Google Public DNS is the preferred DNS and is known for being fast, accurate and no restriction. The Windows operating system, is set by default, to automatically use the DNS server of your ISP or Internet Service Provider. While is most cases, keeping the default option is a good idea, if you find that your default DNS provider is slow, you may want to consider finding one that is fast.
This is where you can consider alternative 3rd-party DNS providers like OpenDNS, UltraDNS, Google DNS etc.
To find out which is the most suitable DNS provider suitable for you, in your location, you can use Namebench, an open-source DNS benchmarking utility.
You can also use DNS Jumper to change your DNS settings with one click. This tool will automatically enter the DNS server addresses of the providers you select. If you find that your DNS server is not responding in Windows, you can check out the Windows Network Diagnostic tool.
Do let us know if you decide to change your DNS server and if you noticed a change in your browsing speed.
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You need open a PDF file with Foxit Reader, but there is a mistake that PDF displays the wrong font.
As you know, Connectify is the software which helps turn your laptop into a tool for launching Wifi.
Mozilla Firefox is one of most famous browsers today with lots of powerful features and the fast browsing speed. On the left pane of the appeared Windows, you will see an option saying ‘Change Adapter Settings’. From the left pane, select your internet connection interface for which you want to change DNS server in Mac.
If you could not change DNS server in Windows, Mac for any reason, try rebooting your system. If your ISP’s DNS server is slow, or responds slowly, or at times is overloaded, it may cause an additional delay of a few seconds, every time you go on to load a new web page. Do however note that one must consider using a reputed and a reliable DNS server only, as such providers offer a better browsing experience, provide protection from phishing sites and refresh their DNS records faster when website change their IP addresses or new domains are registered. Once you download and then run it, it will first extract its content and then you will quickly get to see its UI.

And if you do use a 3rd party DNS provider like OpenDNS, Google DNS, etc, we’d love to hear your experiences about them.
It is important to know that what may be good for one person in one part of the world may not necessarily be good for another person sitting in another part of the world. All the incoming traffic comes through your DNS and the DNS is the central hub of all your internet data. Changing DNS server address comes handy if all the clutter is amalgamated, speed problems, no internet connection errors.
If you want, you can contact your ISP, tell the reasons and get another, new DNS server address issued.

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