As far as I am concerned the government should not require a permit in order for a person to buy and carry a firearm. Every law abiding citizen of this country should stop depending on the state as much as we do now. First of all, anybody who wants to obtain a handgun in CT must complete a basic pistol course prior to applying for the permit. The class is fairly easy to complete and it does not require any prior knowledge of firearms or firearm safety. The information you see on this map is regularly pulled from the Consignment Guide(PPCIG) in DPS.
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I do believe that some kind of criminal background and mental health background check should be conducted by proper authorities.
If only one person goes and obtains their permit after reading my posts than my job is done. The instructors are usually nice and understanding of everyone’s limitations and questions you might have.
Located on the Southern Oregon Coast, home to some of the most spectacular beaches and sand dunes in the world, the Bay Area has become a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and retirees to experience living in the unspoiled beauty that surrounds us, and is the perfect nest for young families to grow.
However, going through the process we go through now to get a little piece of paper just to be able to purchase a firearm is in my opinion unconstitutional.
They have been doing a poor job protecting and serving the people, so maybe it is time for the people to protect and serve themselves.

If you are unsure of where to find a pistol course you can message me here and I will help you research a class close to your location. Once you complete the class you will also be required to schedule an appointment with your town or city police department to be interviewed and fingerprinted. I believe that a good start is to obtain a license to carry a firearm (even though I believe you shouldn’t have to). A lot of people are fascinated and curious when they find out that I carry a firearm daily, no matter where I go and what I do.
That’s when all the questions start, and I always explain the process and advise people to obtain the permit even if they are not planning on purchasing a firearm.

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