If this is your first time downloading a game from Big Fish, our handy Game Manager app will install on your computer to help manage your games. Walk the path of Arok, a prehistoric tribesman in search of his destiny in Echo: Secret of the Lost Cavern.
This is another excellent adventure by Kheops Games; they seem to specialize in historic games, or else games different enough that set them apart from run of the mill game developers.
Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern is a wonderfully imagined story that features a young man coming into manhood during prehistoric times. The game hearkens back to an earlier era of adventure games; you can do a bit of exploring around each level, though the game is more linear than the oldest of the original adventure games, it still allows a bit more freedom than most of the newer titles. An outstanding effort from a company that is known for imaginative and original games, and well worth the time and patience invested in it. Thank you BFG for finally giving us true adventure lovers an opportunity for having a non-HOG for a DD, it?s been a long time coming!
Made by Khoeps and the Adventure Company, one of the first in the genre of true adventure games and IMHO, the best (was so sorry to learn the Adventure Company is no longer with us).
I like adventure, history and educational games, so when this game was DD few days ago, and I could try it, I knew almost straight away this was for me. I didn't read the game description here, so when the direct connection to Lascaux was revealing itself, I was astonished and captivated.
I didn't think I would be rating it as highly as I did, but it was an enchating, unique game experience. It is nice not to be spoon fed everything, because as soon as you realise how to do certain things, ie how to access the inventory and use objects you get another feel of accomplishment.
It is a lovely game, but you do need patience to play it, but it is very rewarding as you complete the next step. The game's not for everyone, probably, but for 2.99 (or even at regular price if you don't get it at today's dd discount) you're in for an enchanting experience, well worth the money.
Would you find it easy to forget all those things learned by mankind during the last 17.000 years and try to survive having very little to help you against the toughest challenges? All those tasks that may seem impossible to you are a regular part of your character Arok’s everyday life. However, all the excitement that ECHO deprives you through its story is freely offered to you through its puzzles.
I have to mention that the quantity of the puzzles you will come across in this game is highly satisfying. Let me put one final note here to mention that there is an encyclopedia in the game, from where you can learn a lot of interesting things about the people of the era, their art, and their tools. His journey will take him into the heart of an enchanted mountain and through a cavernous maze.
A walk through is helpful for portions of the game, though some of the puzzles simply take your own effort and trial and error, because the moves needed to complete the puzzle change each time. If you like to use your imagination, be independent, solve mysteries, investigate your surroundings and not be told what to do or how to do it then this is your game. Less than 2 minutes into the game I found the right mouse button brings up your inventory as well as historical facts and information.
When you see two stones clicking together, it means you have something in your inventory you can use there. As soon as I got the hang of it - ie looking up will circle around the roof area and looking down will circle around the floor.
It takes a lot of thought to find out what to do next, but this is, after all, an adventure game and it definitely lives up to it's genre.

All other trademarks, registered trademarks, or logos are the property of their respective owners. In the end, Arok will of course meet Klem himself, and they will together awaken the spirits of the world through a magical rite. In this prehistoric adventure, you will experience the challenge of places and circumstances lost in time. This is a game that is strongly driven by its puzzles, even though Kheops chose not to reuse the system from their previous project Return to Mysterious Island, where players could assemble and disassemble various objects in the inventory. Unlike the norm, where you have to search for hotspots in order to proceed with the adventure, ECHO guides you from one puzzle to another. Kheops has managed to create many quite imaginative puzzles that at the same time are indissolubly related to the era and the environment of the game, in their every detail.
One of them is a broken tablet that you have to put back together in order to see its drawings.
The graphics and are characterized by intense colors that remain in your memory for quite some time. It represents, however, the Eden’s land of puzzles and it offers you a very good opportunity to experience how people lived 17.000 years ago.
I truly believe that everyone should dedicate some extra time to ECHO just to read the information in the encyclopedia and learn a thing or two about our ancestors. Armed with his wits, and the help of a mysterious spirit guide, Arok seeks out magic cave paintings to help him solve cunning puzzles and face deadly traps. As for the game itself the artwork is very good, colorful and believable; the puzzles are moderately difficult, all of them cleverly appropriate to the age in which this story takes place.
Hand shows you can pick things up and two stones with line on them means that you can't manipulate the place yet. There are lots of places to explore, although none of them are really huge and you only do them few at a time. As soon as found and looked around at eye level, I could move around and find objects and complete the challenges. How challenging would it be to manage to walk away in one piece after encountering a huge bear or a ferocious lion when you don’t have a weapon at hand? You are called to embark on a journey using only the means that you would have if you lived so many millennia ago. You will witness the revival of human habits thousands of years ago, and the magic that is hiding in the walls of the grottos. On the contrary, in ECHO you can’t combine anything (obviously these guys like extremity!) in your inventory.
Moreover, a very pleasant detail of the game is that despite the plethora of puzzles, not at a single point will you feel like it was added just to obstruct you or to lengthen the game. As Arok you will have to (not that you don’t want to of course!) find ways of lighting fires to illuminate your way, paint frescos using self-made tools, and confront wild animals with your mind and not with your physical strength.
Even though the places you will visit are not many, they are all well-designed and impressive, pulling you in this prehistoric era in a remarkable way. The sound effects on the other hand give vivacity to the landscape and help immersing players into the game’s world.
Modeled after the real-world cave network of Lascaux in France, this Adventure game is sure to challenge and inspire. When you walk through a valley or a cave here, you feel as if it's very immediate and you're there. Some will find this relaxing, others frustrating (if your dependent on sparkles, maps and hints).

As usual, pick up anything you can see (hand icon), because you'll be using it before you know it.
You will find out when you reed the background information they give you about living in that period.
Your adventure begins when Arok, a fifteen year-old Homo Sapiens actually, decides to abandon his group in search of a charismatic shaman named Klem. Nonetheless, in several places of the game you will encounter hot spots where you will have to construct a tool, essentially combining two or more of your inventory items by using them on the same hotspot.
Right from the first moments you become aware that you have to follow a mysterious and well-hidden path that you could only find if you decipher the signs left by Klem. You will have to figure out how to cross a lake, ‘reform’ frescos so that they’ll show you the way, catch your food, and cook it using more self-made tools. There are few cinematic sequences in the game, but they all feel as though they were designed with care. Those of you who prefer story driven adventures will not find much of interest in this game. But at the same time it is an excellent source of knowledge for the prehistoric era, our ancestors, and their habits.
Pretty much each time you get through a puzzle, there is another puzzle looking you in the face. If you get stuck on how to do something check the top of your screen when looking at inventory, they do give you some ideas.
I hope you will give it a try, for $2.99 you may be surprised to find that you may actually like this type of game on occasion. You will narrate your own adventure using frescos and various items and play music in order to contact the spirits of the world.
It consists of 3*5 square pieces that you have to put back in their original place so that the picture will be revealed.
The animated frescos you will come across are ingenious and designed in an attractive yet at the same time primitive way. However, those of you who like adventures to be rich in puzzles, in quantity as well as in quality, will love this game and should not miss it. In order for him to find his long-forgotten friend, the most brilliant painter of Prehistoric times, Arok begins a long and perilous journey.Play as Arok and enter a fascinating and bewitching Stone Age adventure.
Take advantage of the sale to give it a go, these types of large file games do not appear often. Following the signs his mentor left behind, Arok sets off on an obscure path that is full of surprises. Learn about Prehistoric life, follow the path of your mentor and work with him to recreate the paintings of the renowned Lascaux Cave.
Keep in mind, it is hard to find a good game like this, so even if it took me two weeks it would still be to short. In order to reach the “Lost Cavern” and Klem, Arok must find his way through a labyrinth of caves, construct his own tools and weapons to hunt the beasts that threaten him, succeed in catching fish to satisfy his hunger, learn to paint and to listen to the spirits of the world. What makes the solution of this puzzle quite difficult is that each square piece can change two colors and shapes, increasing the number of possible combinations. However, all the puzzles in the game, despite the difficulty of some of them, are based on logic and do not require any luck, trial and error procedures, or disturbed imagination in order to surpass them.

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