For generations, the admissions process of the Ivy League schools and other top colleges has been cloaked in mystery and myth. This ACT preparation book helps students develop strategies for all five sections of the test. This is a remarkable book that every student and parent should read before applying to college. Almost Grown is a guide for parents to the final years of high school and first years of college, offering intelligent counsel not only in practical issues such as developing a college search plan or handling questions of money, sex, and substance abuse, but also in the psychological issues that arise during this family transition. Families are facing the toughest admissions committees ever, soaring tuition costs and a financial aid system that initially rejects over 90% of all applications! This book provides students and young people with the tools they need to navigate the tumultuous world of personal finance. Whether you're a recent college graduate, job seeker, or mid-life career switcher, this lively guide will help you discover the right career for you. Collects quotes and anecdotes from college students in the United States on coursework, dormitory life, choosing the right major, and succeeding academically. Slim and affordable, this informative handbook is packed with helpful and timely information on today's most common essay questions and themes. In addition to providing descriptions for the over 1500 best overall colleges picked by U.S. The College Boarda€™s latest edition of the Book of Majors provides comprehensive descriptions of 200 of the majors taught at most colleges in the United States in the first section.
Featuring an in-depth interview with the Director of Admissions at Tuck School of Business, ranked #1 by the Wall Street Journal . How to get the most out of your campus visits, and get the stress out of your college interviews.Updated to give the pros and cons of college Web sites and "virtual visits," and reformatted with easy-to-use charts and checklists, this quick and handy guide will help you get the right impression during your visit and make the right impression during your interview.
The College Boarda€™s latest edition of the College Handbook provides detailed descriptions of every accredited 2 and 4 year college in the United States.
Stressed and sleepless, today's high school students race from school to activities in their most competitive game of all: admission to a top-ranked, prestigious university. Now revised and expanded with new information -- the trusted guide that profiles exceptional colleges which will turn "average" high school students into achievers. Features more than 500 profiles of cool careersThe fun and easy wayr to find the career and job that"s right for you!Want to love your work?
Fully revised since the first edition, COOL COLLEGES covers the most exciting schools in the U.S. Tips and strategies for 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th graders to maximize high school and help them prepare for--and get in to--the college of their choice.
This Princeton Review guide provides five SAT practice tests with detailed explanations of the answers. This book helps students improve ACT scores by performing an analysis of real ACT questions for one complete real ACT examination- dissecting the test, in other words. This guide offers advice, tips, and workbook exercises to provide specific job search strategies to help readers find careers that suit their individual personalities. Written for the individual investor, this 88-page guide explores the planning and savings options available to families that are saving for a child's college education. Jason is typical of today's college students, who are assuming unprecedented debt burdens because of relaxed limits on student loans and easily obtained credit cards. Learn how to: -Save thousands in tuition with the Right Fit Program -Get the scoop on college admissions -Know colleges" 4-year graduation rates -Find the right college -Find the right career As our teenagers plan to enter college, they make a monumental decision that will set in motion a series of events, and it is a decision they can only make once. One of the most fundamental questions we ask ourselves is "Why am I here?" In our efforts to answer this question, many of us become motivated to seek another path, one that will lead to greater personal and spiritual fulfillment. A companion to First in the Family: Your High School Years, this next-step guidebook straight from their peers tells first-generation college students how to stay in college and graduate.
Find the college that"s right for you!An A–Z of admissions secrets, The Fiske Guide to Getting into the Right College takes you behind the scenes of the college application process.
While not as comprehensive as the 2014 College Handbook, this manual classifies more than 300 colleges based on majors and programs and college climate. In this book, the author distills his proven step-by-step game plan that positions you to win big money for college - regardless of your age, GPA, financial situation, or family background.
The secrets, tips, and strategies used by actual students to win millions of dollars in financial aid and scholarships are revealed in this completely revised guide for parents and high school, college, and graduate students. Getting Ready for College is the ultimate easy-to-use guide to success for college-bound seniors, first-years, and their parents. Written and edited by current college students and recent graduates from colleges and universities across the United States, each book in this series of student guides focuses on a particular topic of interest to high school or college students and includes helpful advice and effective strategies for tackling that particular task.
Veteran higher-education consultant Donald Asher demystifies the graduate school application process and offers a detailed action plan that has proved successful for some of the most competitive programs in the country. Smarten Up—It"s Time to Choose the Right CollegeThink that your life"s growth, success, and happiness depend on which college you attend? This book presents eleven easy ways parents can give their children a college education, a home, a comfortable retirement, and a chance to reach their goals without looking to you for money. Everything You Need to Prepare Your Homeschooler for College SuccessThe transition from homeschooling children to preparing them for success in college deserves both planning and preparation. Here are 101 easy-to-read, practical tips to help college students be successful in all aspects of college life! Richard Montauk, a savvy admissions insider, demystifies the application process and provides the tools to ace every step. Drawing on his own personal experiences, the author presents a step-by-step guide for prospective college students that shows students of all ages how to find and win scholarship prizes and cut down on student debt.
Getting into college is a national obsession among high school students and their parents, and it’s only getting worse. Heading off to college?A  This easy-to-read book sets you on the right path for college success.A  From understanding why ita€™s important to get know your professors to learning successful study habits and much more, this entertaining book gives students a sold roadmap for college a€“ and future a€“ success. Learning circles small groups of learners who come together to support each other in learning can make great improvements in the quality of teaching and learning in your school. For more than a decade Letting Go has provided hundreds of thousands of parents with valuable insights, information, comfort, and guidance throughout the emotional and social changes of their children"s college years—from the senior year in high school through college graduation.
The celebrated book that revolutionized the way Americans choose collegesnow fully revised and updated An invaluable guide with virtually no competition, this book helped to establish Loren Pope as one of the nations most respected experts on the college application process.
Mahalia Mouse and her family live underneath dunster House, an old Harvard dormitory.Foraging for food her younger brothers and sisters, Mahalia gets trapped in a backpack and finds herself inside a classroom far from home. Established in 1860 as a co-ed institution, Wheaton is a private, four-year, residential, and interdenominational Christian college. No matter what profession they have chosen to pursue, Wheaton graduates strive to make a difference. Over 60 clubs and organizations, including College Union, Discipleship Small Groups, The Record newspaper, Student Government, Gospel Choir, Unidad Christiana, Mu Kappa, Earthkeepers Club, and Residence Hall Councils.
Wheaton athletic teams have won more than 45 titles over the past seven years in 11 different sports. Wheaton has been faithful to its original precepts, and its legacy is shown in the lives of its graduates. Wheaton offers a rich, life-changing education, with graduates trained for life, not just jobs. Register now for CICan’s 2015 ConferenceCICan’s annual conference is fast approaching, and registration is now open! CICan’s 2015 conference will take place in Winnipeg from May 24-26 and will be hosted by Assiniboine College, the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, Red River College and the Ecole technique et professionnelle de l’Universite de Saint-Boniface.
Art Showcase for college studentsCalling all student artists: Colleges and Institutes Canada is once again looking to bring the college presence to the walls of our national office at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. Reminder: CICan’s Colleges and Institutes Enabling Entrepreneurship SymposiumRegistration is now open for CICan’s Colleges and Institutes Enabling Entrepreneurship Symposium which will take place March 8-10 in Quebec city.
This Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) symposium will bring together leaders from the colleges and institutes, partners in economic development authorities, entrepreneurs, youth leaders, government agencies, foundations and other key partners supporting the entrepreneurs of the country.
Did you know?Lethbridge College has become the first post-secondary institution in western Canada to acquire two Judgment Training Simulators, which help students develop judgment, decision-making, communication and observation skills.
This ceremony was particularly special because we were able to recognize years of service, as well as employee excellence in a number of categories. We finished off the ceremony with some cake, and of course to celebrate CICan’s achievements, it had to be purple! On Tuesday I got to hear Thomas Mulcair, leader of the official opposition speaking in front of the Economic Club of Canada. Finally, I had the pleasure of co-chairing the latest meeting of our Industry and Colleges Coalition, along with Paul Charette, CICan Board member and Board Chair of Bird Construction Company Ltd. Congratulations!Louise Mandell, one of Canada’s foremost Aboriginal rights lawyers and a tireless advocate for Canada’s First Nations, was officially installed as Chancellor of Vancouver Island University on January 29, as part of a convocation ceremony in Nanaimo. Public universities are the major vehicles of upward mobility in America—educating 73 percent of all college students.
Practice questions for all 33 exams, helpful guides to earning credit, and valuable suggestions for preparation.
This thoroughly revised and updated edition of the bestselling book Admission Matters demystifies the college application process and offers practical advice for choosing the right school, writing an effective essay, navigating financial aid, and more. It gives the word and its simple meaning in ways that will help you to remember the words to help you build a strong vocabulary. Writing as both psychologist and parent, Patricia Pasick tackles the key question of how mothers and fathers can foster adolescents" growth and autonomy while maintaining family connections and stability. This book offers solutions for high school and college families guaranteed to give students an edge in admissions and parents countless legal ways to significantly reduce the cost!

Filled with dozen of real-life stories chronicling eye-opening financial mistakes that are commonly made, this book offers advice on how to avoid these problems.
Using workbook exercises and explaining specific job search strategies, this book lists occupations that are popular with your Type and offers a rundown of your work related strengths and weaknesses.
News and World Report, this volume provides information on their picks for the best liberal arts, engineering and regional colleges. Written for students about to embark on this two-year odyssey, by students who have successfully survived business school, Business School Confidential provides a comprehensive, blow-by-blow chronological account of the complete MBA experience. CLEP examinations allow students to demonstrate college-level knowledge for which they can earn credit at more than 2,900 colleges and universities. It is a great aid to students, parents, and their counselors in the initial phase of the college search, providing a starter list of colleges to consider.
Ordered by state, students, parents and counselors can find the latest information on college costs, admission procedures, school profile and financial aid. Planning for college can be one of the biggest moments in a teen's life, but for those students with learning and other disabilities, the college experience can be fraught with frustration, uncertainty, and lowered self-confidence.
But is relying on magazine rankings and a vague sense of "prestige" really the best way to choose a college? Prospective college students and their parents have been relying on Loren Pope’s expertise since 1995, when he published the first edition of this indispensable guide.
The distinctive group of forty colleges profiled here is a well-kept secret in a status industry. The SAT is coming up, and you need extra help to tackle the tough Writing section--including the dreaded new SAT essay. In "Cool Women, Hot Jobs," 19 women and three musical sisters (the Ahn Trio) tell about their work, how they got started, what they do, and why they love it. The detailed "to do" lists provide a clear outline of what students can do to pave the way to a smooth college transition. They make this crucial decision at a time in their lives when they are the least equipped to do so. The expert advice and tips in this book will help you get accepted at the schools of your choice.
With humor and insight, he reveals insider secrets for successfully finding, applying for, and winning lucrative scholarship awards-empowering you with the information, inspiration, and known-how to afford the college of your choice and realize your educational dreams.
Every step of the scholarship process is examined, with advice on finding the right scholarships, crafting applications, writing exceptional essays, and asking the college for a financial aid reassessment. Encouraging and informative quotes and personal essays from students, as well as suggestions from teachers, professors, and advisors, accompany the content of the guide. The 50 sample essays-selected from thousands of candidates-showcase the best of the best, while the Essay Hall of Shame identifies common pitfalls to avoid.
With a commonsense approach, this book takes the reader from the birth of a child into adulthood and guides parents through market swings, shows parents and grandparents how to cut their tax bills as they grow their family net worth, recommends "catch up" tips to parents who haven"t started saving yet, and shows you where to find money to save.
Based on interviews with dozens of admissions officers, Montauk delivers a candid view of what leading law schools look for in an applicant. Each year, there are more applications and tougher admissions standards at competitive schools. In this helpful book, career coach Julie Jansen addresses this work-dissatisfaction epidemic. Based on real-life experience and recommended by colleges and universities around the country, this indispensable book has been updated and revised, offering even more compassionate, practical, and up-to-the-minute information. Now fully revised and updated, Looking Beyond the Ivy League offers a step-by-step guide to selecting the right institution, a checklist of specific questions to ask when visiting a college, the secrets to creating good applications and good applicants, and much more.
Mahalia, intrigued by the lecture, starts attending classes and soon becomes a full-time student -- all the while wondering about the fate of her family.
Last year’s awards included over $25 million in grants and scholarships and over $10 million in loans.
150+ students have earned All-American recognition and 45+ have been recognized as Academic All-Americans. Many distinguished graduate schools currently enroll Wheaton graduates in the dramatic arts, education, law, medicine, music, philosophy, science, and sociology. They should be able to attain knowledge and measure it against the truth of God’s word, understand the importance of service and value faith that embraces both right belief and right action.
We have also launched a brand new website specifically for the conference, making registration easier and navigation a breeze! Its theme Leading Change will explore how colleges and institutes stimulate change through innovative practices and approaches in teaching and learning, applied research and engagement with business, industry and community partners. The streams will be interactive and will feature a mix of panels, workshops and poster presentations. And if the exciting program we have in store is not enough, we’ve put in place some new perks for early birds.
Thirteen of our colleagues were recognized for 20 years or more of service within the association, while five more were recognized for an exceptional 25 years or more of service!
Chantal Denis and CICan President and CEO Denise Amyot offered closing remarks encouraging staff members to keep up the excellent work and to continue to Lead, Champion, Partner and Excel.
For the 2015 Art Showcase, CICan invites students from colleges and institutes across the country to send in their illustrations, paintings, photos, fabrics, sculptures and technical drawings. Recognizing that entrepreneurship is a global competitive advantage, this symposium will explore the impact that colleges and institutes have on the entrepreneurial eco-system. The simulators feature real-life training scenarios, which work to develop and enhance students’ cognitive thinking skills and decision-making abilities in a realistic environment. Employee recognition is very important to this association, and we’ve committed to hosting an awards ceremony every year from this point on.
Eleven staff members received awards of distinction for the work they have done in the past year.
As we are moving into what will clearly be an election year it was great to learn more about the NDP’s position on a variety of topics.
We were able to discuss a recent survey of coalition members and identify areas for collaboration. But do these public universities provide a higher-quality education than the private elites? Hernandez, a former admissions officer at Dartmouth, finally breaks the ancient code of silence to reveal how the world"s most highly selective schools really make their decisions. Well-written and up-to-date, Admission Matters offers important insights into the college admission process, as well as important practical advice they can implement all along the way. This handy resource will help any college-bound student whether they attend well-funded private schools or cash-strapped public schools. It also contains various financial tools from a psychology-of-money test to worksheets for determining budgets, net worth, cost of credit and safe debt levels.
Miller and Loucks have assembled a panel of recent MBA graduates from across the country, all of whom are in a prime position to offer realistic and informative advice on what business school is really like today. If you want to know what to do and what not to do to take full advantage of the opportunities for educational and social growth and success in college--this is the book for you!
The CLEP Official Study Guide, developed by the test maker, is the only source of practice exams for all 34 CLEP exams. College Success for Students with Learning Disabilities offers teens the confidence, strategies, and guidance they need to effectively choose a college, get prepared for university life, and make the most of their collegiate experience. Is hiring test prep teachers and consultants really the best way to shape your own education?In this book, edited by a veteran admissions counselor, a passionate advocate for students, the presidents and admission deans of leading colleges and universities--like Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, Harvard--remind readers that college choice and admission are a matter of fit, not of winning a prize, and that many colleges are "good" in different ways. This new edition profiles 41 colleges—all of which outdo the Ivies and research universities in producing performers, not only among A students but also among those who get Bs and Cs.
McGraw-Hill's Conquering SAT Writing is packed with intensive practice for the new multiple-choice writing questions, plus teacher-recommended strategies for writing a high-scoring essay. Each first-person story encourages readers to dream big about their own future, because anything is possible -- from playing for the Women's National Basketball Association (like Betty Lennox) to being a choreographer (like Tina Landon).
This analysis is performed by authors who have actually taken the ACT and have obtained high scores. Does your daughter call home in tears over the latest "crisis," leaving you feeling helpless and concerned?
Most teenagers are conflicted between what they feel they are good at, what they think they want to be, and what they are told they should do. This book helps you find a level of success in your career by guiding you through the process of self-discovery. This clear, accessible guide takes students and their parents step-by-step through the admissions process.Learn:--How to choose the right college--How to get off a waiting list and get accepted--How to write winning essays--How to use the Internet in the application process--How admissions officers really rank applicants--How to interview successfully--How to construct a successful application --How to get the most financial aid--And much more! Profiles of scholarship judges give potential applicants insight into the scholarship selection process and the qualities that judges seek in selecting the winners. Sample letters of recommendation and essays for scholarships, residencies, fellowships, and postgraduate and postdoctoral applications cover all stages of the application process. This important addition to Prima's acclaimed homeschooling series is filled with tips and insider advice from homeschooling families whose children now attend the schools of their choice.
He also gives applicants solid advice on developing marketing strategies, writing winning essays, maximizing financial aid, and assessing and upgrading credentials to better match that ideal profile. Using career assessment quizzes and personality exercises, Jansen helps readers understand their present work or career situation, discover the type of work for which they"re best suited, and learn how to create the changes they need.
Co-written by a top college admissions dean and a leading pediatrician, this first-of-its-kind book delivers strategies for surviving the admissions process while strengthening parent-child relationships, managing the stress of applying to college, and building resilience to meet challenges today and in the future. With as few as one-third of college students remaining at the institution they entered as freshmen, finding the right college is harder than ever before.

Six months after graduation there is 2% unemployment for our grads with approximately 26-28% of our students going on to graduate school right after graduation.
Developing strong, life-long relationships — with classmates, professors, and Jesus Christ — is a priority. Take a look for more information about the upcoming conference, our great pre-conference events and our keynote speakers: Rick Mercer and David Chilton, also known as the Wealthy Barber. Cross-cutting concepts of quality assurance, international, emerging technologies and student engagement will provide opportunities for interaction across streams. Register by April 15 and you will be entered in a draw to receive a 50% discount on your registration, up to a maximum of $500. Chantal Denis, CICan Board Chair and Director General of Cegep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, was present to hand out awards recognizing years of service, as well as awards recognizing distinction within the following areas who were inspired by our association’s strategic plan: Lead, Champion, Partner, Excel, Volunteer, Spirit and Leadership. Congratulations to Terry Ann Boyles, Joe Nogueira, Ramon Lashley, Elena Ceigua, and Debbie McDonald for reaching this incredible milestone.
The top three submissions will receive monetary prizes, and every finalist’s artwork will be displayed in the CICan secretariat. The simulators will start being incorporated into the institution’s curriculum as early as March 2015! Their loyalty to the association is incredible, and I am very pleased that we were able to recognize their many years of service!
From leadership skills to spirit and social abilities to volunteering, I was very proud of the employees that received these well-deserved awards.
Congratulations and thank you to the CICan staff for an excellent year, and here’s to another excellent year to come! Ted Guidotti, Fulbright Visiting Research Professor at the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Science, Society and Policy. All in all, the coalition is looking strong and I am very pleased by the progress we are making. We want to hear about your new applied research, industry and community partnerships, international education, important financial investments and more. With absolute candor, Hernandez tells you all the hard truths, provides all the secrets, reveals how admission officers factor in every extenuating circumstance, and, most importantly, she shows you how to make this complex, high-stakes system work for you.
It includes practice questions for all exams, exam descriptions, and test-taking tips and strategies.
They call for bold changes in admissions policies and application strategies, to help both colleges and applicants to rediscover what college is really for. This friendly guide shows you great careers you may not have thought of and helps you land a rewarding job with a 30-day search that really works. In addition, the analysis of the test is from a student's perspective rather than from a teacher"s or a test maker"s perspectives. Beginning with debit-credit card issues, student loan decisions, and the challenge of managing and reducing debt, Knox walks readers through money management.
Read "Finding the Right Fit," get the facts, and learn to help your student choose their career wisely. The knowledge you gain will help you clarify your values, recognize your talents and skills, and overcome the intuitive blocks you may have. Businesses, books, and programs exist to help students win acceptance to top schools, but why not go to the real source — recent high school graduates who survived the college admissions process. Filled with real-life examples and including a useful resource section, this guide provides the inspiration and know-how to implement positive career change. Less Stress, More Success is just what parents and teens need to thrive during this important rite of passage into adulthood. Mahalia's story has an inspiring message for graduates or anyone whose success is worthy of celebration.
Fifty-three percent of students graduating from Wheaton received student loans, with an average indebtedness of $24,000. Wheaton alumni also excel in a wealth of endeavors around the world, with many holding positions in business and finance, government and foreign service, teaching, ministry, law, medicine, and the arts. Five years after graduation there is less than 1% unemployment, and that low rate continues at ten years after graduation. Graduates are well-positioned for whatever they want to pursue and prepared to face the challenges of life.
The website will be updated regularly with new content and program information, so be sure to add it to your bookmarks. Chantal Denis CICan Chair and Director general of Cegep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, even drove down from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu to take part in this important event! We also awarded staff who have been at CICan for 20 years or more, 15 years or more, 10 years or more, and 5 years or more. In addition to the latest tests--only available here--you get tips and strategies from the test makers. Written in a friendly, conversational style, Campus Confidential offers a comprehensive, chronological treatment of the college experience by the author, a Yale graduate, and a blue-ribbon panel of fourteen diverse "mentors" from colleges and universities around the country.
It's not just a ticket to financial success, but a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore new worlds of knowledge. Loren Pope, director of the College Placement Bureau, provides essential information on schools that he has chosen for their proven ability to develop potential, values, initiative, and risk-taking in a wide range of students. With competition for college admission at an all-time high, count on The Princeton Review to provide you with the most thorough and accurate guidance on the market. Specially created by a nationally known test-prep expert, this first-rate guide has everything you need to get ready for this difficult part of the SAT, and to help you achieve your best Writing score ever.
This unique perspective enables the authors to share insights not found in any other books. She skillfully addresses the how to's of checking accounts, spending plans, emergency funds, and credit histories. Filled with many thought-provoking exercises and friendly advice, this book will show you how you can find your purpose and change your life. Packed with practical information and insider tips, this must-have guide will help you determine which school fits you.
In How to Survive Getting Into College, hundreds of students share their hard-won wisdom, thoughts, strategies, struggles, and even failures.
Wheaton graduates actively contribute to their communities and churches, and no matter what position they hold, they strive to make a difference in the world around them.
The Wheaton experience is distinctive, and living and learning at Wheaton is extraordinary. We’ll share member institution News Releases and other upcoming announcements online and with our national media contacts based in Ottawa. With lots of practice and sample questions, "10 Real SATs" gives you an insider"s look at how to answer every kind of question on the test.
By emphasizing the importance of being a mentor, Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money shows that parents may have lost control over their college student, but they haven't lost influence.Brimming with humorous case examples and realistic dialogues, this comprehensive guide covers the fundamental college issues. She discusses financial personalities and the emotions of money, as well as practical record-keeping and simple filing techniques. Filled with tips, tricks, humor, and horror stories, as well as practical advice on applications, interviews, and financial aid, the book is a lifeline for high school juniors and seniors.
What are normal feelings of disorientation and loneliness for students—and for parents? Cross-reference between the different lists to find the schools that match all of your needs. Campus Confidential is the complete guide to the college experience--providing solid, road-tested advice for every stage of the process, from high school students getting ready to apply, to college seniors looking for jobs or applying to graduate school, and everything in between.
Then you need a great school that will challenge, nurture, inspire, and motivate you-and COOL COLLEGES has got 'em. Let Harvard Schmarvard debunk the myths, expose you to the truth, and clear your mind so you can weigh what"s really important.
Dive into our school-specific sections and find out why those colleges you have your eye on scored well in one category and poor in another. Campus Confidential first takes you step-by-step through the college admissions process, with chapters on how to conduct a productive college search, prepare for the SAT, write effective applications, and use the famed "Relevance Calculus" to choose the college that best matches your interests.
With so much at stake during your college years, your career, your success, your future, your happiness you need smart, savvy, and inspiring ideas to ensure you excel. It will also give you the scoop on: What the Ivy league is and what it really wants Totally free schools, including one where financial need is a requirement for admission Universities that don't give grades. What new concerns about safety, health and wellness, and stress will affect incoming classes? Just like the original College Prowler guidebooks, each school's section is student-written and provides its own unique dialogue to help you discover if the college is right for you. It then discloses the ten things you must do before you leave home and the ten things you must do as soon as you arrive on campus. Campus Confidential takes you through a goal-setting workshop at the beginning of each year of college, teaches you how to stay safe on campus, demystifies fraternities and sororities, and provides advice on living with roommates, developing effective study habits and time management strategies, choosing a major, making choices about sex, drugs, and alcohol, acing final exams and term papers, going abroad, writing a thesis, deciding what to do after college, and much, much more. Simply put, Campus Confidential is the one "must-have," complete college survival handbook that you cannot afford to be without. This is everything you need to know about getting ready for college, from students and parents just like you.

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