Click Here to View Today's Catholic Daily Readings Today, John relates the story of Jesus walking on the water. Click Here to View Today's Catholic Daily Readings Today we begin the great chapter 6 of John's gospel in which we learn about the Eucharist. Click Here to View Today's Gospel Readings Today's Gospel is the well known passage about being born again. Click Here to View Today's Catholic Daily Readings I heard a priest talk of this gospel once and what he said has stayed with me. Click Here to View Today's Catholic Daily Readings The two Emmaus disciples arrive back in Jerusalem, and after they tell their story, Jesus appears. Click Here to View Today's Catholic Daily Readings The poor disciples on the road to Emmaus, dejected and disappointed. Click here to view Today's Catholic Daily Readings Today we had morning prayer in our local church. Here is our wee blog with thoughts, reflections on the Church's Daily Readings.Have something to share? Below is the opening section of the reading from the Office of Readings for Holy Saturday. This is the day when God gave the world the most precious gift possible, the Holy Eucharist. Click Here to View Today's Catholic Daily Mass Readings29th August 2012 Caravaggio, The Beheading of John the Baptist Beheading of John the Baptist This is the type of story we read about in the papers every day; power, lust and revenge. Click Here to Read Today's Catholic Daily Mass Readings27th August 2012 Feast of St MonicaSt Monica is the mother of St Augustine of Hippo. Click Here to Read Today's Catholic Daily Mass Readings24th August 2012 Feast of St Bartholomew It is generally held that Nathaniel and Bartholomew are the same person; born in Galilee he was brought to the Lord by Philip. Click Here to Read Today's Catholic Daily Mass Readings22nd August 2012 The Queenship of Mary Today's feast was brought in by Pius XII in 1954.
Click Here to Read Today's Catholic Daily Mass ReadingsJanuary 28, 2013 St Thomas Aquinas Feast of Thomas Aquinas There are many legends about Thomas Aquinas, some of which are true and others which are undoubtedly false, but the fact that there are so many legends shows the esteem in which the man is held. Click Here to Read Today's Catholic Daily Mass ReadingsJanuary 21, 2013 Feast of St Agnes Virgin and Martyr There is some dispute as to the age of Agnes when she died. The Annunciation image source March 25th Feast of the Annunciation In his book 'At Home With God', written over a hundred years ago, Matthew Russell, SJ, describes the Annunciation as the most tender moment in all of creation.
Slemish MountainIrelandimage source March 17th St Patrick’s Day This must be one of the most widely celebrated feasts of the church simply because so many Irish people have travelled abroad and made foreign lands their home. 25 March, 2014 6 Comments Are you looking for a way to go deeper into the Passion of Our Lord? This is one of the reasons that all images, statues and crucifixes are traditionally veiled in violet during Passiontide.
But I do have a beautiful idea I want to share with you: a daily meditation on the Scriptural Stations of the Cross. Each meditation will include the prayers and readings of each station, a sacred artwork, a fitting quotation, a brief meditation and, knowing me, a little pointed humour. So, I may or may not have just shared this on six different boards on Pinterest, tweeted it, shared it to FB, G+, liked it so it would show up on my blog links AND signed up. I'm a Catholic, writer, tea-drinker, evangelist, Austenite, feminist and aspiring countess.
Most ViewedMost Commented5 More Catholic Nerds & Where to Find Them 12 Books to Read When You're Considering Catholicism The Five Love Languages and the Catholic Mass Kristina Keneally, you don't know what you're talking about, do you? This is John's definitive teaching on the subject and the chapter opens with the miracle of the loaves and fish. It is the promise to us of everlasting life and it is the great gift of Jesus to the world. He tells us of the appearence to Mary of Magdala and the two men on the road to Emmaus and how he reproached the diciples for not believing.
This is the time he opened their minds, showing them what they had never seen before, all that the scriptures had said and meant about Jesus.
Every day when we attend Mass we are present at the re-presentation of the sacrifice of Calvary, the event by which Christ redeemd the whole world. There is something despicable in the way that Judas so brazenly says, "Not I Lord," with the others.
The foolish virgins wasted their oil, they did not replenish it through the sacraments of prayer, coupled with works of charity and mercy. She was born in the North African city of Thagaste, which is now in modern Algeria, and she married a pagan man called Patricius.
The story is related in today's gospel and gives a good picture into the personality of Bartholomew. The fact that Jesus is from the royal house of David must mean that Mary is the mother of the new king of Israel and thus she is Queen. It is not that rich people can not get into heaven simply because they are rich, it is that very often the attitude of the rich is one of superiority over the poor.That is the most important thing of all, the disposition of the heart.
Francis de Sales Feast of St Francis de Sales Born in 1567 Francis missed the first ravages of the reformation. I suppose it is a bit like the negative advertising in bitterly fought election campaigns. Ages ranging from 12 to 15 are given although St Ambrose of Milan, whose Treatise on St Agnes, is used for today's office of readings, gives her age as 12.
Think about it, God the Father sends an emissary, Gabriel, to ask a teenage girl to be the mother of his son. There has been so much written and said about this parable that you almost feel there is nothing more to write. When God was looking over the world seeking someone to be the foster father of his son, he did not go for the rich and mighty as we would do today, he went for the most suitable person, a man who just happened to be a carpenter in a small village.
And yet it is a day that is dear to my heart because it is the day when I feel my Irishness very strongly.

In the first reading from the prophet Ezekiel, God tells us that the wicked man who renounces his sins shall be forgiven. Now John is going to move on to claims about heavenly food that can only be understood or believed if we accept Jesus as God. Then he does a wonderful thing; he opens their eyes, their understanding, to all that he has taught and said.
He was now dead and lying in a tomb, and to make matters worse, some people were saying he had risen again.
The Mass every day this week is just a continuation of the Easter Sunday Mass we just experienced. For our service the local priest married the Office of Readings and Morning Prayer together. Then he gave them an order; "go out and tell the whole world" about all that had happened. What a revelation that must have been for them; this man had been talked about for a thousand years and here he was in their midst!
The one on the right opens his arms wide in excitment at the dawning awareness of who the stranger was. Although the gospel at evening Mass is from John and the betrayal by Judas, the Institution of the Eucharist is what really sets this day apart.
But it is the great parable of the Father’s love, the story in which Jesus tells us of the sort of forgiving father we have and how eager he is to have us in his home. After Mass my wife and I shall head over to Slemish, which is reportedly the mountain on which St Patrick lived as a slave during his captivity in Ireland.
But he also tells us that the good man who takes up a life of sin, even the good he has done shall be forgotten. They reply that it is not for the good that he does but because he claims to be the son of God. ROSES: A Catholic Alternative to Calvinism's TULIP Things I Could Totally Be Patron Saint Of 5 More Catholic Nerds & Where to Find Them How Do Catholics Explain Ephesians 2:8-9?
What he is showing here is the authority of Jesus over nature and if Jesus says a few pieces of bread and a few fish can feed 5000 then so be it. This is the effect of the resurrection, Jesus can now let the disciples know what he was really teaching.
They were heading home, probably having decided that they had had enough. How many times in our lives does this happen to us? He did this for a purpose, to allow us all to read the reading from the Office of Readings. After funerals, sickness, accidents, we all try to get back to normal as quickly as possible.
The promise of Jesus to be with us "even to the end of time" is made real in this Sacrament.
There was a radio presenter one day on Irish radio interviewing a priest at this tie of year and he claimed never to have committed a sin in his life. Jesus is saying that the pharisees and Jews will not come to the wedding feast, that is, they will not enter the kingdom, because they have set their hearts on other things. Born about the year 1225, he was taught by Albert the Great, another doctor of the church, and both men were members of the new Dominican Order. As bishop of Geneva, St Francis was ardent in his preaching and re-converted many people from Calvinism. When we seek forgiveness we are returning to God and since most of us do not commit mortal sins on a regular basis, we can ask forgiveness in private for venial sins and they are forgiven. There is a beautiful mental picture here of God sitting talking to his people in something like a committee meeting.
This is also what the Christian life is for us, coming to believe more and more that Jesus is God. Jesus appears out of nowhere, calmly walking over the water of life and ignoring the storms which are the struggle of life.
The making of something small into something great is not a problem for the Lord; for Jesus can multiply a few bits of food in this manner then he can multiply anything he wants.
After we have committed our lives to Jesus we shall begin to understand these things as they become more and more clear to us. In the process he overcomes death, guaranteeing no one shall remain dead and all those who have gone before us are waiting for family and friends to join them. The Mass is the most important event that can happen anywhere; every time we attend we stand at the salvation point of history. It was the arrogance in his voice that got to me, a pride, almost defying God to find him guilty of any wrong doing.
When the church is renovated, we envy those who get asked to sit at the front beside the bishop!
The priests of the Law are only men like us and after they have made sacrifice for sin they go out and sin again--as we all do.
Only prayerful reflection and humble attendance at the sacraments can lead us deeper into this acceptance.
Here, he appears to two men who need desperately to see him, and he explains how the scriptures had been fulfilled. No words, actions or thoughts can convey the immensity of this occasion; God with us, to save and redeem us, such is the manner of this event. Perhaps he never did sin, who am I to judge, but I know in myself that when I am following my own will, knowing full well that I am doing wrong, I often get that defiant arrogance that almost challenges God to show me where I am wrong. We all know about the dance of Salome and how she asked for the Baptist's head on a plate, "now." Lust and passion get us into so much bother. Eventually his search for truth brought him to the Catholic faith and when he did embrace it he embraced it fully. He was a very brilliant youth and was going to Rome to study philosophy, but pagan philosophy, not Christian.

And here Jesus says the same thing, "the Spirit blows when and where it wills" bringing whatever we need at the time.That is one of the wonders of the spiritual life, the way everything falls into place at the exact moment it has to. His "Introduction to the Devout Life" is the only spiritual classic which was written directly for lay people.
Ambrose also states that she was impatient to die, wishing to be with the heavenly spouse. Yet, from the moment of his conception, Jesus, who was true God and true man, was able to respond to God on behalf of the human race, with the love that was due to him. If we don’t believe that Jesus is God then look at the work of God in creation and in the world. Jesus left us a unique gift, the reality of his passion, here and now, among us, bestowing upon us all the gifts necessary for salvation, and it is free to all. The harshness of it all seems so abhorrent to us and yet it goes on every day in our world. Pius XII brought out this connection between the Assumption and Queenship by placing today's feast just one week after the Assumption. At the time Peter heard this the Lord had not risen so he would not have grasped the full meaning of what Jesus was saying.
We need to respond to what God says to us in our heart and be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Tonight at Mass, ponder upon the privilege of being there, of God coming to us among the heavenly host! But with the resurrection, freedom from death, is the great promise of the Christian faith.
Science has shown that there had to be a moment of creation and that everything points to a beginning but people simply won’t believe in a creator. When you think of it, there are a lot of relationships between fathers and sons that are never healed, a lot of times the son does not come back and seek forgiveness. There will be many times when we could hardly tell which is the priority for us but overall are we trying to do God’s will or follow our own desires? It is in this lifetime that we should strive to sort things out and have our souls aright before we meet our real judge.
He was elected the Bishop of Hippo and he gathered a community of monks around him, with whom he lived while bishop.
The writings of Thomas are still required study for men studying for the priesthood today. He is speaking of security in a desert where life is always fragile and death is  never far off.
And no amount of arguing and persuasion will move them because like the Pharisees it is not a matter of proof; their minds are already made up, they have chosen not to believe. The earth trembled and is still because God has fallen asleep in the flesh and he has raised up all who have slept ever since the world began. We all have moments when we cut off our conscience but thankfully we all have moments of repentance. Augustine was one of the most important thinkers in the church and his influence is still felt today.
There are as many different ways of thinking of Irishness as there are people on this island and every one of them is as valid as the next but for those of us who are only a generation or two from the land the, whole concept of being Irish must include something of nature and our culture. Greatly desiring to visit those who live in darkness and in the shadow of death, he has gone to free from sorrow the captives Adam and Eve, he who is both God and the son of Eve. In the next sentence the "word" is referred to as "him" thus Paul makes the word a being. The mode of presence Jesus has left us, where he is truly with us, is in the sacrament of the Eucharist. Paul Michelangelo mural I wonder what percentage of effort we put into our Christian life, 10%, 20%? And then Paul goes on to say that this word sees everything and we all shall give an account of our lives to him. This story tell of the joy we should have on realising Jesus is among us, of our call to evangelise. But believing in God or, in the case of the Pharisees, believing that Jesus is God, means that we have to take account of what God and Jesus says. At first all seems the same, but gradually we come to realize that something very fundamental has changed in our world. It is a moment we should all experience as we grow more and more to understand Easter and the Eucharist. There is a new authority, a new order and we come to see it ever more fully as we progress in the Christian life.
He is in what appears to be bread and wine, he has just this moment disappeared from our sight! Sitting at the foot of the High Cross and below the altar window of the monastery ruins we feel the faith of our fathers run in our veins, so how does this ancient monastic site speak of family? Whilst ancestor worship may have disappeared from our culture long ago, acknowledging our predecessors and knowing that we continue a line carries powerful symbolism for our personal identity and self worth.
While these things are important they do not lie at the heart of our identity as Irish people. Tyrone and Derry winning the All Ireland, glorious events that they were, are fleeting moments of joy that soon pass. Born here, from Clans Quinn and O’Rourke, belonging to a faith that has been in my blood for 1700 years, I am secure in being an Irishman. Future generations of Irishmen shall sit at Ardboe Cross and wonder why they feel so at peace.

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