New Technology for Bible Telephone Line Ministry Local Numbers Double Practically Overnight!
The Statutes of Our Lady of Presentation Communities and Ministries only gives a brief description of how to become a lifelong member of Presentation Ministries.
Secular Franciscans, not a requirement of the lifelong commitment to PM, but certainly a great help. Prayer Garden and the recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet saw our community members headed safely back home.

Church and ended their practice of sacrificing millions of humans lives to their pagan gods.
John Dunn continued the talks by defining evangelization as sharing what God has done for you personally.
We especially pray for her two sons, her daughter-in-law and grandson as well as the new grandbaby. It becomes natural to share with others that heightened life we find through worshipping Him.

We need to experience the effect of the Good News in our own life before we can share it with others, whether we do so by example or with words.

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