When we feel intimidated, we often find ourselves scrambling for our words and stressing over the way we sound. Ever hear the advice to tackle the easy stuff first so you can handle the harder stuff later? Thinking positively doesn’t always guarantee success, but it does get you closer to achieving it.
By simply choosing to cross our arms instead of letting them hang, or tugging at your hair instead of letting it be, can change the way we feel when in social situations. If you need to feel more confident in what you’re doing, focus a little less on the talking and more on the listening part.
The best way to instill confidence in yourself is to stop taking each situation so seriously.

No one is confident in absolutely everything they do, and it can take time to build yourself up.
It’s easy to blame our inability to accomplish what we want on everything from a lack of time to a lack of finances to a lack of motivation. Next time you need a confidence booster, try standing up tall and placing your hands together lightly in front of you. A few head nods make us appear well-informed and capable (even if we’re not totally feeling this way!).
Whether big or small, once you see your successes, you’ll feel more confident in handling bigger things down the line.
Simply by believing you are capable of doing something gives you the confidence to actually go out and do it.

Try facing a smaller fear first (like practicing crow pose) before going for upside down for a headstand. Becoming your own worst enemy is the greatest way to deflate your confidence, so thank yourself for trying. Not only will you slowly build your confidence, you’ll actually end up accomplishing even more.

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