It can only grab a small section of hair at a time, meaning the curls or waves are smaller. Because of the above point, if you have long thick hair like me, it will take you a while to do your whole head. Welcome to Lady Melbourne!Within you’ll find Lady Melbourne's hometown perspective on fashion, beauty and stylish lifestyle needs, with an ever-present eye on the most tasteful aspects of a fashionable world. Join LM as she takes you to fashion weeks, analyses couture, travels to stylish locations, shares fashion shopping tips and discovers the best beauty and fashion lifestyle products on the market.

Who is Lady Melbourne?As Editor of Melbourne based fashion site ‘Lady Melbourne', Phoebe Montague’s fashion commentary and style have earned her a reputation as one of Australia’s key fashion bloggers. Founded in 2007, Lady Melbourne has grown to include a social media reach of over 50K unique and organically accumulated likes, fans and followers across platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. I found that the end result was different to what you’ll get with a GHD or a ceramic wand, but the curling action works in a different way. Basically a section of hair is automatically rolled or curled into a heated barrel once placed correctly on the device, initiating the curling process.

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