You are currently viewing the Chinese Relaxation and Meditation Chinese Traditional Music Album Cover. One day Shri Mataji told him to hold out his hands and she placed an invisible orb into his hands..
And the last but not the least, let’s enjoy the Felicitation Card made by Navin from UAE, sent to all of us with love, on behalf of his strong sahaja yoga meditation group from his country. This is a very surprising subject,and the same part of this talk has been choosen for the French. Ultimately it is a choice… and to understand that is to know what it means to be our own Master. To sie nie da opisac, co czulam ogladajac i sluchajac…poczulam silne boskie wibracje, bylam w stanie swiadka, bez mysli…!!! Shri Mataji writes “Poetry is like moonlight and when it falls upon any matter it enhances the beauty and gives it a charisma and the language is so beautiful that it hides all the ugliness. It is always a pleasure and a pleasant surprise of what this unique and amazing site has to offer.
I really love this post because from my heart i always been attentive to moon movements,although i don;t know any astrology at all,anyways its so delightful to know the deep knowledge about this. That is indeed the birthday of Shri Mataji as per the lunar Calendar Shalivahjana and also it is the 1st day f the Chaitra Navratras which culminates on Ramnavami that is on the 8 th of April this year .

Talking of Moon It remind me of a wonderful dream that I had during my starting days of Sahajayoga , that was the time when I was very stressed out with heavy Workload at office and travelling a lot One of those days when I returned from work very late about 9:00 pm at night, I had very sever pain in my right knee for no reason at all, the pain was so severe that I could hardly walk . To my great surprise the Moon started descending and coming closer and closer to me till it descended so low that i could stretch my hand to touch it .
Thanks a lot Shri Mataji for giving us the Divine connection through our self realistation.
May 15 Arts & Culture Makers photo -> Sahaja Yoga Meditation Volunteers Proud to be IN!
I feel we have not being so much concerned by the position of the Moon in our daily life, unless one has knowledge of astrology. Thank you for the beautiful and meaningful wishes and compilation shared on this day of Gudi Padwa. I do remember my mom use to do so many rituals during the festival but never had a chance to ask why and what.
The 31st of March 2014 which was actually the Gudi Parva day felt great and full of VIbrations . We should have knowledge about it and it should be discussed in our country.  We should know why it is celebrated in our country?
Yes, please remain our friend on the web as this is just the start for our collective journey called RAIN to heal ME -> Realize Awareness in Nations for Mother Earth.

Also, Shri Mataji insists on the effect that the Moon has on our subtle left side, which is also quite interestine and new. Also please pass on the news as we really would love to have everyone not only enjoying our programs but to Realize the connection to Mother Earth ..
Without knowing about the customs and festivals of the country we could neither love it nor respect it. With Sahaja yoga techniques, we can balance our channels and the effects of the planets are less strong on our behaviour. It is hard to explain but the picture of Shri Mataji looking over the earth smiling sums it all up. At the most they read Ramayana but they have no knowledge of its message or its philosophy. We must know from where the culture of our country dawned and how it reached at this level. So it will be better to understand from where these qualities have come and what is their significance, Why do we do certain things or we do it because other people also do it.

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