The seasonal color analysis can be a little tricky to understand, especially if this is your first time to analyze your coloring.
Ok, so you've covered the best clothes for your body shape that won't make your butt look big. I was in my late teens when I ventured into the world of color analysis and discovered "Color Me Beautiful".
Why waste countless of hours and money on dabbling around when you can spend your time selecting colors that you know look amazing on you? Just imagine how time-saving it is to have your power colors at the back of your mind - colors that you know will leave a fabulous impression for those special occasions?
I believe that taking a seasonal color analysis will give you a sense of direction of what type of colors (cool, warm, deep, light, clear, muted) look fabulous on you.
Together we're going to do a seasonal color analysis which is widely used by professional image consultants and fashion stylists. With the seasonal color analysis we are going to figure out if you suit gold or silver better; and what type of shades and tones of red, green, blue, etc.
Because women of color in general have less variation in hair and eye color, the Carole Jackson analysis that came out in the 80's left out Latinas, Asians, Africans and Mediterraneans that weren't the typical ethnic woman with dark hair and dark eyes.
But it was later revised and expanded into 12 new sub-categories based on the intensity of a person's coloring, which makes it so that any person can find their color palette no matter ethnicity. And I think the reason why so many women of color get left out in this analysis is because of the emphasis on the coloring combinations, and not on the intensity and quality of your coloring.

It's all about your natural coloring (hair, eye and skin) and how well it complements or contrasts with the colors you choose to wear (makeup, clothing, accessories and jewelry). Each person will have a dominant characteristic in their coloring which is a primary factor in deciding their seasonal group, and we will try to identify yours in this seasonal color analysis.
Now that I've covered basics it's time for me to introduce you to the best method for doing a self-diagnosis on your coloring.
It can sometimes be difficult to look at your coloring from an objective point of view, so if you find yourself stuck, have a friend help you out or have a professional color analyst do the analysis for you.
Most color analysts are trained and educated in analyzing a person's coloring, however I recommend you to consult with a professional who knows how to work with the 12 season color system. If you're able to look at yourself in a mirror from an objective point of view then it can be fairly simple to analyze your own coloring. This page answers the questions on the frequently asked questions on how to analyze your coloring and wear your best colors. A general notion that there is a lack of coloring variations among women of color, however that is not always the case with ethnic women with lighter characteristics. There's various shades of dark, olive and tan skin tones, as well as black hair and brown eye color.
A quick way to determine your coloring is to use universal metal colors such as gold and silver. Universal colors on the other hand can look good on all skin tones because they have a neutral quality to them.

If you have a dominant Winter quality to your coloring, then your skin, hair- and eye color combinations is in general very deep and vivid - which is why you shine in black and other colors that have a strong jewel quality to them.
If you have a dominant Spring-like quality to your coloring, then you shine in warm and bright colors.
If your coloring seems to have a lot of depth to it along with golden undertones then you have an Autumn coloring. But don't worry, my free color analysis will help you find your best colors in a (hopefully) simple-to-follow way.
I had a color revelation when my sister's boyfriend told me I looked "washed out" in pure white.
In fact, I think I'm the only one in my family and circle of friends who really cares about selecting the perfect shade of white or brown. Because as you get the hang of your best colors, skimming the clothing rack becomes a breeze! The majority of red-heads fall within this season because of the dominant warm, red hair color.

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