This incredible book IN FULL COLOUR contains Spanish coaching philosophies as well as 120 practices as used in the academies Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao. Jon MORENO MARTINEZ explains to you the Spanish coaching philosophies at youth and academy levels. He focuses on both technical and tactical work including ball control, support play, passing, possession and decision making. A small set of core field activities (~12) that are the bread and butter of our training methodology. We travel across the country giving coaching clinics to clubs who want to know our methodology.
It is the content from our Seattle and Santa Maria clinics, that your membership will start out with. It’s mostly for coaches who have followed our work via the 3four3 blog, youtube, twitter, or even facebook.
Because you see, aside from gaining trust, the blog helps give you a base as to what our philosophy is. Furthermore, if you think you already know how to do this possession business, or that its successful execution has little to do with your coaching, then this is not for you. You, your teams, and your players must first reach a level of mastery with this foundation!

We have applied this methodology successfully from U9 – U19, at all levels of play, and to both genders. The tactical activities contained in this initial offering are all done in the context of 11v11. Here again is why I suggest this membership is for coaches who have been with 3four3 for a while. Our experience tells us it can take at least 6 months to a year (depending on your coaching level and roster level) of seriously implementing the initially available set of activities for your team to show signs of consistent match-day execution. Your chance for becoming a┬ámember, and at this pricing, closes at 5pm Pacific Time, December 22. I had a 6 inch binder FILLED with session plans over the years- I removed every page, chucked them in the garbage. The effects you guys have had on my coaching & teams have been tremendous even from afar.
With your online coaching membership, every new clinic we perform will be captured on film and made available to you. The interesting thing is that the club we beat prides themselves on being a possession style club. They have an idea that our philosophy states there are no silver bullets to becoming a legit coach.

Well, we dominated them and for the first time my boys actually played a little possession-based soccer.
I want to support your massive contribution to the coaching community, and I also want to make fully sure I am teaching this the right way. Similar to what Paul Holocher went through, I’ve seen the light and am ridding myself of the influence of playing under shit academy coaches and listening to the shite spouted at licensing courses. What I saw on that video from my personal computer was the beginning of the revolution televised. It was no where near the gold-standard but the exciting part is as they improve how much more dominant they will be. Soon you will be preaching from stage with hundreds and hundreds- hopefully still ripping the Converse too.

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