Can Nolo help me convert a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation to another entity type? CA - Are there any tax considerations that affect when I should start my CA LLC formation process? For an in-depth look at Nolo’s online formation process, go to Nolo’s online LLC page and choose your state.
Note that processing times are based on each state’s actual processing times and, in the event that the Secretary of State is experiencing delays, times may be longer.
Special note for California: The California Secretary of State receives your application within 1-3 business days from the date you submit your order to Nolo, but the Secretary of State may not process your application right away, depending on their current processing times.
Special note for California: The Secretary of State updates its website every Friday with the latest LLC names it has processed for the past week.
Here you’ll find your state filing office’s web page where you can check if your LLC has been formed: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Wisconsin.
You’ll receive your articles of organization (also known as a certificate of organization or a certification of formation in some states) when the state filing office has finished processing your paperwork.
If you opted to have Nolo prepare your IRS Form SS-4 Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN), Nolo sends you a pre-populated form with your final LLC package to sign and mail or fax to the IRS to obtain your EIN. If you don’t want to wait for your final LLC package to arrive from Nolo with the pre-populated SS-4 form, you can apply online on the IRS website for an EIN, once you have your LLC formation date. To read more about whether your LLC needs to obtain an EIN, please read Nolo’s article Does My Business Need an Employer Identification Number? Some banks require you to have your articles of organization (or certificate of formation or certificate of organization) in hand before you can open a bank account. For more on disregarded entity classification, see the operating agreement Nolo provides to you, specifically paragraph 1 of Section C (Tax and Financial Provisions). A professional limited liability company (PLLC) is an LLC that is formed to carry out a service or function that requires a license from a public licensing authority. Your LLC's registered agent is sometimes called the "agent for service of process" and is authorized to receive legal papers on behalf of the LLC.
You should be aware of the potential tax implications of basing ownership percentages on services contributed to the LLC. The IRS advises to leave a space where there is a punctuation mark that is not a hyphen (-) or ampersand (&) when entering your LLC's name in an online EIN application.
You may use one LLC for more than one line of business - the articles of organization would list one official LLC name. Most LLCs are required to have their tax year follow the calendar year -- meaning their tax year runs from January 1 through December 31. If you can prove that your business has a natural business year that is different from the calendar year, you may be able to adopt a different tax year (called a fiscal year). We can help you convert a business that you currently own and operate only if it is a sole proprietorship, and only if you will be the sole member (owner) of your LLC at the outset. If you are trying to convert a corporation or partnership into an LLC, you should consult an attorney.
If you are converting a sole proprietorship to an LLC and you don't plan on hiring employees, you do not need to apply for an EIN. If you already had an EIN for your sole proprietorship, you can use that one for your LLC, for as long as your LLC does not have employees. If you have been running an informal freelance, consulting, or other service business and are forming an LLC to perform related services, how do you know whether you are starting a new business or converting your former business to an LLC?
In this case, you may need to change the name on your business license, tax registration certificate, or seller's permit.
Nolo's operating agreement does not provide for the specific language requirements of a self-directed IRA LLC. If it is late in the year, you may end up owing two $800 annual taxes at nearly the same time: one for the current year and one for the following year. The only way to avoid paying the $800 tax for the current year is to wait until after December 17 to form your LLC, and hold off on doing actual business until January 1. Your LLC will need to pay the $800 annual tax to the California Franchise Tax Board by submitting FTB Form 3522, Limited Liability Company Tax Voucher, available at the California Franchise Tax Board website. If your consent form has separate signature fields for a Member and a Registered Agent to sign, then yes.

There are no further emails you will receive from Nolo, unless we experience a problem with your filing. The State of New York requires that within 120 days of your LLC's formation, the LLC must publish a notice containing all of the information contained in the LLC's articles of organization. If the office of the LLC is located in a county where a weekly or daily newspaper has not been designated by the county clerk, the publication can be made in a designated weekly or daily newspaper of a county that is contiguous to the LLC's county.
From the package instructions: The Department of State will send your certified copy in approximately three to four weeks. If the LLC was formed within the current year, then Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Organization must be filed. If you would like to update your LLC name with the Secretary of State, you can do so by submitting a certificate of amendment to the articles of organization. The accident prompted harsh criticism of the EPA for failing to take adequate precautions despite warnings a blowout could occur.
Immediately after Wednesday's hearing, committee Chairman Rob Bishop asked Congress's non-partisan Government Accountability Office to investigate the Interior Department's evaluation. Bishop also questioned why the authors of the Interior evaluation included an agency official, civil engineer Michael Gobla, who discussed cleanup work at Gold King with EPA prior to the spill. Many of those are "legacy" mines whose owners have long since abandoned them, leaving taxpayers potentially on the hook for cleanup costs.
There is little money to spend on old mines that could cost tens of billions of dollars to clean up, Jewell said, leaving government officials struggling simply to determine the scope of the problem.
The spill occurred when workers for EPA and its contractor, Environmental Restoration LLC, started excavation work that was intended to allow them to safely drain the mine. Among the questions still unanswered is why EPA's cleanup crew was seemingly caught unaware by the accident. Federal officials have not released documents related to the Gold King investigation that The AP has sought through public records requests.
There's also lingering disagreement over the role played by Colorado officials in the lead-up to the spill. But officials from both the EPA and Interior have continued to insist that personnel from the Colorado Division of Reclamation and Mining Safety had agreed to the work being done when the blowout occurred. Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams and Attorney General Cynthia Coffman today at a charities conference in Denver. Secretary of State Wayne Williams described Colorado’s online registration for charities today as a model for what could be done with a national one-stop shop filing portal for charities.
He and staffer Chris Cash addressed the National Association of Attorneys General’s Charities Committee, which is holding a two-day seminar in Denver. Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams, center, talked with Tom Donovan, director of charitable trusts for the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, and Chris Cash, charities program manager for the Colorado Secretary of State, across the street from the Ralph R.
In Colorado, the secretary of state administers the registration program while the attorney general has jurisdiction over a broad range of enforcement issues.
Williams also talked about the effort by Colorado and other states to establish a system that allows charities that must file in a variety of states to reduce their paperwork.
Lynn Bartels worked as a journalist for 35 years, including 16 years at the Rocky Mountain News and six years at The Denver Post, before retiring in 2015 and going to work as the spokeswoman for the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.
Click continue and you will be taken to your state LLC page, which contains information on the LLC process. You can check the Secretary of State’s processing times page to see which submission date the Secretary of State is currently processing.
You can search for your proposed LLC names on the Secretary of State’s Business Search page. You can also choose to apply for an EIN by phone or online on the IRS website, using the pre-populated SS-4 form as reference.
However, while you are waiting for the articles to arrive to you, you can start creating business cards, signs, and promotional material using your new LLC name, once you see your LLC name on the Secretary of State's website. The ownership percentages that you establish are part of the LLC's operating agreement, which can be amended at any time to change the members' contributions. Small Business Administration's website also provides information on Business Name Registration.
The LLC could then either operate both businesses directly under the official LLC name, or file two different trade names with the state or county, depending on what state you live in (trade names are called assumed names, fictitious business names, or doing business as names).

The rules in this area are complicated -- if you would like to adopt a fiscal year, consult an accountant to see if your LLC qualifies. If you are trying to convert your sole proprietorship into a multi-member LLC, you should consult an attorney.
There are some legal and tax ramifications to closing down an existing business and starting a new one that are beyond the scope of our service. If you were using your Social Security number to report income from your sole proprietorship, you can continue to use it to report income from your LLC, for as long as you don't have employees.
The key is whether the new LLC will assume the assets and liabilities of the existing business. Or, depending on your locality, you may be required to apply for new licenses and permits under the LLC's name. For example, if you form your LLC June 1, you will owe your first annual tax on September 15, and your second annual tax on the following April 15. For example, if you form your LLC on December 1, 2011, you will owe the $800 LLC tax for 2011 on March 15, 2012, and you will owe the $800 LLC tax for 2012 on April 15, 2012 (assuming your LLC will use a calendar tax year). In other words, you have to form your LLC on December 17 or later, but not actually open your doors for business until January 1. You can review the Calfornia Franchise Tax Board's 2015 FTB Form 3522 and its instructions. If there is only one signature field, then the only signature required is that of the Registered Agent listed for your LLC. The next time you hear from us, it'll be FedEx delivering your final package of documentation after the formation has been completed.
The notice must be published once in each week for six successive weeks, in two newspapers, one weekly newspaper and one daily newspaper.
If the LLC was formed before January 1 of the current year, the customer can make any changes on the annual report (due May 1 of each year). 9, 2015, before the House Natural Resources Oversight Committee hearing on the Animas River Spill in Colorado. Environmental Protection Agency cleanup crew doing excavation work triggered the spill in August at the inactive Gold King mine near Silverton, Colorado.
They pointed to earlier statements in which Jewell and other agency officials said the Interior review focused on technical mining issues a€” not the potential culpability of those involved in the spill.
The Utah Republican accused Jewell and other agency officials of stonewalling his repeated efforts to obtain documents relevant to the spill. A June 2014 EPA work order warned of the potential for a catastrophic blowout at Gold King after pressurized water had built up for years inside the collapsed entrance to the mine. Bureau of Reclamation, said during Wednesday's hearing that pending record requests were under internal review to determine what documents could be released. Colorado officials have said they had no authority to manage, assess or approve any work at Gold King.
In that case, you can skip paying the $800 annual LLC tax for the short tax year from December 17 to December 31. The newspapers must be designated by the county clerk of the county in which the principal office of the LLC is located, as stated in your articles of organization.
It fouled rivers in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico with contaminants including arsenic and lead, temporarily shutting down drinking water supplies and raising concerns about long-term effects to agriculture.
Subscribe to Colorado’s premier award-winning political newspaper today at our old rates and keep up to date with all the insiders. If none of your name choices come up as registered, and you have checked the expected processing time on the California Secretary of State’s processing times page, there may be an issue with your filing.
If you do use two trade names, it's a good idea to keep the LLC suffix in your trade names.
Please look through your email inbox and spam folder for an email from Nolo or contact us for any questions.

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