Fallout 4 sidequests are just as fun and just as rewarding (sometimes more) as the main quests. For more help on Fallout 4, read our The Railroad Radiant and Misc Quests, The Minutemen Radiant Quests, Overdue Books Locations and Brotherhood of Steel Radiant Quests Guide.
Make your way through the area until you come across the ‘Clean Room.’ Speak with Cait now.
You can hack the terminal and start the Protectron unit to keep the security guards busy while you free Mel, or you can bribe a guard (300 Caps). If your Charisma is high enough, you can convince the guard by being polite or threatening to let Mel out.
In each chamber, you’ll need to inspect the rock wall for a fragile section, send Sonya to dig the wall out, and then proceed deeper. If you’ve heard the Diamond City Radio’s DJ, you’ve probably laughed quite a bit, because quite frankly he sucks.
Most Super Mutants deserve a bullet (or laser, or plasma, or Mini Nuke) to the face, but it’s always nice to find one who is kind-hearted (which doesn’t happen often).
If you’re looking for a Super Mutant companion, tune into the latest broadcast from Trinity Tower Radio (you’ll receive the signal in Diamond City Market and near Trinity Tower).
Once you do, you’ll receive a broadcast of Rex begging you to be rescued by a group of Super Mutants at the Trinity Tower.
You’ll find the cage where Rex Goodman and his Super Mutant friend ‘Strong’ are imprisoned. Make sure you have good cover, as while riding down you’re likely to find plenty of Super Mutants wanting to kill you. Here is the complete list of all Fallout 4 Side Quests that you can complete in the game as you progress through it. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. First, visit the Radio Station in the eastern side of Diamond City and meet the fumbling DJ you hear over the radio, Travis.
Bethesda has delivered on its promise and released a beta version of their first Fallout 4 patch on PC, which focuses on stability issues and bug fixes.
Wasting no time, Bethesda has already delivered on their promise to release a beta Fallout 4 update this week.

Please note that this is a beta patch, meaning users will have to opt in through Steam to download it.
Last week in a letter to the community, Bethesda announced their plans for this week’s beta update as well as plans going forward for testing patches. After going through a beta run on Steam, all patches and updates will be fully released to PC owners of Fallout 4. Any particularly egregious Fallout 4 bugs that you think Bethesda should have addressed in this first patch? You wouldn’t be playing the game properly if you weren’t participating in as many sidequests as possible. Talk to Tommy Lonegan here, and he’ll tell you he wants you to partner up with Cait while he gets the arena back in order. If you want to further take this quest ahead, speak to her periodically until she confesses her massive addiction to Psycho.
Head southeast to the vault to see its entrance guarded by Gunners and Assaultrons, as well as a few turrets. If you have a decent amount of Charisma, you should easily be able to convince her to go through the treatment.
Once this quest is complete, you can affinity with Cait, though her likes and dislikes will change after the detoxification. You can also be sneaky and pickpocket a key from the guard, or simply steal the one in the desk inside the security office. You can either side with Bobbi and take out everyone, or you can side with Fahrenheit and kill anyone who has a problem with your change of mind. You’ll hear a much better (but sadly less funny) version of Travis on the Diamond City radio.
You’ll have to head up and kill all the Super Mutants and Mutant Hounds that come in your way. Unlock the cage by either using your extreme skills, or by using the Trinity Tower Cell Sky that you find from a nearby steamer trunk. Some side quests will be easy to complete as to others will take some time to get through them. Once he arrives, talk to Travis and convince him to stand his ground against Bull and his buddy.

It’s more likely that they were simple oversights that Bethesda has now remembered to put in. It’s recommended that any who do choose to take part in the beta copy their save files in case something has gone awry with the update.
Considering the infrastructure for PC games, updates are cheap and fast for Bethesda to release. From here onwards, you’ll be going through a dangerous series of length and interspersed tunnels. You’ll find a suit of Power Armor here, along with three Fusion Cores (one inside the suit). It’s a slow and steady progress, but don’t forget to collect the Melee Bobblehead while you’re on top. Will provide with as much guides to help you complete fallout 4 and get all the great items, hidden ones that we can find in the game.
There are a handful of more specific crashes and quest errors that should also be resolved, but mainly it seems like Bethesda is using this small update to test out their planned patching process. Bethesda doesn’t want anyone upset that a beta patch ruined their 300+ hour playthrough just because they wanted to see if they could get a few more FPS with God Rays enabled. This will give Bethesda the opportunity to check for any bugs in their fixes, which Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Fallout 3 players may recall being a semi-often occurrence. And it’s clear that Bethesda is planning to be much more active on this front than they were with past game launches. After a while, Travisa€™s on-air delivery will greatly improve and full of confidence, for your listening pleasure.
Bethesda will likely want additional testing done for console updates as they can’t be put out as often or as speedily. Bethesda might even wait and bundle their updates into larger packages for easier distribution.

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