For me I want to be more confident in knowing that I know my family best and the decisions I make for them are right. I want to be confident that at my core I am a good person, too often layers and layers of self doubt manage to persuade me otherwise.
I want to help and promote greater confidence in my children, because I know too many of the things they find hard are centred around low self esteem.
I want to be the support that enables my husband to regain confidence in himself and our life. I want to have the confidence to move forward with our lives, the last year has felt too much like a rut, a ditch into which we’ve fallen. On days when it all seems too much and the darkness moves in, I want to be confident in the belief that the moment will pass, that brightness will shine again. I thought this Braveheart post was excellent too, and it got me thinking, although, unlike you, I haven’t actually acted on it!
Anyway, in your quest for confidence this year, I hope that you can hold onto everything that encourages you, builds you up, supports, advises and gently re-directs, and ditch the rest! Let’s face it; if you want to succeed at anything, you need to have a certain level of confidence.
The first thing you need to do is to identify where you need more confidence, and where you don’t.
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The beginning of last year had started with lots of beaming good intentions and turned into the year from hell. A word that can be looked at in many different ways and that puts your intentions out there so that you focus on that one thing” I was instantly drawn to this idea and the many positive connotations focusing on a single optimistic word could bring to my life. Too often, in recent years, post the loss of his business, I know he struggles to believe in himself. I know we all have the ability to climb out and move on, we just need the confidence to do so.
Let’s say, for example, that you are afraid of public speaking, and you need to get over that to succeed. Failure then leads to decreased confidence, which leads to failure, which leads to… well you can see it’s a vicious circle. You just need to succeed at something to start lifting yourself up, and break out of the failure->lack of confidence cycle. Whether you want to succeed in business, creative endeavors, fitness, weight loss, or family, you need to have confidence.
Domebody told me about the idea of one word and Ive been thinking ever since what would it be.

You need to identify, however, the areas of life where you need to be confident in order to succeed. If you lack confidence in cooking a good meal, that certainly won’t matter to your speaking ability. This needs to be a goal that you cannot achieve at this time, but it also needs to be achievable with a little bit of work. Build on those successes and you will find yourself gaining confidence in all areas of your life. The blog on the Braveheart Education site talked about setting one word goals for the year ahead. You need to identify where you need to gain confidence, and where lack of confidence doesn’t matter. Once you have confidence and success, then you can start helping those who lack confidence themselves.
Set yourself a realistic time frame, and then determine what you need to in order to succeed.

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