Stand with feet apart (about shoulder width), bend the knees slightly, bend forward, exhale completely, and brace your hands above the knees.
This is abdominal breathing done at a fast speed, so it feels as though your inhalations and exhalations are forceful and powerful. Deep breathing increases the levels of oxygen to your organs, calms the nervous system, helps to keep your mind clear, relaxes the small arteries, and permanently lowers blood pressure. It will help to relieve stress-related symptoms like anxiety, panic attacks, and irritability. One of the diaphragmatic breathing exercises you can do is when you lie on the back on your bed or floor. It's during these times that instead of tensing as you normally would, that you instead remember to do your stress relief deep breathing.
Ten to twelve breaths per minute and if you feel your shoulders lifting as you inhale, it is a tense breadth. Inhale and then exhale as much as your lungs can handle a few times per day, so at the age of 80 you will have the lungs of a 40 year old. Each breath should last only a second or so, compared to the 10-20 seconds involved in regular deep abdominal breathing.

Deep breathing is an intrinsic part of your yoga exercise.Deep breathing is an intrinsic part of your yoga exercise. When your abdominal cavity is expanded, it means that your lungs have filled completely, which is important. We are so involved in our busy lifestyle that we seldom obtain time to think about our own personal.
Moreover, we need to protect our overall health from dangerous hazards such as stress, depression, blood pressure and heart diseases. With such a hectic way of life, we are bound to practice a few deep breathing exercises in order to maintain work-life balance. Remember, sidetrack your mind from any type of anxiety, and think of your favorite game, your favorite person or just picture yourself lying in the middle of the street with no one around and the world is yours to take. It relaxes & refreshes your mind, boosts immune system as well as keeps you active the whole day. More than 80 percent of toxins are flushed out due to deep breathing.Enhances Your PostureA majority of us do not sit in the correct posture. Doing this exercise with a incorrect posture will not give good results.Stress RelieverStress is injurious to health.

Generally, the gross activities of the day, coupled with other factors, can result in stress. But deep breathing works on the body, making it possible for you to be free from stress or less prone to stress. Beneficial To The Nervous SystemIncreased supply of oxygen to the cells improves the health of the entire nervous system, including the nerves, nerve centers, brain, and spinal cord. The human brain requires three times additional oxygen as compared to rest of our body.Deep Breathing ExercisesLower Your Blood PressureHigher blood pressure is a health condition that many dread. Therefore, bring your blood pressure to an approved degree.Heart HealthyWhen you breathe in and out deeply, you take in lots of oxygen and throw out carbon dioxide. This particular oxygen increases blood circulation within the lungs and heart therefore improving their functions.

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