Positive self-talk can be used as a motivational tool when you need to lift yourself up to accomplish something. Think of using motivational self-talk as your own inner cheerleader, pushing you from the inside to be your best, most confident self. There’s no right or wrong words when it comes to picking the ones you want to motivate yourself with.
One line statements, or even one word statements work best because they help you stay focused on what you’re trying to achieve. A good example of this is the “word of the year” exercise that people do at the start of a new year. The other thing keeping it short and simple does is concentrates the energy in a smaller space. Instead of dwelling on the negative thoughts that take up space in your head, make motivational, positive self-talk a habit.
Your self-talk influences what you believe about yourself and how you’ll behave in the future.
When you start using affirmations it’s natural to use ones that other people have created. When you write your own affirmations they take on more of your own energy and are more attuned to your individual goals. Posted by Ruth 6 Comments “Take the first step, and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid. As someone who struggled with low self-confidence for most of my life, I can tell you that this is the most important thing you can do for yourself.
Find ways to incorporate building your confidence into everything you do — phone calls, connections on social media, going a little beyond the boundaries of the familiar can all help.
Use visualization techniques to see yourself confident and handling situations that would normally leave you feeling nervous and scared. Sometimes stepping beyond the borders of the familiar can be overwhelming, so when you need alone time don’t hesitate to take it. If you know you need to make changes in your life and you aren’t looking forward to doing so, you can do a simple exercise that will make the change easier to handle.
Take a sheet of paper, and on one side write “Pros,” and on the other write, “Cons.” On the corresponding side you will write the pros and the cons of the change so you can see what the benefits and drawbacks might be.
As you do this exercise, you may realize that the very thing holding you back is the fear of change itself. For instance, if the healthy lifestyle changes that you need to make center around quitting smoking you may not want to quit cold turkey; instead you can work up to it. You can either create your own affirmations or look for statements that others have created.
Words are powerful and, when you repeat the same words over time, they continue to resonate through your mind.
When you repeat an affirmation often enough, it becomes your response to the negative energy and anxiety you feel.
Some lifestyle changes are harder than others to become accustomed to even when we desire to make the changes. Posted by Ruth 4 Comments When you look at Charlie Brown and Snoopy doing their happy dance, it makes it hard to think about not living in joy.
If you hadn’t planned for those joyful happenings, and everything went according to plan, think of all the good things in life you would have missed out on!
Now, before you tell me I’m all sugar plum fairies and pie in the sky this morning, I know that there are things to be stressed about. It’s important to have an empowering morning routine that gets your day started on the right foot.
When you hit one of those unexpectedly negative events that have the potential to ruin your day, put your strengths to work for you. Creating joy in your day comes as much from how you think about things just as much as what those things actually are. If you can find one positive lesson in the frustrating situation you just walked away from, you can create joy in your day from that.
When you are on the lookout for ways to create joy in your day, life becomes a grand adventure. When you shift your mindset from “This can’t be good” to “This could be really good” amazing things happen. However you decide to go about creating joy in your day, always remember that happiness is your choice! Just pop your best email address into the form below and you'll receive a weekly roundup every Saturday morning. Links that lead to products or services not our own will most often be affiliate links for which we earn a commission should you make a purchase. No matter how much you love singing, it isn’t always easy to perform in front of a live audience.
If you’re nervous about a performance or frustrated by your progress, remember that singing should be freeing. Never give into doubts and fears, because nothing good can blossom from wallowing in negativity. Every audition, practice session, and performance is another opportunity to achieve your greatest goals. Fully commit to your vocal training, so that eventually you’ll know your instrument well enough to lose the rules completely. These mantras can actually reprogram your subconscious thinking and bring you a plethora of good benefits that you’ll enjoy for years to come!
Choose statements that focus on the positive attributes you want to encourage, saying them as if you already exhibit that behavior. For example, if you meet someone who goes on and on about how great and beautiful you are, what’s your reaction? Focus on one or two, and when they’re firmly planted into your subconscious, you can move on to more. Our subconscious mind is more open to suggestions when we first open our eyes in the morning and then again when we’re ready to fall asleep at night.
The more often you recite your affirmations, the faster you’ll experience lasting changes.
There are many books and self-improvement websites that include hundreds of good, daily affirmations. This is the first of many changes coming to The Acorn Stash as we get ready to celebrate the first anniversary of the newsletter on June 9, 2012. Confidence affirmations, when used daily, can play a key role in boosting your self esteem and building confidence. I’ve mentioned before just how damaging your negative self talk can be to your confidence and self esteem. The non-stop, negative monkey chatter going on in your head is generally destructive and sabotages your ability to attract abundance and happiness in your life. Positive Affirmations are simply statements or phrases, which focus on the positive rather than the negative.

Confidence affirmations are simply a variation of positive affirmations that are designed specifically to help boost your confidence and self esteem.
At Inspired Abundance, we are enthusiastic students of personal growth and personal success. You have all the confidence and brilliance you could ever want deep inside you, ready to serve you. You always have the power to choose whether you use this brilliance and confidence or let it go to waste.A Always choose to use it.
Your intentions are good, I am not arguing that for a second, but if you are not watching the other demons at work: your negative thoughts, your negative words, or your negative influencers, then all your hard work is for naught.
But what if you accept everything that comes to you and yet, not sit there and do nothing, but instead, move gently in the direction of your dreams and desires.
Somedays, though, we can all use a little shortcut to that place deep inside to tap into the brilliance, and to bring out the confidence. For one week, every time you find yourself feeling scared, worried, doubtful, say these words.
I am still new to affirmations and making friends with meditation so power words work nicely, like Sandra said, because it is so simple. I have been looking for something about affirmations that was both simple and explained well to share with my tween daughter. Sara, I only wish my own Mom subscribed to these but I know sending these to her will not do any good – I have tried.
As a parent who believes in affirmations and the power of positivity, I feel it’s my job to teach it to my daughter. You are such an inspiration and while I’ve been a long-time lurker, this article just spoke to me and I had to come out of hiding. Love your parenting style, and if ever I am one, you can bet I will follow in your footsteps, Sara. A great place for me to put this would be in my car lol when facing Southern California traffic!
Vishnu, I LOVE faith too but alas, the California (or LA!!) traffic tests all levels of patience in man and woman alike.
I just love the concept that all the confidence and brilliance you or I will ever need is in us. This morning I was looking for inspiration and motivation on the World Wide Web and you re-directed my focus. Please email me with your email address if you would like a digital download of self confidence affirmation cards to go with this session.
Some of the very things that steal so much of our time each day (yep, we're talking apps) can be just the things we need to help us keep on top of our good health and wellbeing. Google Spaces is the new social platform and sharing app from Google, integrated with YouTube and Chrome, and focused on making sharing any kind of content between groups of friends and colleagues simply easy peasy. That’s why your self-talk plays such an important role in helping you boost confidence and achieve the goals you set for yourself.
The best example of this is when you give yourself a pep talk to boost your energy and your confidence. I’m trying to build up my stamina so my self-talk statement when I’m exercising is “One minute more.” It motivates me to push myself to go just one minute more each time, instead of stopping just because I’m tired or feeling sore. Practice every day telling yourself the good stuff and cheering yourself on with the affirmation statements you create. As you progress, however, you’ll find that you get more benefit from creating your own.
Follow these seven rules and you will find yourself writing affirmations that resonate with your energy in no time. You can put them into a journal, or write them on index cards, or even just on little scraps of paper that you keep in your pocket. You are always growing and changing, so it only makes sense that your affirmations should grow and change with you. They help to keep you in a more positive frame of mind, and can be a big help in keeping you focused on achieving your goals. Even though my face and voice are nowhere to be found on this particular video, it was still a stretch for me and an exercise in building my own confidence. No one else can do it for you, and you may find that others will feel threatened by your new self. This also helps you be more engaged not only with the people around you, but most importantly, with yourself! But… until you believe this yourself, you will have trouble getting it and keeping it.
Keep track of your successes to remind yourself that you are already confident and that every time you act with confidence you are growing that feeling even more. Social media sites can be a great starting point for growing your self-confidence because you can take small steps without having any face-to-face contact. If you did a survey, you’d most likely find that at least 90 out of 100 people would tell you that they do not enjoy change. So even if you don’t like change, you need to find ways to make healthy lifestyle changes easier.
This allows you to warm up to the thought that change actually might actually be a good idea! I did this, and even though it took awhile I finally quit and am happy to say I’ve been smoke free for almost seven years now. Positive affirmations are statements that encapsulate the way you would ideally think or behave. When the words are positive you’ll find that you can tap into the positive thought anytime or anywhere. Instead, you can remind yourself why you want to change by saying something like, “Change is healthy. You become more confident in dealing with change when you know you can replace the negative thoughts with positive ones as soon as they occur. Many times just one of these tips will help you to implement the change, while other times you may need to use a variety of methods to feel at ease about the change. I post new tips and affirmations every day for building your confidence and living your best life.
Lost jobs, bills to pay, groceries to buy, kids to outfit for summer camp, sports and whatever else their hearts desire… But we all know that happiness is a choice right? Only you get to decide what will ruin your day, and if this is something that doesn’t deserve to have power over you, stick up for yourself and don’t give in to it! So think good thoughts, and good things are bound to show up throughout the rest of the day. It could be that just one little glitch is causing all your frustration, and I can tell you from experience when that happens, there is much joy in walking away even for five minutes.
You’ve learned something new, and you can file that away for the next time something like this comes up. There’s always something going on, and each challenge or obstacle to your joyful day is a new opportunity for you to build your confidence, empower yourself, and just be happy!

If you think of life as an adventure to navigate, then positivity and joy are the keys to opening up all the secret passageways. You get to decide whether you will let frustration and negative energy get you down, or if you’ll shake it off and do a happy dance. Instead of doubting your talents or fearing failure, learn from the anxious artists and thinkers who came before you. If you can imagine yourself hitting every note, that’s the first step toward actually doing it. If you stay focused on fine-tuning your instrument and learning from your mistakes, you can combat that anxiety with the knowledge that you already have what it takes. Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting.
Whenever something unfavorable happens in your life, do you beat yourself up over it again and again? If you start with twenty positive affirmations, your subconscious may be overwhelmed or dismiss the deeper meaning. Usually after the second or third compliment, you tend to wonder if this person is actually being sincere! You can then pick out one or two that you’d like to focus on and get started…TODAY!
Confidence affirmations are a great tool to help you overcome that negative programming and replace the negative self talk in your head with supportive, positive self talk instead. When something negative happens in your life, do you beat yourself up about it time and time again? You can rebuild your confidence and self-esteem with daily confidence affirmations and experience the joy of life you’ve been missing. Our founder is an Intrinsic Coach® and we have co-authored our own original personal growth programs: 7 Steps to Happiness and Inspired Science of Getting Rich Program. That’s a no brainer, but you may not realize that subconsciously you might feed yourself the opposite.
I really appreciate this, Farnoosh, not only for me but because I can now help my daughter understand this simple but very powerful concept (and show her I’m not just making it up).
I would rather test patience right here at home ?Y?‰ (Just kidding) – great to see you here, my friend. An affirmation is a statement or a set of words that you repeat to yourself in order to achieve a change in your thinking. This is an seven-minute affirmation session to send positive confident messages to the universe.
The following will help you look after your body and mind, even when you're short of time. For example, it could be huge, like needing to motivate yourself to find a job, or it could be something as simple as needing motivation to get out of bed in the morning. A good motivational talking-to can work wonders when it comes to helping you believe in yourself and your abilities. You might want to tell yourself you’re a superhero, or remind yourself of how awesome you are. Have a watch and let me know in the comments below if you liked it, and what your favorite self-confidence quote is. Does having low self-confidence mean that you spend more time worrying about what others thing of you, instead of how to get done what you need to do in order to have that dream life you want? You want to continue living in a certain routine once you have conditioned your body and mind to function in that way.
There are also tools you can use to welcome change into your life, even when you’re entering new uncharted territory.
These techniques will help you feel confident so you can enjoy the benefits of your new lifestyle. And you can let all the stress and worry of everyday living and let it suck the joy out of you, OR you can make a choice to create a joyful day for yourself in spite of all the negative stuff.
Use an affirmation such as “Today is a joyful day for me!” to set the mood before your feet even hit the floor. And you know that secret passageways are where all the good stuff happens in an adventure, right? Check out the following singing quotes to keep your vocal goals in focus and your musical passion flowing. I did for the longest time and it’s hard and embarrassing to admit it but between us, I really sabotaged my own confidence and brilliance. If you do everything right but you deny your confidence and you object to your brilliance, your life will get more difficult.
In moments of self-doubt or fear, having faith both in ourselves, the divine and the universe is required.
No content on this site may be used in any fashion without written consent from Prolific Living Inc. This particular session works to transform low self confidence into a positive confident attitude. I’ve decided to start a line of Affirmation CD’s and MP3 downloads to help others quickly achieve positive lasting changes in their life. My Self Confidence Affirmation session can be used while meditating, driving to work, doing housework, as you’re going to sleep at night, or any other situation where you can play this session for seven minutes. Whatever it is, how you talk to yourself about it will play a large part in determining how successful you are.
Even if you’re working toward a goal for the future, the affirmation you write or say today is all about changing how you feel at this moment in time. If you choose something unrealistic, you won’t believe in it, and your subconscious will ignore it.
The more excited and happy you are to accomplish your goal, the more positive energy will flow through your words. You deserve to have that sense of self-worth and self-confidence, and no one else has the right to take that from you.
You could still get kissed by a butterfly, run into an old friend, hit all the green lights on the way home, or any number of other things all designed to make you smile.
You may lack the understanding of how to do your job or how to build a relationship with someone but that’s what experience and learning is for. You can go on to say the phrases too for good measure but ifA you are in a hurry, just say the words.
Positive affirmations work to change negative thought patterns and they produce a positive attitude. Just moving in that direction, accepting what life is giving you while gently pushing forth for what you want from life.

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