The pyramid is estimated to have about 2,300,000 stone blocks weighing from 2-30 Tons each with some weighing as much as 70 tons.
The base of the pyramid covers 55,000m2 (592,000 ft2) with each side greater than 20,000m2 (218,000 ft2) in area. The cornerstone foundations of the pyramid have ball and socket construction capable of dealing with heat expansion and earthquakes. With the mantle in place, the Great Pyramid could be seen from the mountains in Israel and probably the moon as well. Centre of Land Mass: The Great Pyramid is located at the centre of the land mass of the earth. The relationship between Pi (p) and Phi (F) is expressed in the fundamental proportions of the Great Pyramid.
The length of a base side at the base socket level is 9,131 Pyramid Inches or 365.24 Pyramid Cubits.
The perfect formula height of the pyramid including the missing apex is 5 813.2355653763 Pyramid Inches, calculated from perimeter of base divided by 2 Pyramid Inches.
The four faces of the pyramid are slightly concave, the only pyramid to have been built this way.
The centres of the four sides are indented with an extraordinary degree of precision forming the only 8 sided pyramid. The effect is not visible from the ground or from a distance but only from the air, and then only under the proper lighting conditions. The granite coffer in the "King's Chamber" is too big to fit through the passages and so it must have been put in place during construction. Microscopic analysis of the coffer reveals that it was made with a fixed point drill that used hard jewel bits and a drilling force of 2 tons.
It is reported that when the pyramid was first broken into that the swivel door, weighing some 20 tons, was so well balanced that it could be opened by pushing out from the inside with only minimal force, but when closed, was so perfect a fit that it could scarcely be detected and there was not enough crack or crevice around the edges to gain a grasp from the outside. If the height of the pyramid is taken as the radius of a circle, then the circumference of this circle is the same as the perimeter of the base. Tropical Year: The ratio of the lengths of the Grand Gallery to the solid diagonal of the King's Chamber times 100 equals the number of days in a tropical year. Mean Distance to Sun: The height of the pyramid times 10^9 represents the mean radius of the earth's orbit around the sun, or Astronomical Unit (AU). Mean Distance to Moon: The length of the Jubilee passage times 7 times 10^7 is the mean distance to the moon.

Sun's Radius: Twice the perimeter of the bottom of the granite coffer times 10^8 is the sun's mean radius. Radius of the Earth: The curvature designed into the faces of the pyramid exactly matches the radius of the earth. Earth's Volume: The product of the pyramid's volume and density times 10^15 equals the ratio of volume to density of the earth. The Light Equation: The height of the Great Pyramid, minus the height of the capstone represents one millionth the time it takes light to travel the mean radius of the earth's orbit around the sun (1 astronomical unit) using 1 Pyramid Inch equals 24 hours (mean solar day).
91848,817 miles as the mean distance to the sun and 3,963.4914 miles as the equatorial radius. 2450 BCE Sirius was associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis and is also part of a unique ceremony practiced by the African Dogon tribe.
Precession of the Equinoxes: The perimeter of the 35th course of blocks, which is much thicker than any of the other courses, gives a figure for the precession of the equinoxes. A noter que pendant vos seances de meditation, votre corps se refroidit sensiblement ; raison pour laquelle existent les couvertures de meditation afin de sauvegarder votre temperature corporelle. Decouvrez votre materiel de meditation, coussin, zafu, tapis, zabuton… A chacun sa methode pour mediter en tout lieu !
Des votre assise sur votre coussin de meditation en graines naturelles, vous trouverez la position ideale epousant naturellement votre morphologie. Le coussin de meditation est indispensable pour mediter mais il faut aussi vous proteger les malleoles d’ou le tapis de meditation appele le zabuton. Il est fondamental et essentiel d’etre bien positionne sur son coussin de meditation pendant votre temps de meditation, raison pour laquelle une declinaison de dimensions de coussins existe afin de repondre a votre morphologie et un reel bien-etre lors de votre assise.
Mediter sur une couleur que l’on apprecie vous predispose pour un bien-etre pendant votre temps de meditation. Pour des meditations longues, la chaise de meditation peut etre un accessoire indispensable, il vous permet de vous adosser pour vous soulager si vous en eprouvez le besoin.
Pour la meditation assise, le banc de meditation est un excellent accessoire qui vous permettra d’obtenir un alignement lombaire parfait.
Our next active meditation is wonderfully active and exhilarating, centering one’s energy in the hara or life force center and increasing awareness of the body.
Divine Love, flowing through me, blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give, and all that I receive. A soft limestone either pure or nummulitic was used for the bulk of the core blocks and a hard white limestone for the mantle.

The position of the North Pole moves over time and the pyramid was exactly aligned at one time.
Swivel doors were found in only two other pyramids: Khufu's father and grandfather, Sneferu and Huni, respectively. The height * 43200 = 3,938.685 miles, which is the polar radius of the earth to within 11 mi. The perimeter of the base * 43,200 = 24,734.94 miles, which is within 170 miles of the equatorial circumference of the earth. Bien installe, le meditant se predispose a une meditation en ouvrant ses chakras, sa cage thoracique. En position assise, le meditant peut se mettre en posture lotus (jambes croisees) ou diamant (jambes positionnees lateralement).
L’avantage des graines est une stabilite pendant votre meditation vous offrant une totale detente. Il est un carre de coton 100% naturel, entre autres, vous permettant d’amortir votre assise et de proteger vos chevilles pendant votre temps de meditation. Des modeles standards ou de grandes dimensions repondent a votre morphologie ainsi qu’a la souplesse de vos hanches.
Optez pour la posture diamant avec le banc de meditation zazen zaseki et pour la posture lotus avec le banc de meditation lotus ; tous deux demontables, traites au naturel exclusivement et de fabrication francaise. We will move our bodies in four directions in a rhythmic and synchronized way for the first thirty minutes.
The key to this relationship is knowledge of the value of Pi and designing the angle of the pyramid to be exactly 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 14.3 seconds. Decline en 2 couches coton avec une housse de couleur dehoussable, il presente un grand avantage.
Hollowing out of the interior would require tubular drills of the same material applied with a tremendous vertical force. Le zafu demi-lune epouse la forme de votre assise de par sa forme en demi-lune, appele fuzen.

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