The CommUnity Center 729 was started in 2007 with the intention of becoming a spiritual home for everyone, regardless of whether or not they identified with a particular religion. Throughout the years it has stayed true to that goal, and now in 2014 the center, lovingly referred to by most as just "729", has grown and blossomed in ways no one had imagined.
The Center offers many classes from Meditation, Yoga, Healing, Spiritual Development, and is certainly anamazing place to meet New people.
All who enter 729 can expect to find a place to simply be, with multiple choices of ways to expand their personal and spiritual life. When you first step into 729 through the red first chakra door, you are greeted with a lovely mural (by local artist Veronika Tuskowski) that invites you to relax, take a deep breath, slip off your shoes, and enter into a place of peace and love. Each successive door is painted with the next color's chakra, as you go deeper into the space and hopefully into yourself as well, with various classes offered such as yoga, meditation, crystal bowls, and more.
Meditation is a way to connect with yourself, release stress from a hectic day, or to totally relax.

You can meditate sitting or lying down with your eyes open or closed – whichever way is most comfortable for you. Use a scented candle, flowers, incense or some soothing music to help the relaxation process get started.
Not only is 729 a safe place to explore spirituality, but it also has many healing modalities to offer as well as assisting the poor and homeless with housing and other necessities.
Meditation may lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, or even lower your heart rate when practiced regularly. Listen to what is around you – a bird chirping, a child laughing, or anything that is calming. Look at the colors of the trees, the waves on the beach, or a distant airplane soaring high in the sky. Meditating in the evening before getting into bed will help you relax, sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed.

If your mind starts to wander, which it probably will as a beginner, just come back to focusing on your breathing. Feel the air on your skin, the breeze going through your hair, and the motion of your arms as you walk.
If you have a muscle that needs more relaxing, do it over until your body is completely relaxed. Think of something pleasant – maybe a babbling brook, a beach with the tide coming in and going out again, or anything that will help you relax.

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