Sound yoga, also known as music-therapy or sound healing, is a technique in which sounds and vibrations are used to help restore, maintain, and improve onea€™s state of mind and body.
OM Namah Shivaya is one of the most powerful Hindu Mantras for overcoming obstacles, and gaining personal and spiritual strength. Shri Hanuman Chalisa Mantra is another powerful Hindu Mantra for overcoming obstacles, and gaining personal and spiritual strength.
The Isha Blog is the premier guide to health, wellbeing and spirituality, in Sadhguru’s own words. Mystic Chants is a new series through which we hope to take you through a series of sounds that hold the power to touch the very core of one’s being.
Literally meaning transparent, Vairagya denotes a state of being that is unbroken or free of all distortions. The Nirvana Shatakam is an outstanding composition by Adi Shankara embodying the essence of Vairagya. Thanks for sharing and making these spiritual chats available, is it possible to get an explanation of these mystic chants?

I am chanting lingabhairavi sthuti daily three times, can i chant and listen both lingabhairavi sthuti and guru paduka stotram.
Hear beautiful vocals from Celtic, Gaelic, Native American, Indian & Gregorian traditions seamlessly combined with modern grooves and ethereal arrangements to create a rich and spiritual listening experience.
Gregorian Chant, Native Indian chants, and various world vocals are artfully woven with beautiful piano and string melodies and modern grooves to take you on a sacred and spiritual journey.
Connections Jigsaw Puzzles for Healing - unique and beautiful jigsaw puzzles used for meditation and healing. The New Age music genre now has a mulititude of sub-genres and related music genres: Some of them inlcude chill out music, global sounds, tribal music, Chant, music of the Healing Arts, electronica, Contemporary Instrumental, Reiki music, music for massage, yoga music, spa music, piano solo music, music for meditation, music for relaxation, stress relief music, stress therapy music, audio therapy, calming music, healing sounds, mystic music, relaxing music for mind, body, and soul, and world music. Enya, Deep Forest, Ryan Farish, Karunesh, Enigma, Delerium, Sacred Spirit, David Arkenstone, Mehdi, Patrick OHearn, Tangerine Dream, Magna Canta, Anael, Hennie Bekkar, Wayne Gratz, Lesium and Amethystium. Below is ZOR (Karl Wood),the brother of Kevin Wood, who has performed to Kevin's new music and is one of the world's best firedancers.
These sounds create a multidimensional energy field, and help generate specific brain waves, resulting in shift in the state of consciousness of the listener who then moves to a deep and relaxed state, the communication between mind, body, and spirit is enhanced, resulting in bliss.

Just as clear flowing water in the river acquires the color of the soil beneath, one who is transparent has no color of his own. The Guru Paduka Stotram is a devotional tribute in gratitude and praise of the sandals of the Guru.
Chanting OM helps one in grounding, feeling connected to the earth, and sets our higher mind free for higher awakening and kundalini ascension. Color is a product of the breaking up of light, the basis of our ability to see. It is only in the state of Vairagya that one can see as it is. Brahmananda Swarupa (the image of the Creator’s ecstasy) is a consecrated mantra which one can chant throughout the day to connect to Sadhguru’s energy and grace.
Shambho (the auspicious one) is a very gentle and beautiful manifestation of Shiva who readily responds to those who call upon Him.

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