Too many brides (and grooms) wait until the week before the wedding before asking, "How do I change my name after marriage?" Get ahead of the curve by planning for your name change now.
Call the county Clerk of Courts for information about your statea€™s name change procedure.Ask about this when you apply for your marriage license. Choosing a Wedding Date, How to Choose a Wedding Date Jan 08, 15 03:18 PMLearn what's important when choosing a wedding date - it's more complicated than you might think!
Printable Wedding Guides, Wedding Planning Guide, Wedding ebook Jan 17, 14 03:24 PMPrintable wedding guides and DIY wedding instructions and tutorials will help you plan your wedding and your DIY wedding projects. Wedding Reception Decorations, Wedding Ceremony Decorations, Wedding Decorations Jan 17, 14 03:20 PMThis guide to planning ceremony and wedding reception decorations will save you time, headaches and money.

Then use the post marriage name change checklist below, but don't wait until the last minute to start preparation for your name change. In most cases, to legally change your name you will need a copy of your certified marriage license, so this task can wait until youa€™re back from your honeymoon.
Also ask the court what paperwork you need to bring with you to request a legal name change. Some states will want to see your birth certificate as well as the certified marriage license.
The procedure for legally changing your name differs from state to state, so you can Google your state and a€?name change formsa€™ for information and official forms.

Once you receive your marriage license in the mail, make several copies to mail or show as proof. After youa€™ve taken care of the legal name change with your state, go through the post marriage name change list below and submit name changes.
Most of the agencies you need to change your name with will have downloadable forms on their websites.

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