Xbox, Xbox Live, and all other Xbox Live specific terms are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. The Sorrowing Meadow is probably the largest map in the game, in front of the Cirromon Caverns with: 10 save points, 5 shops, 29 treasures, and 1 challenge (Cirelian Trial 5).
This map contains 2 imprisoned friends, one requiring Dust to kneel next to a tombstone with a rose till he is transported. During the quest Dust to Dust, Cora is at the center of the meadow giving Dust the quest to find 4 keepsakes (an old painting, a walking cane, a brooch, and a personal diary) in the 4 mansions (Bardel, Dirmo,Nanoth, and Samachua) and gives Dust a green resonance gem. Avgustin also appears at the beginning of the map and stays there even after going to the Blackmoor Mountains. There is a teleporter just to the left of Bardel Mansion that takes Dust to just below where Cora is.

This map contains the following enemies: Necromancers, zombies, explosive zombies, hornets, stone cutters, slime bushes, demons, and a trolk (outside the Samachua mansion). The other requires a double jump just before ascending near the Dirmo mansion (the upper-most mansion), and passing through many tight openings with spiked vines.
While in the mansion, a demon (Baron Kane) will hunt Dust down until the final room, which contains the keepsake.
Use Dust Storm to make it hit all the enemies including the Necromancer for an easy 1000 combo.
I recommend that you do one or two runs through the arenas to learn where everything is, and how to navigate the areas. It is an incredibly hard map to survive with small amount of shops to buy food from but does contain a lot of food in treasure chests.

After getting each keepsake, enemies appear in the mansion (presumably due to Kane leaving). Once you're ready, you will need to make your way through the arena of choice as quickly as possible. To earn the high scores you will need to make sure you take no damage, hit as many point orbs as possible and finish with a time.
If you collect all the orbs but cross the finish line without a time, you won't hit the four star rating.It's possible to take some damage is illustrated in the video, but as long as you don't keep repeating the same mistake and lose multiple groups of 100 points, you get get away with taking one or two hits.

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