Instantly develop the confidence that’s missing in your life: Just by enjoying this fun, easy-to-read book!
Roxanne Goodman’s unique book is truly a guide everyone should follow to boost their confidence! Achieving your dreams comes down to how you feel about your self. This is a very powerful and empowering book to build up your confidence. This book is so wonderful, explaining exactly what self-confidence is and why it is important for being a successful person. The first step to taking the control back in your life, to achieving your goals, and to experiencing true freedom is to become aware of what’s stopping or limiting you.

Roxanne Goodman is a passionate and dedicated author, musical artist, teacher and speaker, fully committed to empowering people and bringing out their true voices to emerge and develop. Roxanne has a really unique method for boosting confidence that anybody can do.  I can’t wait to try the exercises!
Her book, Confidence Booster: Rising Higher, reveals how singing is a great practice for anyone seeking to release fear and build new levels of self-assurance. I highly recommend Roxanne’s teachings on vocalizing for personal empowerment and collective joy.

Read this book, hang on to every word, and you WILL boost your confidence and rise high above any challenges or self-worth conundrums currently plaguing your life. More than just another feel-good philosophy, Roxanne includes plenty of real-world examples that teach valuable lessons you’ll never forget.

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