2013 is the International Year of Statistics, a worldwide celebration of the powerful and far-reaching effects of statistics on people's lives. A widely used measure of inflation, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures price movements for many goods and services. The Current Population Survey (CPS) has been providing unemployment rates and other labor force data since the 1940s. The official unemployment rate, which has been the standard way of measuring unemployment since the 1940s and which matches an international standard used by statistical agencies in other countries, is prominently featured in each month's Employment Situation news release. BLS projects occupational, industrial, and demographic trends into the future to give an idea how employment will change over the next several years.
The Business Employment Dynamics program produces data that show job creation and destruction by size of establishment.
Labor productivity, defined as output per hour of labor input, is a measure of how efficiently labor is used in the production of goods and services in the economy or in a particular industry. 6.  Understand how sample size, level of confidence and standard deviation affect confidence interval length. Other scenarios to think about:  What would happen to the length of our confidence intervals if we increase our sample size from 60 to 100?  Would our intervals decrease or increase in length?  What if the population standard deviation increased?
3.  How large a sample of one-bedroom apartments above would be needed to estimate the population mean within plus or minus $50 with 90% confidence? I'm a PhD-student and a clinical psychologist from Sweden with a passion for research and statistics.
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Statistics help us understand and solve problems in medicine and health, education, transportation, energy, crime, weather, the environment, the economy, and many other areas. The International Year of Statistics is supported by more than 2,250 organizations, including the U.S.
Generally, these data focus on a geographic area (national, regional, state, metropolitan area, or county), occupation (for example, accountant, carpenter, or teacher), or industry (construction, manufacturing, retail trade, etc.).
CE data are used in a variety of research endeavors by government, business, labor, and academic analysts. Each month, the CPI news release presents price changes for food, energy, housing, apparel, transportation, medical care, recreation, and education. Since that time, some observations about unemployment have remained true decade after decade. However, the BLS also publishes a set of alternative measures of labor underutilization known as U-1 through U-6 that are calculated with different definitions and are a help in understanding other labor market characteristics.Unemployment as defined for U-1 includes only persons who have been unemployed for 15 weeks or longer.
Which of the assumptions listed above might be problematic in making inference to the population in Question 4? Frequency distributions of propodium and palm lengths for each interval of carapace length. The latest annual data show that in 2012 consumers increased spending in most of the seven major categories of expenditures tracked by CE: food, housing, transportation, healthcare, entertainment, and personal insurance and pensions. The CPI shows how things like a drought in the Midwest, a freeze in the South, or a disruption in the supply of oil affect typical American consumers.
Persons age 16 to 24 years old typically have higher rates of unemployment than persons age 25 and over.

All of the postsecondary groups are projected to grow faster than the average of 10.8 percent.
Vertical continuous lines indicates standard deviation whilst the superimposed broken lines represent the range. Bureau of Labor Statistics and discusses how the statistics are produced and what they tell us about our economy.BLS publishes a large amount of wage, earnings, and benefits data.
The CPI is used to adjust wages and salaries for millions of workers and to keep pensions, rents, royalties, alimony, and child support payments in line with changing prices.
While maxims about education and earnings may be clichés, they also are fundamentally true. Over 500 million individual pieces of data are available on the BLS website, and thousands more are added every month. In 2012, the median weekly earnings of full-time workers with bachelor's degrees or more education were $1,165. Decade after decade, young people typically have had higher rates of unemployment than adults age 25 and over.

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