Under the ice there are a lot of untapped gas reserves and new shipping routes may pose a pretty penny. Research shows that we are often too short to go through the curve in assessing the effects of global warming in the far north. According to Gail Whiteman of the Erasmus University Rotterdam we look at the calculation of potential economic profit.
According to Whiteman, the local impact on the environment is well studied, but scientists and policy makers forget to look at the overall picture. All these factors lead to climatic problems that countries worldwide have to guard against. Consequences of global warming are not limited to animals directly on or under the ice life. Of all these problems we are already seeing the first signs of the further disappearance of the Arctic ice, the severity increases. The melting of the ice is not to say that no more lives will suddenly lost in northern waters, but if the defrost process is without prejudice to its course, many animals, including the iconic polar bear, will disappear forever.
Global climate change is a change in the long-term weather patterns that characterize the regions of the world.
Some of the sun's incoming short wave radiation is reflected back to space by aerosols—very small particles of dust, water vapor, or chemicals in Earth's atmosphere.
The greenhouse effect is a natural occurrence that maintains Earth's average temperature at approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
When weather patterns for an area, influenced by temperature, change in one direction over long periods of time, they can result in a net climate change for that area.
Image description: This graph illustrates the change in global surface temperature relative to 1951-1980 average temperatures. With a major international conference looming, it’s time for all of you to analyze the data and formulate a comprehensive report on global climate change on planet Earth. Given the ongoing controversy surrounding the recorded rise in Earth’s global mean temperatures, your team will have to provide some concrete analysis of temperature data for the report. Remember: There are quite a few research teams analyzing different global climate change indicators.
Changes in environmental temperatures have long-reaching impact and might be slow to develop.
Identifying the cause or source of the changes is important for finding possible ways to remediate the impacts. The developing rubrics page in the Problem Based Learning section provides a content-specific rubric for the Global Temperatures module under the Sample Rubrics heading.
The following activity can be used to help your students learn how they can use NASA satellite data resources to solve the problem-based learning task presented. Students will learn how to locate, access and utilize data sets to support a selected physical phenomenon. Students will learn how to import data into Excel and produce an appropriate graph of that data. Use scientific data to support a position on global mean temperatures as an environmental issue. Explain the impacts of changes in environmental temperatures and understand these changes may be long-reaching and slow to develop.
List key atmospheric greenhouse gases and explain their significance to the global temperature issue.
Explain the carbon cycle, carbon sources and sinks within the cycle, and its significance to global temperatures. Students investigate and understand that energy transfer between the sun and the Earth and its atmosphere drives weather and climate on Earth.
The Climate Time Machine is a color-coded interactive map that shows a progression of changing global surface temperatures from 1885 to 2007. What does the Climate Time Machine tell you about your state's temperatures during this 122-year period?

This graph shows the record of global average temperature anomalies compiled by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.
Temperature anomalies from meteorological stations, showing both annual means and a five-year mean. Predicted temperature change because of global warming as issued by the Hadley Centre climate model.
News story about NOAA reporting record-breaking temperatures seen as possible evidence of faster rate of global warming. With the ever-increasing temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere from as early as the late 19th century, nature is sending us signals to do something about global warming. On a lighter side , I’m glad that artists are doing their part and taking a stand to highlight the effects of global warning while using this as a platform to express their creativity. In joining the celebration of World Environment Day on the 5th of June, I’d like to showcase just some of the most unique global warming warning posters out there on the Web.
There are many facts on climate change that you should be aware of.Unfortunately, many of these facts on climate change are not well known and there is an incredible lack of awareness regarding this global issue. Coral reefs, which are very sensitive to even small changes in water temperature, have been severely affected.
The idea of the greenhouse effect is over a century old (see history).There is a difference between climate change and global warming, despite the two terms being used interchangeably by the media. In a world where mass media is often unreliable, please take note of the important facts on climate change mentioned above.Nowadays, there is a plethora of disinformation regarding this important issue at hand.
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Depth analysis now shows that effects of a less polar ice may be higher than thought, not only for the animals that see their habitats disappear, but also for the portfolio. If we do that, as he wrote last week in Nature, it appears to be the money profit by tapping new sources of natural gas and the opening of shipping routes not worth the economic loss caused by the melting of the polar ice caps. The worst effects of the melting of the polar ice will have in essence to feel on a global scale. Whiteman predicts that the melting of the ice in the Arctic will set off a chain reaction that will have serious global consequences also in the economic field.
Small island states and coastal cities like New York will have to look at the higher sea level. Many species, such as the arctic fox and the wolf, living in Greenland and Canada will be affected. There they are isolated during the summer, but they can look each other over the ice during the winter. In addition, some of the sun's energy that enters Earth's atmosphere is reflected into space by the planet's surface. The greenhouse effect is a necessary phenomenon that keeps all of Earth's heat from escaping to the outer atmosphere. This means during Earth's history there have been changes in global temperatures similar to these changes.
Panel on Global Climate Change Research, you and your colleagues have been collecting data in the field for months. This conference requires more than a standard report citing data and displaying results in tables and graphs. Your indicator, global mean temperatures, will be an important component to the overall climate change picture.
We humans have a tendency to neglect obvious signs and this is probably why warning messages of global warming are only surfacing in the recent years when we could have intervened a hundred years ago. As people become more aware of the dangers and complications that will come from global warming, the demand for such awe-inducing posters will certainly rise.

As the surface heats, it emits long wave radiation (in the infrared) toward the atmosphere.
Without the greenhouse effect temperatures on Earth would be much lower than they are now, and the existence of life as we know it on this planet would not be possible.
Natural changes in climate usually occur over such long periods of time that they often are not noticed within several human lifetimes. However, the past changes occurred at much slower rates, and thus they were spread out over long periods of time. You have studied research on varying aspects of Earth’s diverse ecosystems, and your colleagues are now gathering to share their experiences and preliminary findings with the rest of the group. Analysis of the data will be required to present an accurate picture of the state of the planet’s climate and trends that have been the focus of heated controversy and debate for the last decade.
From these art pieces, we can briefly appreciate the beauty and vulnerability of Mother Nature, and her impending wrath if we continue to disrespect Earth. However, there are downsides to both and future treaties will be formed in order to address these issues. Choosing to make climate change mitigation a number priority is not merely a political choice; rather, it is a moral duty. The sun heats Earth's atmosphere and its surface, causing air and water to move around the planet. There some of this long wave radiation is absorbed by certain gases called greenhouse gases. However, increasing greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere could increase the greenhouse effect.
This gradual nature of change enables plants, animals, and microorganisms to evolve and adapt to the new temperatures and precipitation patterns.
This research is broadly consistent with similar constructions prepared by the Climatic Research Unit and the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration. The International Panel on Climate Change will need to know impending impacts in order to plan for the future. The strong warming around the Arctic Ocean is related to melting sea ice, and the strong warming in South America is related to El Nino cycles.
The result can be as simple as a slight breeze or as complex as the formation of a hurricane. These include carbon dioxide (CO2), chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), tropospheric ozone (O3), and water vapor (H2O). This could result in an increase in mean global temperatures as well as changes in precipitation patterns. Many species of plants, animals, and microorganisms might not have enough time to adapt to the new climate and might become extinct. The energized molecules of gas then emit long wave radiation in all directions, some toward the Earth, warming the planet and increasing Earth's temperature. Note that the warming mechanism for the greenhouse effect is not exactly the same as the warming mechanism of greenhouse walls. While greenhouse gases absorb long wave radiation, then emit that energized long wave radiation in all directions, greenhouse walls physically trap heat inside of greenhouses and prevent it from escaping to the atmosphere.

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