Many American citizens have ancestors who bravely traveled large distances in search of a better life. When people migrate, they are influenced by push and pull: They feel pushed out of one place and pulled to another. Learn more about Ellis Island, the place where many of our ancestors first set foot on American soil. Immigrants at Angel Island were often given confusing questions designed to keep them from passing into the USA.

Try a Chinese poetry style called wu-yan-li-shi, which hopeful immigrants wrote while waiting on Angel Island in California to be admitted to the U.S. You'll save time with unlimited access to thousands of worksheets, activities, workbooks, games, lesson plans, and moreā€”all in one place. Plus subscribers have access to this feature and many more that make getting the worksheets you want easier.
When immigrants came to Ellis Island, they didn't have moving trucks or big comfy suitcases; they brought what they could carry.

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