Confidence interval for any particular population parameter denotes the range in which the population parameter falls under repetitive sampling, at a particular confidence level. This training is being updated to conform to and include the latest FBI QAS standards, new techniques, and technologies. In a statistical context, populations are defined by parameters such as mean and variance . The confidence level denotes the probability corresponding to the area under the corresponding probability density function, encompassed by the upper and lower limits of the confidence interval.

The science and techniques in the program are sound and proven, however, program content has not been updated to include tools and technologies developed and in use after 2005, including many kits and robots.
If the area under the pdf bound by the confidence interval is 0.95 the corresponding confidence level is 95%. Here we are interested in the frequency of an allele in the population, estimated from its proportion in the sample set. Assessment questions address only content delivered in this program and may not contain the full range of tools in use in your laboratory.

As the sample size increases, the estimate will become a more dependable measure of the true frequency of the allele in the population.10 Classical statistics deals with the relationship between sample size and the reliability of a parameter estimate by calculating a confidence interval which furnishes a range of plausible values for the unknown parameter.

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