The World Community for Christian Meditation produces a number of resources for meditators which are available to purchase.
The Pomfret family firm of Goodnews Books is managed by Toni (accounts), Gerard (Sales) and their daughter Sara (office admin). Your resource needs can be met by a simple email or phone call and the contact details are below. Please contact organisers of events that were planned to take place at Meditatio House for the new venue. Our Mission: To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian tradition in the spirit of serving the unity of all. While I had been on a spiritual path for the last ten years and had an active prayer life, I wasn’t doing a lot of listening.
At times it’s been extremely difficult, but I feel such a peace and a clarity about my life which I never had before I practiced meditation. The meditation technique that I learned involved using a mantra and the sound of “ohm.” It was not quiet but loud. I wanted others to experience all of the wonderful benefits I had by practicing meditation. Quiet – The meditations focus on breathing and do not require a mantra or affirmations to repeat. Focusing on breathing brings you immediately into the present moment, helps relieve stress and helps clear out toxins in the body. Your CD invites me to enter an inner quiet, a place where I can breathe deep and find refreshment.

Your voice is EASY to listen to and your instruction is both helpful to a beginner and offers a good experience as well! In addition, you’ll receive a transcript of the CD and additional instructions to help you receive the most from your meditation practice. Because meditation and being still has so transformed my life, I am passionate about helping others transform their lives too by tapping into this powerful tool. My sincere desire is that you will experience the power of clearing clutter from your mind and allowing the peace of God to fill your mind and life by learning to be still.
Are you carrying emotional or physical weight from the past, mistakes, judgments or have a mind filled with cluttered, anxious thoughts?
These include books, CDs, talks, daily readings and DVDs designed to support meditators, and enquirers, at all stages of their journey. Physicians and spiritual teachers have taught the benefits of meditation from a physical and spiritual perspective.
It was just after he had played a concert at my church that I mentioned I was thinking about doing a meditation CD.
The quiet nature makes it possible to use this meditation at home, in the office or the car. One shorter version just over nine minutes and a longer version that is almost fifteen minutes. For me, it is like taking daily walks in a soft rain on the beach (which is my favorite way to let go and refresh).
While it’s been rewarding to help companies with their online and offline businesses, I am pursuing my dream of writing and creating.

So, even though it was effective and the music was okay, I was looking for a quiet practice that could be done anywhere with some beautiful music that would transport me to a spiritual place. Being a Christian women I was very leary of meditation and the things I had heard about it. In the midst of the busyness of life, peace finds me, renews me, and reminds me who (or whose) I really am. We’ll use your CD in Timber Creek’s library — in the: “Instructions on Meditation” section. That all changed after listening to a guided meditation CD for 10 minutes a day for a week. There is also a music only track that is almost fifteen minutes long that you can use for meditation or as background music. It makes the rest of my workday go much easier, and even if I don’t think I have the time, I know I can spare 10 minutes, if not 15.
I know I deserve it, and it’s a sad state if I think I cannot devote that time to myself. If anyone believes they cannot meditate, this is the perfect vehicle to show them that they can, and that the rewards received for that short amount of time will enhance their coping mechanisms.

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