SYNOPSIS: The distinctive group of forty colleges profiled here is a well-kept secret in a status industry. Willamette students “happily skip the prestige mill in exchange for honest mentorship, a rich array of hands-on experiences, and liberal learning that cultivates critical thinking and values. Want to know what else “Colleges That Change Lives” had to say about Willamette?
Founded in 1850, Hiram College is a private, liberal arts college with a proud tradition of educational innovation and excellence. Hiram, Ohio is 35 miles southeast of Cleveland in the rolling hills of the beautiful Western Reserve region.
Students at Hiram begin their journey of becoming leaders of their chosen field through the close interaction between faculty, staff and fellow students. The Hiram Community are deeply involved in the learning and responsibility of each student. Hiram offers domestic and international faculty-led study trips to numerous destinations on six continents.
Known as the 12-3 Hiram Semester Plan, our academic calendar is comprised of two 15-week semesters divided into a 12-week traditional session and a 3-week session dedicated to a single course of study.
90% of students live in campus housing, which range from apartment-style Townhouses, Suites, Dorms and the first Veterans-only residence hall in the Midwest.
More than 90 student-run clubs and organizations, including the Intercultural Forum, Investment Club, Theatre Guild and Greek Life.
Hiram’s NCAA Division III offers 16 intercollegiate varsity sports for men and women. Strong dedication to the Arts, with opportunities to participate in various musical, theatrical and artistic endeavors.
Established in 1860 as a co-ed institution, Wheaton is a private, four-year, residential, and interdenominational Christian college.

No matter what profession they have chosen to pursue, Wheaton graduates strive to make a difference.
Over 60 clubs and organizations, including College Union, Discipleship Small Groups, The Record newspaper, Student Government, Gospel Choir, Unidad Christiana, Mu Kappa, Earthkeepers Club, and Residence Hall Councils.
Wheaton athletic teams have won more than 45 titles over the past seven years in 11 different sports. Wheaton has been faithful to its original precepts, and its legacy is shown in the lives of its graduates. Wheaton offers a rich, life-changing education, with graduates trained for life, not just jobs.
The trips are designed for the students and involve many aspects of civic engagement, research, global and local issues, culture exchange and of course, adventure.
Every student will know that once at Hiram their tuition will not increase over their four years of study at Hiram. Students will begin their nursing coursework in their first year and clinical studies during their second year. Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in a given topic, internship, study abroad or faculty-led research.
Students can participate in the various intramurals and club sports, including rugby, sailing, volleyball and mixed martial-arts. Last year’s awards included over $25 million in grants and scholarships and over $10 million in loans. 150+ students have earned All-American recognition and 45+ have been recognized as Academic All-Americans.
Many distinguished graduate schools currently enroll Wheaton graduates in the dramatic arts, education, law, medicine, music, philosophy, science, and sociology.
They should be able to attain knowledge and measure it against the truth of God’s word, understand the importance of service and value faith that embraces both right belief and right action.

Recent trips have included The Galapagos Islands, Sailing in the Caribbean and Global Healthcare in Zambia. Six months after graduation there is 2% unemployment for our grads with approximately 26-28% of our students going on to graduate school right after graduation. Developing strong, life-long relationships — with classmates, professors, and Jesus Christ — is a priority.
Loren Pope, director of the College Placement Bureau, provides essential information on schools that he has chosen for their proven ability to develop potential, values, initiative, and risk-taking in a wide range of students.
Fifty-three percent of students graduating from Wheaton received student loans, with an average indebtedness of $24,000. Wheaton alumni also excel in a wealth of endeavors around the world, with many holding positions in business and finance, government and foreign service, teaching, ministry, law, medicine, and the arts. Five years after graduation there is less than 1% unemployment, and that low rate continues at ten years after graduation. Graduates are well-positioned for whatever they want to pursue and prepared to face the challenges of life.
Wheaton graduates actively contribute to their communities and churches, and no matter what position they hold, they strive to make a difference in the world around them. The Wheaton experience is distinctive, and living and learning at Wheaton is extraordinary. Loren Pope encourages you to be a hard-nosed consumer when visiting a college, advises how to evaluate a school in terms of your own needs and strengths, and shows how the college experience can enrich the rest of your life.

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