Eight Years ago the state government had given special powers for executing infrastructure projects which was the domain of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Raj Awasthi, a social activist filed a PIL in the court on Thursday for releasing the powers off MMRDA. Corporators on the other hand have accused BMC of draining crores of rupees from the system and benefitting the private builders.
BJP corporator Ashish Shela was of the view that the MMRDA was functioning more in a dictatorship like model, which was in contrast to the BMC's model of democracy. With several controversial provisions, the newly-drafted Development Control Regulations, part of the BMC's Development Plan, seems to be a recipe for disaster. Activists were outraged by the inclusion of salt pan lands since they are ecologically sensitive.
It will not only rob the city of at least 30% of the open spaces it deserves, but is also controversial for its unlocking of No Development Zones, including salt pan lands. The planConstruction on open space: mid-day was the first to report how the BMC will allow construction on 30% open spaces while retaining the rest. Unlocking of NDZ: The civic body had proposed unlocking of 2,100 hectares of No Development Zones that were initially perceived as full of mangroves and reclaimed land. Ashok Rawat, a civic activistThe BMC has planned reclamation of land for a 300-acre central park at Cuffe Parade. Shweta Wagh, assistant professor at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of ArchitectureEven if they are converting one third of NDZs, salt pan lands into open space, they need to understand that even that the land must be supporting the local community. Godfrey Pimenta, of the Watchdog FoundationThere is a Cabinet decision that land reservations cannot be changed without prior Cabinet approval.
BMC is looking for exceptional candidates to contribute to our continued growth and success.
BMC has been named to the Becker's Healthcare "150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare" for 2014. For the third year in a row, BMC has earned a national distinction for excellence in patient safety. Mumbai municipal commissioner Sitaram Kunte has chalked out an ambitious plan to root out corruption from the BMC’s building proposals department, which is tasked with the scrutiny and approval of building plans.
Kunte told dna, “We are making all the development control rules (DCRs) transparent and providing a level playing field to all builders.

Kunte, 52, said corruption in the octroi department too will be a thing of the past when the BMC migrates to the local body tax (LBT) regimen which is account-based. Independent observers have pegged the revenue loss to the BMC as a result of octroi evasion to a whopping Rs2,000 crore. Kunte said, “Octroi is an archaic and physical system of surveying goods and levying tax on them. Replying to a question, Kunte, who assumed charge on April 30, 2012, referred to three of his major achievements till date. Also, I have prepared the development plan for 2014-2034 and a development control regimen to go with it. Forget nail-biting finishes, these audience polls are the latest attraction IPL has to offer!
Since then there has been friction between the 2 bodies and now finally the BMC wants MMRDA to be released off all its powers. However, one good point with MMRDA was that it could execute projects at one go, whereas BMC had to wait for the approval of all its corporators. The provision was brought in because when the civic body would reserve a certain private plot as open space, the owner would invariably counter the reservation using legal means. Besides, the civic body plans to generate 500 hectares from the tourism development authority; 260 hectares from salt pan lands and 140 hectares of port trust land.
Also, if you compare amenity standards between the 1991 DP and the new one, those for open space and social have been reduced. It´s a network of support and care that touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in need each year. Our goal is to attract and retain exceptionally talented employees to join our dynamic medical community. This will allow you to create and update your online profile, search for jobs, and check the status of your application.
Log into your application profile and then click on "Job Submission status" to view the status of all open positions to which you've applied. The annual list features provider organizations, including hospitals, health systems and ambulatory surgery centers, as well as nonprovider organizations, like electronic health record providers and IT vendors. BMC is one of just 251 hospitals in the nation to achieve an “A” rating in all five testing areas of the Hospital Safety Score from the Leapfrog Group, an independent national nonprofit run by employers and other large purchasers of health benefits.

They have observed that realty prices can be brought down by as much Rs2,000 per sq ft if corruption is eliminated from this department. In fact, we are going to have auto DCR and e-office concept so that building plans are virtually processed by factoring in all rules pertaining to CRZ, heritage, height of buildings, reservations etc. The plan focuses on the re-development of Mumbai as a world-class financial, IT and entertainment hub.
There was outrage about the inclusion of salt pan lands since they are ecologically sensitive. The hospital is also the primary teaching affiliate of the nationally ranked Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM). We offer stimulating career opportunities for motivated individuals with competitive compensation that provides professional development as well as personal reward and recognition. Once you have clicked the final "submit" button when applying to a position, you will receive an email confirming your application has been received. Winners were chosen for their robust benefits, wellness initiatives, commitment to diversity and inclusion, professional development opportunities and work environments that promote employee satisfaction and work-life balance Other local hospitals recognized included Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. What we need is an accounting-based system, like LBT, in which the underworld will have no role to play.
The emphasis will be on inclusive and integrated development so that the poor and marginalised sections too have a stake in the system,” he said.
We are also as founding partner of Boston HealthNet - an integrated health care delivery systems that includes 13 community health centers. If you need more time to complete your application, you can click the "save as draft" button to retain information you have entered and return later.
Instead, they should give higher FSI in the peripheral areas to encourage people to shift out of the island city. Leapfrog then assigned Hospital Safety Scores, ranging from A to F, to each hospital based on that data.

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