Meditation is fast becoming a way of life for some of us who want to lead a high quality life. In few forms of meditation, one has to stop the thinking process completely in order to reflect upon his or her inner self. Meditation, however, does not require numbing your mind, but, it tends to pause the relentless series of thoughts in your mind. Christian meditation as the term suggests, is a form of meditation which has derived its inspiration from ‘Christ.’ In this particular form of meditation, one tries to ponder upon the generous deeds of Christ.
One tries to relate his or her life’s situations to the ones faced by Christ in his own life span. The scriptures or Biblical references which contain information about Christ are read slowly once, or may be multiple times in order to firmly grasp the passages. This phase begins with praise of Christ, his pain and sufferings and his great doings in situations of trial.
Benefits of Christian meditation are felt automatically merely within few days of practice. Yes, Christian meditation is known to upgrade the memorizing power of your brain by magnifying the size of the hippocampus. Every day we come across numerous temptations like that of money, greed, mean motives and desires.
If one trains his or her mind to cogitate upon the good things in life then how can negative thoughts find their way into one’s mind?
Absence of bad deeds will fetch good results for your every action, thus boosting your self-confidence and making you more successful than before. The benefits of Christian meditation are unique and it is one of the best stress busters in the genre of meditations. These lay emphasis on refraining from the thinking process for the period for which meditation is being performed.
So, join a Christian meditation group, deepen your bonds with Christ and reap the many benefits of Christian meditation. Content (text, audio, video) on this website is only intended to provide general information to the reader and is not intended to be used as medical advice, professional diagnosis or treatment.

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Different religions have adopted different methodologies of meditation and each approach varies from the other.
When the mind is calm, then and only then, can one become aware of the happenings of the soul.
Myriad health benefits: Meditation has a major impact on health and has aided in getting rid of diseases. One tries to follow the footsteps of Christ by following the same, or a similar course of action performed by Jesus, in similar circumstances.
One has to read between the lines of the Holy Book, in order to understand the deeper meaning associated with its content.
Rosary meditations were also adapted as a part of Christian meditation wherein, devotion is made to the Rosary, the garland of roses.
But before that we must know in brief about the meditative techniques followed in Christian meditation. Before an individual begins the reading of the pious writings, the Priest may question him or her about his or her goals in life, and relations with other living beings. But before giving a meaning to the lines read in the phase above, one has to keep the mind still for a while. The size of the stress promoting, amydala has been known to shrink in people practicing Christian meditation. Meditation helps us to curb our lust and value the bigger things in life, like emotions and morals.
Stress and anxiety levels are minimized to the maximum extent by practicing Christian meditation. But benefits of Christian meditation aim to fulfill the mind with the lessons learned from Christ’s life. But Christian meditation aims to achieve high thinking for an individual through the remembrance of God.
One practices meditation in an isolated place and concentrates hard to stop thinking about  worldly affairs.

According to the Islamic meditation philosophy, an individual will feel free from pain and commence the journey towards a glorious life. According to the concept of Jain meditation, one should meditate, undergo self-realization, show disinclination towards the happenings of the world, and set the spirit free. Other benefits of meditation include channelized thinking, high performance and increased confidence levels. The more we are closer to the preaching’s   of  the Almighty, the better our life becomes, this is the central tenet of Christian meditation. The name of the technique is ‘Lecto Divina’ and it comprises of four phases: Read, Meditate, Pray and Contemplate. Also in this phase, the readers request the spirit of the Almighty to come and enlighten them.
Also, one has to review his or her own faults, and make a resolution of not repeating them. For few, contemplation is a beautiful journey which leads to an encounter with the Almighty. Basically “Hindu” meditation aims to make an individual familiar with the God present within himself, unlike Christian meditation which connects to Christ. We do not undertake any responsibility or liability of any health issues caused by following advise on this website.
This is a must in order for a person to detach himself from the happenings of the world for a while, and focus upon his or her inner self.
This is causing a serious disconnect with our roots and culture, and also eroding our social support systems. This will help in awakening the senses of an individual and assist in transforming into a better person. So we must halt, meditate upon the teachings of Christ, adapt them in our own lives and make our relationships worthy of love and compassion.

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