Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Since the beginning, our motivation has been to improve creativity and problem solving for small groups. Wea€™ve been dreaming of a new kind of system that would increase individual and collective cognitive abilities. We wanted our system to change the way people work during preliminary design phase of engineering projects. The drawings, charts and graphs that are created during these sessions are extremely valuable. We cannot design a system that uses traditional PCs because that would obstruct communication and collaboration in the meeting room.
When the UTC Innovation Centre started the Saturn Platform in 2006, we decided to try interactive white board technology to enhance collaborative session.
We soon realize that this was not practical for several reasons: mono-user interaction, low resolution, projected shadors, ergonomic problems, etc. But the shadows from the projectors, and software that was designed for only one user created problems for collaboration. A first prototype of a small table (V0) was design to test the multi-touch technology and facilitate discussion around an initial scenario.
At the same time, we where designing a full-blown prototype (table V1) with resolution, precision and latency characteristics compatible with professional applications. February 2009: David Burgaud is recruited to help preparing the first experiment based on brainstorming sessions. September 2009: Fabien Chateau is recruited as a student in training to help improve the table design. In february 2010, Guillaume Lehoux is recruited to help preparing and implementing the first scientific experiment on the table. February 2011: Based on identified scenarios, ontology definition and following multiple discussions a new agent based architecture is defined. April 2012: Andrea Guerra, who had worked on the development of piece of software, is now recruited as PhD student to study the impact of CSCWD system on preliminary design strategies. October 2012: Project planning activities using both the table and the board are carried out. January 2013: Based on the return on experiment, a new table design associated with a board are proposed. Spring 2013: Arnaud Schwartz, Patrick Yang, Joanne Antonetti, Bruno Medeiros develop some widgets such as file chooser to complement the soft. The UTCa€™s innovation centre will be equiped with full collaborative space composed of 5 interconnected working environnement (tactile table & board).
By: Aline PimentelBeing from Rio de Janeiro, I grew up by the ocean, and I have always been drawn to the water as a result.
It always amazes me to learn about the motivation of artists who immerse themselves in subject matters like Zaria does. Since you're a native New Yorker, what have you seen as the biggest change in the city over the years?
If you had to choose 3 words to convey your design aesthetic and philosophy, what would they be?
What are some tips to consider when selecting art for a room??References from the room (color) and the aesthetic of the client.
How does your mother inspire you personally and artistically?“My mother dedicated her life to photographing the most remote regions of the earth. Shapes and patterns often emerge when we look at clouds or stars—it seems to be part of our attempt to process and relate to what we see.
What similarities or differences did you notice between northern and southern ice in your Arctic and Antarctic expeditions?“In all my travels I have never experienced a landscape as epic and pristine as Antarctica. You’ve traced climate change all around the world, from the Arctic to Antarctic, Hawaii to the Maldives, do you have a favorite place among them? How do you hope people will approach and respond to your work?“I hope my drawings can facilitate a deeper understanding of the climate crisis, helping us find meaning and optimism in shifting landscapes.
The runway shows will kick off Thursday, February 11th and the city will transform into fashion mecca for two weeks.
ArtStar is thrilled to be working with many of the photographers who capture these colorful fashion moments during fashion week. We sat down with Society Social's founder, head designer, and Instagram star, Roxy Owens, to discuss her design style, favorite ArtStar pieces and more! The New York-based entrepreneur Chrissy Crawford is among those influential game-changers in the art scene, revolutionizing the online art market one click at a time. What does your ideal working outfit look like?White ironed button down shirt, dark skinny jeans, chunky gold jewelry, sneakers or espadrilles. Most sexiest art person?Olaf Breuning, Matthew Barney and Shelter Serra in no particular order. Someone you have in mind to call the perfect artworld gentlemen?Simon de Pury, Alexander Gilkes, and Osman Khan. We sat down with Editor in Chief of Art Basel Magazine, Sue Hostetler, to glean her expert advice on navigating Art Basel week in Miami. Tip 3: "The Public art sector, curated by the brilliant Nicholas Baume from New York’s Public Art Fund is sure to be a highlight. Tip 4: "Do a little retail therapy at the coolest boutique in the world—The Webster, a 20,000 square foot luxury store set in a historical Art Deco building.
Tip 5: "The Design Miami tent – 'UNBUILT' was created by a team of five students at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.
Top art advisor and mother of two, Kate Bellin,  shares her expert tips on buying art for children. Kate Bellin is the Founder and Principal of Kate Bellin Contemporary, an art consulting firm based in New York and Houston. She received her MA in Modern Art, Connoisseurship and the History of the Art Market at Christie’s New York where she was Valedictorian of her class. ArtStar's  delighted to announce our exclusive collaboration with Nick Cave to produce his SUPER popular Double Sided Punching Bag.

In our week of art and toys, it is important that we acknowledge the little collectistas themselves. Generally, the meetings during this phase of work involve a small team and a manger, and require clear communication, fluid collaboration, and constant engagement in order to be productive and successful. Instead, we build new devices with better form factors: we design interactive tables, whiteboards, and walls, that teams can use together as a shared interface, through multi-touch and vocal interaction.
To overcome resolution issues, we adapted the interactive board to be used with two and three video-projector.
In 2008, Omar Bouslama and Christophe Kalenzaga were involved in the design of the first table and it application.
The goal was to go beyond the classic a€?photo sharinga€? application for multi-touch surfaces, and to actually create applications for performing useful collaborative work in preliminary design sessions. Fabien Chateau, a student who was recruited to help designing the table, decided to launch a start--up firstly called Intact, which will later become Virtual Sens. Sorlier Claire & Laville Jeremy proposed a library of gestures on the table after conducting a ergonomic study. This is an affinity I share with artist Zaria Forman, who has made the ocean the focus of her work.
As it turns out, Zaria’s drive comes from her own history and great concern over global warming. This is tricky, I err more on the side of timeless in my selections and prefer not to focus on trends. We know it’s something we should care about, we’ve heard that there are things we can do to help, we may have binge-watched Frozen Planet on Netflix, but climate change tends to be the most palpable in far-flung places that we may never see.It’s tricky to link our everyday choices with what’s happening at the poles. Can you tell us about your process and how you begin?“When I travel, I take thousands of photographs. The cold and isolated landscape of the Arctic consumed her interest from 2001 until her passing in 2011. I still haven’t found the words to properly convey the majesty and ethereal wonder of that icy continent!
What’s next?“It is hard to decide on one particular place, since I feel like all the trips I've taken have been magical!
Starting as a self-proclaim “lost soul”, teaching skiing after college and waiting tables, Crawford had a stroke of genius while working at a museum in Aspen, leading her to pursue a Masters in International Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art.
Crew clothes, how she finds the Swiss-born artist Olaf Breuning enchanting, and reveals secrets about her wedding in the fairy-tale city of romance, Cartagena! In a week where we will spend a good deal of time inside the convention center, private collections and local institutions-- getting outside to experience the 'art for all' (in Gilbert and George's words) in the Public sector—art in natural surroundings, in dialogue with the landscape and available to all, will be divine. Read Kate's favorite works for little ones and discover fun ways to engage your children with art. 1.
She has worked for institutions such as Acquavella Galleries and Blain di Donna Gallery in New York City, as well as the Parrish Museum in Southampton, New York. You mentioned repetition and mental discipline in your work? I’m really interested in repetitive images. The print launches on the heels of Zaria's immensely popular and sold out 2015 solo show, Slip at Winston Wachter Fine Art.
You can acquire their amazing pieces directly through their website, as well as through Artsy and Paddle8.
This is why teams leave their computers behind, book a conference room for a day, and use whiteboard, tables, walls, and plenty of pen and paper or Post-its to sketch and express ideas. But they are difficult to render into a digitally exploitable format, unless one teammate stays behind, writing notes, taking pictures, making photocopies, etc. Matthieu Avignon,A  MichaA«l Mangili-Vincent and Mathias Taltavull participated in the implementation and test of these prototypes in 2008.
I usually eat between noon and 1pm and usually bring something light to the office. I love clean green protein shakes from Juice press and the quinoa burger from Bare Burger. We have been listening to a lot of Adele, Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift and Lionel Ritchie in the office lately. They also have to be appropriate for the space…such as the idea of prints in a playroom and more important pieces in public spaces.
The process of drawing with pastels is simple and straightforward: cut the paper, make the marks. That time frame continues to increase as I expand the scale and clarity of my compositions.”I tend to think of ice as quite static, but your drawings seem so dynamic and full of life!
She always said that she had been a polar bear in a past life, and watching her spend endless hours in the frigid winds, patiently and happily waiting for the moment when the light was right, gave me no doubts that this was true! But for now I'll say Antarctica, since it was the most recent, but also was perhaps the most otherworldly experience I've ever had. Through astute observation of the market’s high price for art works and its gap to procure an intermediate between wall decor and fine art, she founded the pioneering online art gallery ArtStar in 2011. I love public art around New York and think Art Production Fund and Creative Time make New York a better place to live.
She has also contributed several years of research to the Jasper Johns Catalogue Raisonne of Painting and Sculpture. I love how when birds are in a flock they look like a large pattern rather than a series of individuals. As an ArtStar insider you're getting first dibs at this beautiful work from Zaria's Maldives series. Until then, it is important that they have access to their own brand of great contemporary art. On this unique site, you can acquire limited-edition signed toys, prints, and books by well-regarded contemporary artists.
Also, keep your eye out for Little Collector’s exclusive artist- and dealer-led children’s tours at international art fairs. I can tell the typical stories of asking for my bedroom to be redone at certain milestones or birthdays, but I don't think I fully understood my passion for the industry until I experienced it. Once I return to the studio, I draw from my memory as well as from the photographs to create large-scale compositions. The material demands a minimalistic approach, as there isn't much room for error or re-working since the paper’s tooth can hold only a few thin layers of pigment.“I rarely use an eraser—I prefer to work with my ‘mistakes,’ enjoying the challenge of resolving them with limited marks.

Is it challenging to imbue them with dimension and movement on a flat medium?“Yes, it can be challenging, but if I only drew what came easy I wouldn’t learn or make progress. She taught me the importance of loving what you do, and carrying out projects with full force, no matter what obstacles lay in the way. The biggest difference I noticed were the unbelievable shades of blues—I had no idea so many existed! It was like if you took the most magical winter wonderland that anyone could ever dream up, multiplied it by one million, and added penguins.“I don’t have any trips planned at the moment but I think my next destination would be another low-lying place, similar to the Maldives (the lowest country in the world).
Aiming to make collecting art easy, fun and affordable to the masses, ArtStar works with contemporary artists to create editions at a fraction of the price, offering fine prints and posters. Crew cute New Balance sneakers, Soludos, Rag and Bone booties, or Repetto ballet flats in a bright color.
I visited Kate in her studio right around the time our second little one, Georgie, was born. There is, however, one piece of indelible nostalgia of which my children can't get enough — Babar.
Kate is a founding member of MoMA’s Family Council, a member of the Guggenheim Museum’s Learning Through Art Leadership Committee, and a Contributing Editor at Domino magazine.From 2002-2007 she worked at Harper’s Bazaar, beginning as the assistant to the Editor-in-Chief and leaving as Accessories Editor. I think we live in such an individualistic society that sometimes we forget the real power of the collective. Such activities are produced in collaboration with the art fair and can be found on the fair’s official site.
I love the combination of working intimately with clients, designing a space and learning about new products and artisan techniques. Occasionally I will re-invent the water or sky, alter the shape of the ice, or mix and match a few different images to create the composition I envision. For a chunk of ice to be considered an iceberg, it needs to be at least 15ft in one direction. During the Greenland expedition, the other passengers and I would name the icebergs as they passed by—‘whale berg’, ‘castle berg’, ‘birthday cake berg’, et cetera.”Do you allow this to be part of your drawings, or do you resist it?“I don’t let this inform my compositions in any way. In the Arctic, every now and then we came across an iceberg with a thin strip of bright sapphire ice, whereas in the Antarctic, almost all the icebergs glowed.
With a just few clicks of a button selecting the size and framing option, the pieces will be delivered straight to your door with a hanger and a nail. I spotted her personal Liberty bunny (in red and pink) and thought how perfect a first piece it would make for Georgie’s collection. I’ve always been interested in triptychs and how they help tell a story in a really symmetrical way. Chrissy Crawford, formerly an art adviser, founded ArtStar, Little Collector’s “parent” site, and Little Collector with the mission to make great art accessible to everyone.
Well, now you can anticipate my new gift resource if you are expecting or invite me to your child’s birthday party.
There is a satisfaction that comes with seeing a fully executed project and knowing you're happy, the client is happy and your work honors the client's needs, budget and the space perfectly while still representing your aesthetic.
It’s important for me to observe the landscapes I draw, to see how the waves form, crawl, and crash against the shore or watch the sunlight drift across an iceberg. Anything smaller is considered a "growler"; "bergy bits" —one of my favorite terms— are small chunks of floating ice, anything less than the size of a basketball. She would spend hours on an icy cliff edge, waiting for the sunlight to illuminate the frame through her camera lens, smiling and happy long after the rest of the family's toes had gone numb. It was as if they were lit from the inside.“The challenge I face now is staying true to the landscape in my depictions of it, but also keeping it believable so the viewer doesn’t assume I embellished and exaggerated the colors. Since then I have commissioned two bunnies and three cars for clients, and a portrait of Kermit the Green Porsche for my husband Andy’s 45th birthday. These memories bring my photographs to life and help me transfer that same sense of movement into my drawings.Icebergs and glaciers themselves are quite dynamic. We would whine and complain, but she wouldn't budge until she knew she had captured what she wanted.”“My mother conceived the idea for a voyage to Greenland, but did not live to see it through. I don’t want my drawings to look surreal, but I worry that they might if I attempt to draw the blue ice that I saw.
Her impeccable choice of subject matter — such as Sophie the Giraffe, which is part of the universal language of first-time moms — and her unique ability to paint a wash of color and a delicate spot equally well make her one of my all-time favorites. The most expensive piece is $275, and each and every one is a genuine signed, limited edition of either 50, 150, or 250, depending on the physical size of the work. She was diagnosed with brain cancer on Mother's Day in 2011, and passed away six months later.
My art is slow and time consuming, which helps balance out my naturally impatient personality. And yet all of these small choices have accrued over the last half-century to contribute to rising sea levels threatening populations from Bangladesh to the Maldives, more extreme weather events like Winter Storm Jonas, and deserts unfurling where there were once lakes full of fish.
My taste in TV shows changes seasonally based on my current interests, but I am generally drawn to ones with beautiful or unique interior settings. In Greenland, I was compelled to addresses the concept of saying goodbye on scales both global and personal, as I scattered my mother’s ashes amidst the melting ice.“I sometimes go back through my mother’s negatives and use parts of them in my drawings. What I love is, relative to some of the crazy items we consume on our kids’ behalf, Little Collector offers special, forever items that hold value. Forman creates vast, meticulously detailed pastel drawings of waves in the Maldives, storms over Greenland, and icebergs from a recent trip to Antarctica. She hopes that her work will help foster a deeper understanding of the climate crisis by giving viewers a way to connect with these remote landscapes. They are now starting to get cheeky and trying to sell some to their friends on the playground. She lightheartedly points out what she calls her “Georgia O’Keeffe iceberg,” replete with damp, layered curves. It’s no wonder she calls them “ice portraits.” Growing up a stone’s throw from New York City, Forman was exposed to art at a young age through her mother, photographer Rena Bass Forman.

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