Our inaugural episode takes a look at Geeks & Gamers Dating, an interesting campaign if nothing else. Posted in Features and tagged cat, Crowdfunding Analysis Time, Geeks & Gamers Dating, video. It’s a video series hosted by yours truly that seeks out the best (and worst) various crowdfunding sites have to offer. Seeking $5,500, creator Jamie Post is looking to create a dating website where both geeks and gamers can find love, friends, and a little something extra if you know what I mean.

There’s not a lot of information to go on, Post doesn’t have a Sterling reputation on Kickstarter, the rewards are terrible, and Risks and Challenges aren’t well laid out. Check out the video to get a more in depth look at this campaign, and subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay up to date on future videos. We’ll be taking a look at everything from Knights and Bikes to that Legend of Zelda thing and seeing what makes them good or bad. While you’re watching it, keep telling yourself how great a name Crowdfunding Analysis Time is.

He also understands that he should mention how he’s the creator of the English adaptation of Metal Gear Audio Drama, and created popular Fallout New Vegas mod War Trash and worked on Project Brazil and The Frontier.

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