Accounting templates and company name: Change your company name in your accounting software (like QuickBooks) and it will affect all standard reports. Email signature file: Put a reminder of your new company name (and web address, if applicable) in all out-going e-mails. Mail delivery people: Keep them in the loop so the mail keeps flowing regardless of what company name it has on it. Newsletter email address: Inform readers you will be changing so they can update their spam blockers. Liverpool fan Shaun McCormack presented himself with a new name for Christmas but unfortunately his Spanish hero Fernando Torres was soon to move to Chelsea. And it looks like this could be a record year, with an estimated 58,000 people changing their name by the end of 2011 - an increase of 4,000 on the previous year.
But she says there's nothing wrong with people changing their name unless they take the name of a celebrity or use it for criminal purposes."Changing your name to some famous person is daft as you would get tired of all jokes. A bill to give prison governors "unprecedented" new powers over budgets and daily regimes is to feature in the Queen's Speech later. As a do-it-yourself author and web developer since 1995, he has been featured in USA Today, the Today Show and on radio shows, magazines, newspapers and websites. I will not rent, sell, share or otherwise disclose your personal information to any third party. We’ve changed our company name two times over the life of the business and boy, did we learn some lessons. Most likely there is a form you have to complete and you will have to provide backup paperwork such as the new DBA. If it’s important to show how many years you’ve been in business, list your old name somewhere.

One of the main differences about moving on from life as a grad student and postdoc to life as a professor is the tremendous weight of responsibility involved.
Once again, it is somewhat stressful to have to create a brand new lecture every 48 hours, but I’ve got a great group of students to keep me going. In parting, please enjoy a scan of a letter from my property management company to the tenants of our building.
It would be no surprise if he reverted back to Shaun.Changing one's name has certainly become increasingly popular. A decade ago, only 5,000 people changed their names.Many have been inspired by celebrities or their sporting heroes. Then set up your old web address to transfer automatically to your new one for a period of time to ensure a smooth transition for your new and existing customers. If you put something off as a grad student or postdoc, you are usually just inconveniencing yourself.
There's the teenager who recently changed his name to Facebookdotcom Forwardslash-Mountaindew UK to boost his chances of winning a competition, and Asda worker Greg Lewis who changed his name to Dr Pasty-Smasher Omelette for a bet. According to the latest figures from the UK Deed Poll Service, the main commercial company that assists with name changes, 30% more documents were issued in September compared with the same month the previous year. It is a way of emancipating yourself from your past, particularly if you have unhappy associations."Across the UK, people can change their name at any time, provided they do not intend to deceive or defraud.
But when you fall short in your duties as a professor, the problem is compounded by the multitude of students who are affected. Other reasons include immigrants wanting to anglicise their names and married couples seeking to combine their surnames.
However proof will be needed to amend official documents and bank accounts.In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the proof can be a letter from a responsible person, such as a doctor, a public announcement in a local or national paper, a statutory declaration or a deed poll.

Michael Pugh and Rebecca Griffin merged their names by deed poll to become Mr and Mrs Puffin when they married last year. Louis, our high-rise apartment building experienced a massive flood because some genius left his window open over the winter break and the sprinkler lines in his room froze. In recent years, some people have changed their name to their social networking username.Some people also change their names to escape a past or unwanted connection - US-born model and niece of Osama Bin Laden, Wafah Dufour, took her mother's maiden name after the events of 11 September 2001.
Author Julia Cresswell, who has written several books about names, is slightly puzzled by people wanting to officially change their names as no-one is legally bound to use their registered name. Those who eschew the help of deed poll companies or solicitors can do it themselves for nothing.
It is also unfortunate that I have a spinal cord injury that makes it difficult for me to climb stairs. But no doubt they will still be no match for the newest batch of John Smiths.A selection of reader comments will appear in a follow-up piece. Some nights I sleep in my office, some nights I sleep in a hotel, some nights I invest the 90 minutes it takes for me to crawl up the 10 flights of stairs. My wife and our dog have been real troopers in this ordeal, and it sounds like one elevator might be working by the end of the week—though after four weeks of this crap, I am not holding my breath.

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