Last year I published some confidence quotes on this blog and they received a lot of attention. Be content to say, ‘I don’t know’ from time to time.  The day you know all the answers is the day your life becomes a mere existence. Where are you leading your life today and what steps are you taking to  get to where you want to be (now you know where you want to go)? You can get Anne's inspirational memoir by clicking on the page called, 'Anne's Memoir' above. Research suggests that people with good posture have more confidence in their thoughts than slouchers. During this meeting, the speaker asked the predominately-female audience to contribute feedback.  After a few people offered ideas, I stood up and spoke up with a reinforcing comment.
I have learned that the annoying, negative voice sometimes has a seed of information that can be useful.  With this in mind, I sat down and observed how the other attendees did or didn’t respond. During the meeting about 10% of the audience spoke up at one time or another.  One other person stood up when she spoke. This insight led me to think about how my clients and readers may benefit from executive coaching tips to help them build confidence.  Inspired by my experience, here is helpful advice to build your confidence and enhance your professional executive presence. When I attend networking events, meetings, classes, or presentations, if I have something valuable to contribute, I make it a habit to participate. While attending events or meetings, it is a great opportunity to practice standing up and speaking out.
If you feel uncomfortable doing this, practice gaining confidence in settings where there is little or no pressure. Permission to reprint this article is granted with inclusion of “About the Author, contact information, & active web site link”.
It seems that subscribers, readers, and passers-by equally welcome little, digestible bits of confidence and success quotes at intervals. Decide on the first step – the very first one – you need to begin your journey and take it today! Sometimes, without saying much, it’s these confidence quotes that have a deeper impact when you feel a bit low on esteem.

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From another perspective, as a professional public speaker, I appreciate when the audience engages. I think quotes about confidence and confidence building are important because they carry such simple messages in a few words. You will have never seen these confidence quotes (or success quotes) on any other blog, or anywhere else on the web but here on How to Build Confidence.
I have to keep them in the forefront of my mind, or life gets stressful and full of anxiety and un-fulfilment. I’ve looked around and have collected some confidence quotes  from well-known people and their not so well-known counterparts. Or when they do speak, they timidly raise their hand, speak softly and make a comment without seizing the moment to be memorable.
Not only does this build your courage muscle, it gives you practice silencing your inner chicken.
I wanted to share them with you to help you on your journey to self-discovery and self-confidence. This is not to imply we need to be blatantly self-promoting, stealing the spotlight or speaking when we have nothing to say.  It is important to be judicious. This is because they help you look forward with hope, rather than looking into the past with regret. Everyone makes mistakes; take time to empty your heart, mind and soul of this unwanted baggage of regret and embarrassment. Many of us aren’t even aware of our own phobias, until we are engulfed in them and the situation creates despair.
Understand your weaknesses and accept them – this is a crucial step towards becoming a more confident person. Although we know what’s on the inside is what truly counts, your physical appearance will be the first to create an impression. Often, people judge you, not by what you say or do, but by the subtle cues given by body language and of course, how professionally you’re dressed when you say it.

Pay attention to details that can otherwise detract from a pleasant appearance – such as dirty or chipped fingernails, crushed ill-fitting clothing, unruly hair and excessive make-up. Aim for the simple and elegant look by doing away with accessories that are too large or just don’t match and get rid of shoes that are less than respectable. Highlight the features of your face that flatter you and if you are carrying around excess weight, ensure that you take steps towards beginning a fitness programme without delay.
Do everything in your power to look your best – even if it means scheduling a gruelling appointment with your dentist.
However, experts warn that this reputation can prey on your self-esteem, since others too will see you as irresponsible and incapable. This can cost you the respect of your peers and even a promotion that would have otherwise been on the cards. In order to combat the damage, you will have to seek steps that reinforce a positive self-image, one that demonstrates how capable you actually are. Perhaps you never did have the right opportunities while you were growing up, but now is certainly the time to reverse the situation. Stay away from excessively negative people who tend to exorcise their animosity against the world in their close relationships.
A friend, without exception, should be someone caring and sensitive, who makes you feel good about yourself, even while being critical. Her writing interests encompass a host of genres including travel, health, entertainment and lifestyle. With ten years of experience in journalism, she has over four hundred articles in print in leading magazines across the globe.

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