To fulfill a long felt need of Sinhala Buddhists worldwide, a 4 CD Volume of Dammapada was released in November 2005 by Lanka Heritage.
The story of the Buddha’s striving, Awakening, and the beginning of his teaching career in his own words, compiled from various discourses. A new chanting book is published on the Ancient Buddhist Texts website meant specifically for meditators. Publication of a text, translation and major commentary on the central prosody used in the Pali tradition. Publication on the Ancient Buddhist Texts website of EW Burlingame’s translation of over 200 Buddhist Parables from the Pali tradition. A new publication of an important doctrinal discourse of the Buddha and its traditional commentary on Ancient Buddhist Texts. A new edition of the traditional monastic reflections of robes, almsfood, dwellings and medicine, together with a version for lay people also.
A new page for unedited transcripts and over 100 hours of recordings of Acarya Godwin Samararatne.

A new study and listing of the parallels to the Pali Dhammapada found in the Canon and in other MIA languages. A new website for translations of Ven Asvagho?a’s Buddhacarita and Saudarananda by Mike Cross, together with his commentary on the texts. An introduction to a new website of texts on Theravada Buddhism by the great Dutch author Henri van Zeyst. Publication on Ancient Buddhist Texts of the complete translation of the 300 stories of the Dhammapada Commentary by Prof. New material featuring talks by Acarya Godwin Samararatne at the evening meetings, and also discussions and chanting; the poems were written by meditators at Nilambe expressing their thoughts and feelings. A publication on Ancient Buddhist texts of the Stories of the Nuns the Buddha named as foremost in one skill or another.
Publication on Ancient Buddhist Texts of a reading in Pali of the important Mahasatipatthanasuttam.
Publication of a text for which the Arahat nun Khema was placed at the foremost levels of great wisdom, through her profound understanding of deep questions and her exposition of their meaning, which are recorded in this discourse.

Text and Translation of a discourse the Buddha gave to educate people about the origin of conflict.
Due to the positive response and feedback we received we even embarked on a project to produce a set of CDs with English Translations in November 2006.
Dhammapada sugiere la Senda del Dharma, la senda correcta que lleva a la Verdad, a la luz, al amor, al Nirvana. Aunque no consigamos alcanzar el final de la senda, nuestro peregrinaje no habrá sido en vano.

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