Secret of the Wings (also known as Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings and formerly known as Tinker Bell and the Mysterious Winter Woods) is a 3D computer-animated comedy film, based on the Disney Fairies franchise, produced by DisneyToon Studios.
In Secret of the Wings, Tinker Bell ventures into the mysterious Winter Woods and meets a frost fairy named Periwinkle – and an extremely rare, magical secret is revealed! Tinkers' Nook is bustling with activity as the tinker fairies are making snowflake baskets for the fairies of winter.
Later that day, Tink volunteered to help her friend Fawn (Angela Bartys) take animals to the Winter Woods to hibernate.
Tink goes on a mission to find out what had made her wings sparkle flying off to the Book Nook, where she found a wing-shaped book called Wingology in which she hoped would give some answers. Suddenly, the owl accidentally let go of Tink's basket as Tink opens the sout of the basket. Suddenly, Lord Milori arrived as he was concerned about the book Sled had found, so Tink and Peri find. Next, they went to the Frost Forest, where Peri introduced Tinker Bell to her friends Gliss (Grey DeLisle) and Spike (Debby Ryan). The girls realized that they might never see each other again so Tinker Bell had to come up with a plan.
The next day, Tinker Bell arrived at the border with Bobble and Clank, who were pulling a strange-looking contraption. Tink and Peri went their separate ways but not before a final goodbye then Lord Milori mounted his owl and flew off---but not before he knocked the snowmaker into a stream. Later that day, Queen Clarion tries to make Tinker Bell understand why the rule about not crossing the border was so important and Lord Milori tries the same with Peri. Queen Clarion, Tink, and a group of fairies arrived at the stream to find Clank and Bobble attempting to free the snowmaker---which was making a small blizzard---from the ledge so everyone rushed to help. If the warm side got too cold, the Pixie Dust Tree would freeze---and there would never be any more pixie dust and then no fairy would ever be able to fly again. With the tree covered in frost the warm fairies take shelter in mocks and crannies in the tree. Everyone starts laughing and flying with joy but Tink remains on her feet and when questioned by Peri Tink reveals that when she went into the Winter woods she broke her wing which is why she feel.
From that day on, warm fairies could cross over the border into winter anytime they liked as long as they put a coat of frost on their wings to keep them safe and warm.
The direct-to-DVD movie was released on Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD, and digital download on October 23, 2012. In the scene in which Tinker Bell and Periwinkle list off things they have in common with markings on an ice wall, if one were to count all the markings, it would show the sisters have 120 things in common with each other. Despite her control and manipulation over wintry-based elements like frost, sleet, hail, permafrost, snow and ice, her name, "Periwinkle", is a summer color. In the fairy universe, it is now known that fairies can't have siblings unless they are twins. In the first film of the series, the winter fairies are shown together with fairies of other talents during Tinker Bell's arrival, showing that winter fairies can be in Pixie Hollow with ease. Also, in the other movies the ruler of the winter woods appears to be a female, not the male who is in this one. Look for more on Secret of the Wings in the coming days.  Also, Secret of the Wings gets released on both DVD and Blu-ray October 23.
Look for Periwinkle to join her sister at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom parks, beginning in mid-September.
Terrance was there yesterday (sunday the 26th)so he still shows up, it’s a bit random. So am I the only one wondering why Tink is wearing sleeves, but the “Frost Fairy” has bear shoulders?
Will it only be Tink and Periwinkle in the Nook with the change or will we still be able to find a couple of the other fairies too? By providing my email address I'd like to receive updates, special offers, and other information via electronic messages and postal mail from Disney Destinations, LLC and other members of The Walt Disney Family of Companies. Dewey is a frost talent sparrow man residing in the Winter Woods portion of Pixie Hollow with a western accent. While in his library, Dewey is visited by his friend, Periwinkle, who tells Dewey about a strange event that occurred while she was watching the animals cross the border from the warm seasons to the Winter Woods.
Because her coat is covering her wings, Tink is unable to fly and begins to plummet to the ground. In the end, Lord Milori and Queen Clarion abolish the border law, realizing keeping Peri and Tink separated was a mistake.
Dewey made an appearance in The Pirate Fairy and was one of Zarina's victims after she releases pollen on every fairy in the coliseum, causing them to fall asleep. When it comes to the latest trend in children's toys it seems like the smaller they become, the more kids have to have them. Join Tinker Bell and her fairy friends in a wintry adventure this holiday season with Disney's Secret of the Wings. Debby Ryan (Spike) and Lucy Hale (Periwinkle) invite you to discover the Secret of the Wings.
Tinker Bell is introduced by her winter fairy sisters to the joys of sledding and ice skating in the movie, Secret of the Wings.
Tinker Bell discovers the Winter Woods with her new-found sister Periwinkle in an all-new Disney Fairies movie, Secret of the Wings. A flock of snowy owls soon arrived for the baskets, bringing a final shipment order for Fairy Mary (Jane Horrocks) with them.
But Fawn told Tink that they could only bring animals to the border, and weren't allowed to go into the Winter Woods.
Unfortunately, a bookworm had chewed through the pages and another fairy told Tink that the author of the book---the Keeper—might be able to help her but he lived in the Winter Woods and therefore too dangerous to go and see. Instead of going over the waterfall as Lord Milori had intended, the contraption caught on a ledge.
They tell the story of two fairies who fell in love, one was from the warm seasons and one was from the Winter Woods. Finally, they succeeded in pushing the machine into the water, but snow still showered down from the sky! While trying to protect the animals and the tree Tink noticed that a flower that Periwinkle had been given and covered in frost was still blooming! They got right to work, but it looked as if the job would be too big for them to complete in time but then Dewey, Lord Milori, and the rest of the frost fairies come to help. Tink then warns Peri to return to winter as "It's getting warmer," As the sisters held hands and said good-bye, an explosion of light burst from their wings and magically, Tink's wing began to heal.
Close and Strong friendships between warm fairies and winter fairies blossomed into full-bloom, with the Queen and Lord Milori and Sled and Rosetta---all just as beautiful as Periwinkle's flower!.

She is the other of the two main protagonists of the film along with Tinker Bell.She is Tinker Bell’s twin sister of the exact same match. She has black ponytailed hair, gray eyes, pointy ears, fair skin and wears a purple vest with pink feathers, pants and black ballet shoes and has clear wings on her back. He is small, overweight, and hand-sized with black hair, brown eyes, fair skin, pointy ears and wears a leafy sleeveless top and shorts and speaks with a Cockney accent.
He is small, very slender, and hand-sized with red hair, bright blue eyes, pointy ears, fair skin and wears water drop goggles, a leafy sleeveless top, and knee-length pants and speaks with a Scottish accent.
She is slender and taller than hand-size with a light shimmering long yellow dress, a light golden shimmering large yellow butterfly shaped wings, tiaras for different occasions, fair skin, blue eyes, and light brown hair in an up-do style. She is small, obese, and hand-sized with brown hair and eyes, and fair skin and wears a green sleeveless shirt and pants.
He is small, portly, and hand-sized with white hair and mustache, aqua eyes, fair skin, and pointy ears and wears a green coat, spectacles, and carries a staff and speaks with a Western accent.
She is small, slender, and hand-sized with white hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and pointy ears and wears a blue shirt, pants, and shoes.
She is small, slender, and hand-sized with black hair, brown eyes, fair skin, and pointy ears and wears a blue dress and blue boots. He is small, slender, and hand-sized with blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and pointy ears and wears a blue cap, an aqua shirt, and pants.
According to Disney's website, the, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD releases also includes the short film Pixie Hollow Games as a "Bonus Adventure". The Hidden Mickey is the mushroom table shown when TinkerBell is by the bookshelf, as it resembles the famous Mickey Mouse head.
Secret of the Wings stars Tinker Bell, one of Disney’s most beloved and iconic characters, and her fairy friends (Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist and Vidia), and introduces a sparkling new winter fairy named Periwinkle. Secret of the Wings is the first movie in the Disney Fairies franchise to be released in 3D and marks the first time ever Tinker Bell will fly on Disney Blu-ray 3D. Secret of the Wings features a spectacular voice cast including Anjelica Huston, Timothy Dalton, Lucy Liu, Raven-Symone, Megan Hilty, Pamela Adlon, Matt Lanter, Debby Ryan, Mae Whitman and Lucy Hale (the voice of Periwinkle). Tinker Bell’s adventure in Secret of the Wings marks her first journey into the mysterious but exciting Winter World of Pixie Hollow where she discovers a magical secret that changes her life forever. The production of Secret of the Wings took approximately three years from set to on the screen, which is considered a normal schedule. During those three years, there was a director, producer, story team, artistic team, animators and lighters all working to tell the story of these worlds coming together. With animation, the voice is the one element that’s not computer-driven and carries through all the stages of production from storyboards to pre-viz and layout. John Lasseter is the film’s executive producer and was involved in every step of the animated film’s production.
Director Peggy Holmes enjoyed a successful career as a choreographer before becoming an animation director on The Little Mermaid:  Ariel’s Beginning. One of the key story inspirations for Holmes was the idea of how sisters are connected, and how through connections of the heart, worlds can come together. As part of her research for the film, Holmes brought in a twins expert who talked about what happens when sisters and twins that have been separated at birth come back together.
Two of the most difficult scenes to animate were when Tinker Bell and Periwinkle first meet and getting the flight of the White Snowy Owls to look real and majestic. Character designer Ritsuko Notani designed all the characters for the Fairy series including the original Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Fawn, Iridessa and the new Periwinkle. Nearly all of the fairy characters start and are built from the Tinker Bell model to ensure that they all look like they’re from the same world. The director, art director, character designer, and character painter are a very close knit team.  Before the crew came onboard, the director worked on the film for a good year while coming up with the story. The velveteen textured leaves of the Lamb’s Ear flower were the inspiration for Periwinkle’s costume. The wings were an interesting challenge because they had to represent visually the emotional connection between the two sisters, Tinker Bell and Periwinkle. In the film’s mythology, each fairy has individual wings that are unique to them like a fingerprint, but Tinker Bell and Periwinkle are sisters so their wings are identical.
It was important in the lighting of the wings that the veins were highlighted in such a way so that when Tinker Bell and Periwinkle are together it’s obvious their wings are identical.
The filmmakers had to pick palettes that were appealing but could also be threatening for both a warm season and a winter world.  To get the right look for the sky when the winter frost invades the warmer season, they consulted with a weather expert. These areas will receive a sparkling layer of snow and ice, creating the perfect environment to greet Periwinkle and make her feel at home. 21st and ends March 20th; so, Periwinkle will still be there in January when my girls and I plan on visiting, right?
You can revoke permission to mail your email address at any time using the unsubscribe link, found at the bottom of every email. For more information on our data collection and use practices, and managing your preferences, please read our privacy policy. Dewey rescues the tinker with his pet lynx, Fiona, and agrees that the Winter Woods really is too dangerous for a warm fairy. Lord Milori notices Peri's wings decaying and declares that she and Tinker Bell may never see each other again.
Dewey is last seen at the big celebration, signing an autograph book for an admiring warm fairy. Barrie in his play, Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, and featured in subsequent adaptations, especially in animated works by the Walt Disney Company. Tinker Bell makes a warm outfit, packed the book in a bag, and snuck into the tinkers' workshop where the adventurous fairy climbed inside a snowflake basket with the help of Clank and Bobble.
Tinker Bell ducked behind the basket to hide but then realized that her book had been flung onto the ice. Then another winter fairy rushed into the room and asked Dewey why her wings had sparkled the previous day.
That night outside Periwinkle's house, after Tinker Bell had built a fire to stay warm, she had a thought. The Queen then begins to shiver from the cold so Lord Milori places his cape around her, revealing his broken wing (hence why he flies around on a snowy owl) and tells the Queen to inside and keep safe and warm. Queen Clarion and Lord Milori decide to get rid of the rule so that everyone can be together and the reveal that they were the two fairies who fell in love as they kiss romantically. She is small, slender, and hand-sized with fair skin, baby blue eyes, blonde hair worn in a bun, pink blushing cheeks, and pointy ears, and wears a bright green strapless dress with a mini skirt and bright green shoes with white puffs on her toes, and has clear fairy wings on her back. She is small, slender, and hand-sized with fair skin, ice-blue eyes, snow white hair, pink blushing cheeks, and pointy ears and wears an aqua strapless dress that shimmers like ice and aqua shoes with white puffs on her toes and has clear fairy wings on her back. She is small, slender, and hand-sized with a blue-green lily single-strapped dress, blue shoes, fair skin, long loose black hair, brown eyes, pointy ears, and clear wings on her back.

She is small, slender, and hand-sized with an orange and brown dress, orange-yellow curl shoes, fair skin, light freckles, braided light brown hair, amber eyes, pointy ears, and clear wings on her back. She is small, slender, and hand-sized with a sunflower petal dress, yellow shoes, dark skin, black hair in a round up-do, brown eyes, pointy ears, and clear wings on her back.
She is small, slender, and hand-sized with a rose petal dress in three shades of pink, fair skin, red shoes, shoulder length red hair with curled ends, green eyes, pointy ears, and clear wings on her back and speaks with a Southern American accent.
He is tall, slender, and hand-sized with a frost sleeveless suit, ice pants, high leaf boots, and snowy owl-feathered cape that covers his broken wing, fair skin, brown eyes, silver hair, and pointy ears. He is small, slender, and hand-sized with black hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and pointy ears and wears an aqua shirt.
In France and the Netherlands, the film is released in theaters on October 10, 2012, under the titles "Clochette et le Secret des Fees" (Tinker Bell and the Faeries' Secret) and for the Netherlands "Tinkerbell en het Geheim Van De Vleugels" (Tinkerbell and the secret of the wings).
Sydney Sierota sings the opening song, "We'll Be There", while "The Great Divide" is sung by the McClain Sisters. The most logical explanation is that some winter fairies have become used to the warm seasons and not every winter fairy is born in the Winter Woods. Even Tinker Bell will be dressed for the occasion, wearing her warm, wintry ensemble from the film. Dewey was baffled by the story as fairy wings sparkle when another fairy born from the same laugh is near.
Dewey and Fiona give Tink a ride to the border that separates Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods. Afterwards, the snow making machine goes on the fritz, endangering the Pixie Dust Tree and all fairy life. An epic adventure and life-changing secrets will be revealed when the movie is released on October 23. Secret of the Wings is the fourth movie in this series of direct-to-DVD films and was released on October 23, 2012. In a moment, Tink was soaring through the air in the basket however the young owl that had picked up the basket had no idea there was a stowaway inside! She had to get it back before a winter fairy found it but just then, Lord Milori (Timothy Dalton), the Lord of Winter, arrived. Suddenly, Tinker Bell's wings began to sparkle just like when she had crossed the border the other day!
A few seconds later, the chamber filled with images showing the journey of a baby's first laugh---a laugh that split in two and landed on a dandelion!
Dewey told the girls they could have a little time together, secretly, before Tink had to go home. Clank had told them about Tink's newfound twin sister, and everyone couldn't wait to find out more about her so offered to help Tink. She asked why the flower was still alive and Gliss explained that frost tucks warm air inside. Some time later the freeze leaves and the fairies gathered anxiously around the Pixie Dust Well and waited. For more information on our data collection and use practices, please read our Privacy Policy. Just then, a warm fairy named Tinker Bell appears to ask Dewey about the wing phenomenon as well. While Dewey is covering his eyes to prevent himself crying, Tink and Peri think of a way to continue seeing each other. Tink tells Peri, Dewey, and the others that if they can preserve the Pixie Dust Tree with their ice abilities, fairy life would be saved. As the owl crossed into the Winter Woods, Tinker Bell felt a cold blast of air so she peeked out of the basket and saw a majestic valley spread before her!
One half traveled to the Pixie Dust Tree on the warm side of Pixie Hollow, and Tinker Bell was born. Just as the queen finished her sad tale, it began to snow, causing Queen Clarion to become concerned as its very dangerous for snow to fall in Pixie Hollow. As of October 24, 2012, it has made $18,356,057 worldwide, with the top territories being France ($3,884,259), Mexico ($2,723,111), Argentina ($2,121,613), Poland ($1,230,672), Australia ($1,120,244), and Colombia ($1,059,833). Dewey then realizes that Peri and Tink were born from the same baby laugh, making them sisters.
The next morning, Peri visits the warm seasons via a snow making machine created by Tink and her friends. While Peri and her friends Spike and Gliss forge on, Dewey rounds up Lord Milori and an army of frost fairies. Starring the voices of Mae Whitman, Lucy Liu, Megan Hilty, Raven-Symone and Angela Bartys, it also features new cast members who include Matt Lanter, Timothy Dalton, Lucy Hale and Debby Ryan.
Tink gazed in wonder at the beautiful wintry landscape, enchanted by the delicate snowflakes that drifted down all around her. When they got to Periwinkle's house, Peri showed Tink a bundle of items she had been collecting. Together, the frost talents are able to preserve Pixie Hollow, and when the ice melts, everything is still alive and well.
Suddenly, her wings began to sparkle in a burst of colorful light---and she heard the faint sound of a baby's laugh. A lynx named Fiona brought them to safety in time and Dewey told the girls that now it was really time for Tink to go back home. Unbeknownst to all, Milori's Snowy Owl friend has seen what Peri has done and flies back to tell his master. Peri's journey through the warm seasons was filled with one amazing sight after the next as she saw a fast-moving rainbow and a field of blooming flowers. That night at Peri's house on a mountain cliff, Tink sets a fire to warm herself, but the fire breaks the thin ice she and Periwinkle were sitting on. Fawn then rushed Tink straight to the fairy hospital where healing-talent fairy (Jodi Benson) examined Tink's wings and warmed them until they were back to normal again.
Soon Tinks friends Fawn, Iridessa (Raven-Symone), Rosetta (Megan Hilty), Silvermist (Lucy Liu), and Vidia (Pamela Adlon) got to meet the frost fairy face to face.
Peri was continuing her tour of the warm side of Pixie Hollow when Tink noticed that Peri's wings had started to wilt.

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