Cabinet construction begins with building a box made of two sides called gable ends, a top, a bottom and the door. Frameless cabinets are a European style in which the raw edges show when the cabinet door is open.
Face frame cabinets are of a North American style with the raw edges covered with a wood frame. Building cabinets without a plan is just another day at the office for most cabinet builders.
Say you've got a large room that you want to break up by putting in a raised floor at one end. Faceless cabinets, more commonly known as frameless or European style cabinets, are one of the simplest types of cabinet to build.

Raised panel doors have a frame with grooves on the inside edge and a raised panel that fits into the frame grooves.
Face frame cabinets are generally attached to the wall with two-inch screws through the back frame.
Slab doors are made from plywood strips that are glued together or laminated particleboard. A center board is often placed vertically down the front to give the appearance of two side-by-side panels.
Either way, back mounting boards will be needed for support and installation.Cabinet styles are usually defined by the door style. Two mounting strips can be attached across the rear opening and used to attach the cabinet to the wall.

Mounting strips can be placed inside the cabinet along the back board and attached to the sides of the back frame. If a wall stud is within the cabinet opening it is best to use the mounting strips so the cabinet can be securely fixed to the wall stud.

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