Through solutions focused coaching sessions I can help you to develop yourself and your business. As the client you are the “expert” in your own situation and my role is to help you identify and harness your experience, skills and resources and apply them to achieve what you want. This is an approach that clients’ say is engaging, energising, enjoyable and creates quick and sustainable change for the better. Today’s successful leaders must develop the skills and versatility to thrive in the face of unprecedented challenges and today’s successful companies must gain competitive advantage through human capital as other sources of competitive advantage erode.
Executive coaching is a one-on-one, on-going relationship established to improve professional performance, personal satisfaction & organizational results.
Spagaat levert individuele coachings trajecten gericht op persoonlijke ontwikkeling, alsook collectieve coaching gericht op ontwikkeling, samenwerken, groei en perspectief voor (gelegenheids)teams.
Circle breathing, where you take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth can lower your heart rate, help you think clearly and focus on the task at hand. Successful coaches are good at focusing on what is needed and preparing a plan to accomplish it.

For the same reasons why athletes benefit from mental strength, coaches will benefit as well.
Recognizing these challenges, most top companies have turned to executive coaching as a solution. Plans can include a slogan such as “Win the Day” (former University of Oregon and current Philadelphia Eagles football coach Chip Kelly) to motivate athletes and teams.
Whether it is a season, practice, competition, individual athlete or overall team goal; document your goals, read them aloud and refer back to them often. If you want to help athletes improve, have more success in competitions, improve your self-esteem and self-confidence take time to practice the skills outlined above. In addition to working on game strategy and skill development, coaches should focus more on proper breathing techniques, communication, preparation and goal setting. Coaches who make the effort to value athlete’s comments and provide clear and constructive instructions in return have greater success in achieving this goal.
Knowing your athlete’s strengths and weaknesses is vital to preparing a successful game-plan.

Use trigger words to remind you of your goals and help you stay relaxed and focused throughout the season, practice or competition.
How do successful coaches stay in the moment, be calm during tense competitions, make strategic decisions and clearly communicate to their teams? In addition, coaching is about developing relationships and helping athletes grow and develop as people. The time and effort they put in way before working with their athletes will provide them with a strong base to rely on.
When an athlete feels validated, they are more likely to increase their effort, “buy into the game-plan,” feel better about themselves and perform at a higher level.

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