30 Days To XThe days keep changing, will you?Are eBook gurus secret book projects actually pornography?
Every few weeks I’ll see some guy posting an article about how he made a billion dollars off Kindle eBooks. They’ll wheel out some cool graphs and chart showing you just how much they made off books about geology, camping, or baking apple strudel. While there are a million dirty tricks to boost sales rankings (like creating shell accounts to buy up copies of your own book) we’re going to play pretend and say that none of the Internet marketing guys do this.
If I wrote an anonymous book titled Best Fitness Secrets For Perfect ABs why would you buy it? I know I wouldn’t. There are dozens of reputable authors who are well-known for dishing out great fitness advice. As a general rule of thumb you need about 30 different books before you’ll ever develop a sustainable income. If you have a blog and earn money off Amazon Associates you’re probably converting less than 10% of your clicks.
90% of people never look past the first page of Google results when they’re searching for something.

A book on page two of the search results will get 10 visitors for every 100 that a book on page one receives. Since internet marketers are always cranking out these magic bestsellers that they’ll never let you see, we can assume one of two things. I’ve been trying to hire smut writers on odesk but my jobs keep getting removed for policy violations no matter how discreet I make then job description.
I guess the question is, do you want to work hard to maybe one day, but just as likely never, be respected by a small niche of nerdy people?
There are multiple titles under each author and they’re all connected by a common theme. Writing one book in a weekend, with no audience, and making a thousand dollars a week is unlikely. That means that 100 people will visit a product’s sales page and (maybe) 9 of them will buy something. Without an audience and fans, you’re going to have a very hard time getting out of that situation. We’re talking dinosaurs raping cheerleaders, teens knocked up by their step-dads, and other weird stuff that Sigmund Freud would have a heyday with.

Either they’re lying about writing no-following books that make a small fortune, or they are pumping out pornographic novels that cover incredibly taboo subjects.
I stopped writing erotica though because I would be so damn horny from all my writing that I couldn’t get anything else done! I have had a reddit account where i wrote out niche stories and fantasies for women, and it was incredibly eye opening.
Or do you want to possibly make some coin doing something tolerably better than working 8-hours a day shoveling someone else’s crap? Now if you have a book that relies entirely on blind luck, even getting 100 visitors can be a challenge.
My personal conversion rate from looking at what I came for to clicking on another item is about 5%.

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