The different methods of meditation can be compared to the different techniques of dieting.
The stages of meditation provide signposts for your mental progression while meditating.  It is very rare that I can drop into a deep meditation without going through at least some of the stages of meditation listed here.
Learn meditation with my free online course on binaural beat meditation.  You will receive a 10 minute binaural beat meditation mp3 immediately upon signup and discover how binaural beat meditation is like training wheels for your mind. Meditation is a mind-body practice that we can use to divert our attention away from the cacophony of the outside world and the noise of the mind, and focus inward where there is peace. With Zazen, one might gain insights into the nature of existence, though it is hard to describe in one short paragraph.
Kinhin is also a Zen Buddhist meditation that is a walking practice observed between sessions of Zazen. One hand is clasped over the other fist, and movement can be either slow (as with each breath) or brisk (as a jog).
This is great if you need more exercise in your life, it’s easy to combine movement with meditation! Generally, meditation is guided by voice or sound in two sessions of 15 to 20 minutes each day. Practitioners purport that stress can be reduced, and relaxation and self-development can be achieved. Chanting while meditating can work very similarly to mantras, although the chants are often simply one word or sound repetitively. It is achieved through spoken word and response with the intent of creating mental imagery that invokes a sensory response and is typically associated with relaxation, such as sunbathing at a beach. Although it has roots in martial arts, it is practiced for a number of reasons, including increased longevity. Yoga employs controlled breathing exercises and body postures in order to create a more flexible body and calmA mind. If you are a beginner and interested in any of these practices, it is essential that you consult a licensed practitioner.
One of the reasons why people are unhappy is that they have made their lives too complicated. I want to try and make this list have the best possible tips on here as possible, so if you have any more tips on how to simplify your life just write a few sentences about it in the comment section below and it might make its way onto this page! One might experience anything from immediate relaxation to a complete understanding of the mind-body-spirit triad. It s a system of holistic movement, breath and meditation, and its users claim an increase in health, spirituality, and martial arts practice. If you want to live a happier life, then you must simplify your life and get rid of all the things that make it complicated. They fail to feel successful because their definition of a€?successa€? is too complicated or impossible. You will feel happier when you feel that you dona€™t need anything and there is nothing missing in your life.
You will be much happier if you become content with what you have and not think of anything else that you might need. Dona€™t buy a car if you can ride a bike, walk, or take public transit to where you want to go. Learn to enjoy viewing the paintings in an art gallery or the flowers in your neighbora€™s garden without getting them for yourself. You must realize that people do not really care about (or even notice) what you are wearing, what you own, or how you look. Learn to be grateful for even the little things that you have and avoid stressing yourself out over the things that you want to have. If something or someone upsets you, get over it quickly instead of spending several days crying or being depressed about it just like those scenes you see on the daytime soaps.

Forgiveness will help ease your tensions and stress and will give you more energy and time for positive pursuits.
Focus on what you can do right now to improve your life instead of being depressed about the mistakes that you have made in the past or being afraid of what the future might bring.
Learn to consider and accept viewpoints, beliefs, and opinions that are different from yours; you just might learn something new or realize something about yourself.
If someone has made you upset, forgive him or her and try to work out your differences as friends. Asking for help or advice from others will eliminate confusion, mistakes, and the time you spend having to resolve them all. It will be more efficient for you if you can answer your emails, pay your bills, and do your ironing in one sitting.
Therefore, fix your small problems as soon as possible before they give you headaches later on. Be satisfied whenever you do a good job and dona€™t waste time and energy trying to make everything perfect. Instead of trying to take control, go with the flow, let it happen, and just keep moving on. Avoid increasing your number of obligations and drop old obligations to make room for new ones. Saying a€?Noa€? means someone is going to be disappointed, but you need to do it in order to have enough energy and time for the things that really matter. Disconnecting from the internet for one day or one weekend can be a very liberating experience.
Reduce your Twitter time and dona€™t check your account while working so that you can focus on the important tasks that need your attention. Reduce the number of blogs that you read and avoid subscribing to many blogs in order to free up your time for more important work.
Quitting Facebook is difficult for most people because it is the only way that they can get in touch with their loved ones and friends who live far away.
However, if you create too many bookmarks, you will find yourself wasting a lot of time scrolling through your bookmarks and not reading anything. Put similar files in one folder and create file names that make it easier for you to search for them. Keep a trash can near the door or mailbox and throw away junk mail immediately so that they wona€™t clutter up your house or office. If possible, arrange to work at home at least once per week to save on commuting costs and finish your tasks sooner. Telephone, internet, and TV services are usually offered in bundles which help reduce your number of bills and allow you to get discounts.
Configure your brokerage account so that it will buy a fixed amount of certain investments (like index funds) on a regular schedule. Online banking services allow you to transfer money without having to go to the bank and waiting in line. You will be in big trouble if you use your computer for work and you lost a lot of important files. Saving your paperwork to your computer will make them easier to access and you will have more free space in your office.
Cancel catalogs, sign up for online statements, sign up for online billing, and get off mailing lists to reduce your incoming paperwork. Extra food is also helpful when you get hung up at work and you dona€™t have time to go to the grocery to buy food and then cook it later on. Save your leftovers by putting them in airtight containers and keeping them in the refrigerator. Unhealthy habits will result in poor health and relationship problems that can make your life more complicated.

These products will only make you unhappy when you realize that you have been misled by crafty businesses that are only after your money. This way, you will be able to leave home without realizing that you forgot to brush your teeth or comb your hair. Keep your makeup minimal and simple to avoid damaging your skin and to reduce morning hassles.
Be satisfied with the color and type of your hair so that you wona€™t need to spend money on hair dyes, hair curlers, etc. Getting a simple, low-maintenance haircut will allow you to save tons of money and time and simplify your life.
For example, hang all of your casual shirts, pants, and skirts together on one side of the closet and then hang all of your more formal dresses and gowns on the other side of the closet. After one year, you will have 365 less objects in your home and plenty of free space for new items. Most collections will only become useless clutter in the future, so channel your creativity and energy into something that is more productive. When you purchase one item and bring it inside your home, you must get rid of one old item in your home. For example, always keep your pens inside your desk drawer and your books on the bookshelf.
If you download movies, you can watch them anytime you like and you wona€™t need to drive to a DVD rental store. These days, many people prefer to watch movies, sports, and newscasts on their tablets or smartphones. Some people swear by the low glucose diet, others by Atkins, still more people claim nutri-system allowed them to lose their weight. Read this list of 101 different ways to simply life and use it as a guide to simplify your own life today. You dona€™t need to buy expensive, stylish clothes or color your hair like youa€™re some kind of celebrity. Choose your battles wisely and dona€™t let the small problems get in the way of the things that are truly important.
Get other employees to help you with projects and ask your spouse and children to help you with some of the household chores. The stuff that you found interesting in the past may be boring to you today, so purge your bookmarks regularly and remove those of websites that do not interest you anymore. This way, you will not be wasting a lot of time wading through hundreds of files to find what you are looking for.
Your life will be much simpler when you are not worrying about minimum payments and interest charges. Regularly backup your files to a cloud storage service to prevent losing your files in case your phone gets stolen or your hard drive stops working.
For example, if you bought a new TV, sell or throw out your old TV instead of keeping it in the attic or moving it to another room. No TV means less exposure to commercials, lower electric bills, no cable subscription fees, and more money in your wallet. Work through all of the points that apply to your life one by one and notice the difference.
Make simpler definitions of success such as a€?I am a success if my family is happya€? or a€?I am a success if I excel at my joba€?.
Not every item in this list will work for each person who reads it, but you will surely find something in this list that will help you save time, energy, and space and therefore make your life a little less complicated.

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