will be a selling point when it comes to landing the job, even if other contenders may have more experience than you do in that exact role.

While a creative, eye-catching format may be appropriate for an industry based in creative arts, you’ll want to make the document more straightforward when entering conservative fields. It can be hard to break into a new field when you’re up against people who have worked in this industry for years on end.
While it’s great to say that you worked in a collaborative environment or provided leadership, hiring managers want to know the nitty gritty details about what you’ve done.
With a professionally-written resume, cover letter, and thank you note by Grammar Chic, Inc. From the initial consultation to delivery, we lead you through a stress-free experience that is based upon the idea that each resume is as unique as each professional.
Part of the trick to ensuring that your resume works as you navigate a career change is ensuring that the format of your resume is appropriate for your new career. In order to ensure that your resume helps instead of hurts, you will want to do some research to figure out what kinds of resumes people in your new field are relying upon.
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If you find out that other professionals in your industry use intricate designs and lots of personalization in their resumes, you will want to mimic this.
Remember that volunteer work and internships count, so even if you aren’t getting paid to work in that field (yet) you can still gain valuable experience. If other people use documents that are straightforward and to the point, you should do the same. When you know you are ready to make a career change, start by getting involved in the industry in any way that you can. This becomes a powerful selling point on your resume, and can help reassure hiring managers that you have the experience necessary to thrive in their office, even if it came in a non-traditional way. When you add quantifiable data into your resume, it makes it much stronger and more appealing to a hiring manager.

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