What I will be showing you is how to make a flash video, load it into an HTML page, and when you hover over it the cursor turns into a pointer. Then we add the actual method to turn the cursor into a pointer, or as flash would like to call it.. Learn the foundation of the DHTMLX Suite quickly while building a single page application with multiple components in harmony.
This is a shockwave file, and what you actually use in most websites if it isn’t video.

Since I have not dabbled in any ActionScript in several years it was pretty interesting to see the changes ActionScript 3.0 has brought about. A helpful reply later and someone had manually adjusted the flash file to fix this; they mentioned that they had changed a button to HIT state only. Many people with limited vision find the text cursor difficult to find on the screen, and track it while its moving. The text cursor or "insertion point" is the vertical line that indicates where a letter will appear when you start typing.

The cursor can be very difficult to find or locate, especially when the screen is set to a very high resolution of a small monitor or LCD panel.

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