The Positive Futures Abundance Tribe is a free monthly meeting for people working towards living their purpose. Every group or individual coaching program supports you from the initial stage of discovering your purpose, through to the realization of your vision. You will reconnect to what matters most, uncover the vision for your life, and discover how to realize that vision by allowing a tribe to form around it and propel your vision forward. Entrepreneur and Purpose Coach Jeff Baker and his team support you in successfully and confidently moving through every stage of the process.

Benefit from the collaboration, accelerated learning and support that comes from a dedicated group of people.
In the Vision Series you will reconnect with what truly matters to you; your purpose, passions, community and dreams for your life. In individual or pairs coaching you work directly with your Purpose Coach and other experts in-person and via phone sessions. By the end of this 5 week series (4 sessions) you will have a clear vision for your future that deeply inspires you.

Guided by your Purpose Coach and encouraged by each other, you will master the most important lesson in the program: how to allow your vision to be realized.

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