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It neatly sums up the entire Buddhist way of life and the salient features of right living in a very simple and direct language meant for both the monks and the lay followers of Buddhism. He will be dearer to the good, but he will be hated by the evil.A Pandita is a Sanskrit name for a wise person, a scholar who is well versed in the knowledge of Dharma. Since, he speaks truth he will be loved by those who love truth and hated by those who hate truth.
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Hence, when everything is decaying and constantly changing, how can anyone be happy or secure in this world?
Not to blame, not to strike, to live restrained under the law, to be moderate in eating, to sleep and sit alone, and to dwell on the highest thoughts, this is the instruction of the Awakened.The Awakened one(Arhat) is he who has attained the state (arhata) of liberation. He has stabilized and liberated his mind, having become free from desires, duality, and evil thoughts. Instead, he practices right living with self-restraint, and follows the Middle Path of moderation in eating drinking and sleeping. Health is the greatest of gifts, contentedness the best of the riches; trust is the best of relationships, Nirvana is the highest happiness. Health, contentment, trust and Nirvana all arise from the practice of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. Health refers to the state of the body, contentment refers to the state of the mind, trust refers to the practice of Dharma, and Nirvana refers to the attainment of the highest liberation through them. Those who desire nothing and hate nothing, have no fetters.This refers to freedom from desires and freedom from attraction and aversion.

He who has virtue and intelligence, who is just, speaks truth, and does what is his own business, him the world will hold dear.A truly knowledgeable person lives his own life, prefers to be alone, avoids the company of evil people, but does not impose himself upon others or criticizes them. There never was, there never will be, nor is there now, a man who is always blamed, or a man who is always praised.The human mind is fickle. The wise who control their bodies, who control their tongues, who control their minds, are indeed well controlled.This speaks about restraint at three levels, physical, mental and verbal.
If a man looks after the faults of others, and is always inclined to be offended, his own passions will grow, and he is far from the destruction of passions.Where you focus your mind is important. Hence it is better to focus on positive things rather than negative qualities such as anger, fear and hatred. Hence who knows that name and form are mere formations learns to accept his pain also as a formation and bears it with indifference.

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