Malaysia is shaping up to be the new base of operations for online scam operations targeted at women in the United States, with US officials saying African con men setting up shop here. Reuters's Stuart Grudgings reports that the con men, who mostly hail from Nigeria, enter Malaysia with student visas and take advantage of the country's reliable, fast, and affordable broadband Internet services to prey on middle-aged American women, targeting them on dating websites before swindling them of their savings - in some cases, out of hundreds of thousands of US dollars.
US officials say the scams perpetrated by the Malaysia-based con men are more sophisticated than most operations in their home country of Nigeria.

Nigerian online scammers have taken advantage of Malaysia's drive to become a regional education hub, using student visas to enroll in private colleges here. An Education Ministry representative said that last year it tightened its vetting and tracking of overseas students.
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There are more than 600 cases a year, and the amount lost by each victim averages in the tens of thousands of dollars, it said.

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